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Enrolled at Stout State Colloge art alxtaan- hundred 
young man and woman embarked on the time-honored 
pathways to mature skill and knowledge, This book, 
the 1963 TOWER, Is not only a memory album of the 
laurels of sport, the glodneis of youth, and the genuine 
fun of fellowship in looming, though these ere an Inte- 
gral end valuable part of college fife everywhere; It la 
alio a permanent record of one year's progress In the 
development end use of the traditional tools and talents 
-those of hand, eye, end rule-es well es thoio of word 
end mind, book end Idee, These esiabllihed pathways, 
old and new, whereon atudsnts strive and seek to find, 
are to prepare them for We In the Twentieth Century, 
and, Indeed, to equip them to traverse new pathwaye 
In this dawning age of spsce. 

mm @$ <mmm, 

LIVING - 26 


§?®w gmti C@KL 

Aft iiudwk al Stoul . . . 

Indoors and outdoors, in ihc (heater, 
the arena, the dormitories, and all around 

the campus, students make this college put- 
sate with life — in song and sport, at work 
and play. 

m dbum to fieow to 
(to ft&wefJtutg wM . . . 

Here the delicate, swift, and sure skills 
of hand and eye in control of the intricate 
machine, the finest instrument, and the 
elemental tool move toward mastery. The 
ability to do well i> highly prized. 


to gtappGe wttk ideoa . 

The nerve cento ol (he college com- 

H i'y iiiu.i nlwayi be the library, and In exchange ««l wordiancl ideal, 
.1 free and enlightened tocicty is nurtured, 
I'hrough lecture, icminar, reading, and 
the perennial dormitory teutons, iiudenu 
. xpand and deepen then minds, 

and attempt to tiduk, cad Cine, oieaiwdu 

Within tin- laboratories, uudiac, dan 
rooms, machine shops, ami experimental 
kiichem <>i Sjoui Sun i oltcge, students 
meet wiih the tin and pridt <>i crafumn 
ihip in ill. tradition <>i Wi Kern Man 
\m<i. indeed, the very heart ><\ th< co 
purposes derives from the traditional skills 
<>i our i h iliMtion. 

dmdopity a am uiaim, m owtkk out pmpenVm . . . 


to coutoikte ou)i bwwkdqz cud 

iktilk to etict zxpcuiduiq fciwtiim. 

And il the COllcgC i^ liimU founded on all is fines) in ihc pasl achievements ol man 
jti Im use "t nature's resources l> n the better 
mi' n i of life, it i> also acutel) awart ol 
marvelous vistas to i future good life. 

New materials, new techniques, new and so 
[ilmiU;itcil machines, and cntircl) new modes 
nI thought have come within our compass. 
\nd wc arc destined loraove swiftly down path- 
wiiys utidreiimcd ol two decades ;i«'». Stout 
State College i' focused on the new frontiers 
ol rwcmicih Century living. 


• I 





fc*MH oteulft pofluwujft . . . 



B&id abb education 

Though Stout Siaic College is one or 
ihe nation's most highly rated schools spe- 
cializing in home economics and industrial 
education and technology, much emphasis 
is placed on broader fields of study. Stout 
also provides her students with a back- 
ground of general education, a vital pan 
of learning in every field- Departments 
arc maintained in education, psychology, 
English and Speech, science and mathe- 
matics, social sciences, physical education, 
and music Oilier departments are also 
developed under each specialized Meld of 
home economics, industrial education ami 
industrial technology. 

Students interested in field* other than 
home economics or industrial arts, are 
also able to build a curriculum around 
their field of interest. Those desiring to 
take prc-law, nursing, dentistry, medicine, 
engineering or social work, are enrolled U 
special students at Stout These young 
people are given every ixnsible aid in 
planning their curriculum to fulfill the 
requirements of their chosen profession. 

With the skills and knowledge gained 
at Stout, graduates are placed in school 
systems and technical and executive posi- 
tions in industry throughout the United 
States and much of the world. 

Time 01 <lnuiuilof{irjl onla jic <> f the man) principle! 

thai jic n*il in |iiq>*iinK j -|foh ol explanation. 

«-".!« MeCulic and R.- lion- 
•in Inirnil) ami hopeful)] .i-<it 
"it- reuilit nt iltcii phytic) >>■ 

I..M,.n. liuou iMCMt) .. I)( Anno. HbUt i.ui 3n uupotUlW lutlk (kid « 

4 »Ii.n R c in i (oumi) viiKh !„* pUii du,™ (he uwi <rf hltion. 

Kii'mlc!..-. (oncrniuliun. and ■ ilMc mlc equal k>"-1 math 
grade* l«( Ka* lUnxn. 

Otic WO, ilniri <"ic. l»". Dure. IBOBO* ihr *«l»l I""*' 
j. (Mr* DIKlkl ! DC "< "1.11 -ill -I""' |*il»<nun«v 


Ud r.iri.,11- i Mini i'i r^ih Ilij[i«.iittl< ihai il 

mod in i ■ i <i|xiimmi. 

■ out tin* 
-■til rarlntn *ab|rci< nr 

I iitmivnl dlUl 
l« III. .llliUlll. 

uoJiiely $ zfy&tmw 

'Practice nuLrt |H-il«t." xrll - ■tawl [>nlc>i •% Miulmo 
ui|uirr Uili in tile new audlo-riual U&gniQty 

Dn ud UntOCM] i"in-<» cue Itir gnh > dlUKC 
1" ruiiiinr ilir munln mil ntgjiii ol j ui. 

| -11 l'»K 

J :l(«p<-.ltC 

dm limit icwll "(II I" «n 
iiinlfiiMi).Iin( ol J»U«v 


Willi .1 rampw •■• i . •" |miii Hutu boon "l iuin 

pUUfiJ ,„, inn. In. p . ■ . . i,,. 

P-l ninxhjm l.r. Ilir iihfiinn«d i. 

■ " 1.1. -,„l „ (,, |„,|,„ ,||r 

I lie itudeni ol todaj need* a thorough train 
1 ' '■■'. "' his field, .iii.i his icachei must be well 
informed and highl) trained. I., provide luch 
masterful teachers, Stoui'i industrial Education 

program include! m< ulum with conccnira 

■ton in six different areas: dm ding, clcctrii ity, 
■-:• ncral ihop, granhi* iris, meuli powa mc 
chanics. and woodworking. Thisumt curricu 
linn leads to a bachelor of icicnci dcgrei with 
majors in cither Industrial Education ..i Vo 
cational Education, 

Nearly one-third ol the Industrial Education 
program consiiti "| practical application court 
es. These courses, common!] referred to ai 
shops, provide the studeni opportunities to th 
vclop his skills. 

Students enrolled in Industrial Education 

arc ii almost every Hate as well as from mam 

foreign nations. \nd because the Industrial 

Education prograi Stoui is the largest in 

the nation, students who majoi in Industrial 
Education arc prepared i" teach In publii 
vhools, technical schools, vocational ichoob, 
colleges, and universities. 

The Industrial Education program iv -U 
signed to produce an instructor lutving .1 broad 
and complete background <>t the principle! ol 
industry and education. 

fda MBit 

II, u., llll'i !l 

\ group ••! "•""« "»'i ■ti'i' 1 " Vi*i «'"i"i in H " ihon 

■•ii one ..I ihc rim roo to in-iii ujpi 


Mm tr - »<Hi nu» !"■ <" 
iinwu !<"■ *"" '!• " ' ' 

IMIKIItl* J* < hl«V I I ii "ll-ll iMi! 

Im ii— r idlim the Ikhitof 

Ulih j (null uadi laui MMcnhom ikllKull) pou 
rlic hflitlilng loiulx* en In- modvon proji 

Ornc Iblhfcirn niche* ttovli a> Boti Jinnikn ciplaiiu hciw 
lo nuVc Itic engine nin tnwxxhlt allet pulling in new point*. 


Iljim William* adjiuu t«r lighting 

■in Ihr I'm'imi; IV|i.iiiiii«ii'> mill 
I jmn a. 

educataw in ledmcall b\iMk 

On* itf ilir many phaw of IcjUHIm nHountcio) in oui «!i»iiKxial [,t<*r» i* oteUOf «ip«iinn« a« .1 Minimi 
iwchci in llic MrmiiiMHiir High febOOl I in. Mr,.. Uacbbf j MUh ■ !-■» Ri>r> • licl|>m* lun.1 10 Ml -ludmi.. 

luurte ccwuMKtcA advance 

Girls attending Slum Stale College arc intro- 
duced i" many interesting phases of the School 
of I Ionic Economics. They arc offered majors 
in home economics education, clothing and tex- 
tiles, institutional management, home economics 
business with emphasis on foods and nutrition, 
dietetics, and general home economics. A 
twenty-two credit or two fifteen credit minor* 
arc offered in many areas, including English, 
journalism, chemistry, related arts, speech, 
mathematics, physics, biology, and social science. 
One hundred and twenty-eight semester hours 
arc required for graduation, at which time a 
Bachelor of Science degree is awarded, 

The girls gain knowledge not only through 
lectures and books, but also through laboratory 
work, including meal management, home man* 
Bgemcnl, and oilier ait .is. 

The graduate with her general academic and 
sjK-ciali/ed studies is qualified to contribute 
much to die education ol junior high and high 
school students, And after she has completed 
graduate courses, the girl may lie cpialified to 

teach students at the college level. 

I-.. Moo I 
SlKtl 1 t"l i- out ■ 

..i. itnnl utmglli ni i nutnul. 
I "i dmliiu ihc iimiiiv .j ni.(i I,. 

i < mi] ii-i. | mi i bonnr, ud [oMui Unma dUpUi i&rii mailvt ultni in nlllloen <i«»«. m itir> 
i' i n. ibtkhfng leoriia m itu Ion ibn dofapml tnil midc 


Mr. nulla Snoiol • ■■ , l 

milL «- M .r.,mrni. line n.h ln pc.| „,„,, u „„,. 1 

_ .\Mt«lf^ .% jll.l..- 



Inlninul ilcmontiraitun holtlt ili<- MlcnUofi d j» *tl»*w«"l 
tiaxli iii» .1 Mi. t Dim aplifni "why" h h»pp 

( JI..1M1 ""I,' . ■ ■ '. 


raiw!Kmcra*pm ^«= B3- 


' ^^^ 

Kaj Dnrfana a<in>ii. . i braiuiftil pirn "i !■"»<> •••" il»«iRti >lic wooden 
juM «hu lbs «lu|«- (iwrnMrv 

- .-'I 

\tiiioiitii ii uko aunt houn impkw. 

Sac Uortt ow n pailrail] woifci on ■ liand 

■ .1 ... ifH brRbu -»i 
i«i ha r^nyhan, dlwinm iUh 
mini )ioun i<l hard mil n 

•Ul tfa !' . ... ■ : I , folk 


wtitemq dcopea of) 

. . . ■■ 

■!"l I (Oil ■ rnirill. 

UniK l-.-l lr*nll. Ill', ,,; l„, ||t, \ .1 K .p 

ragfai oU i' 

\ l.iiiillui KTWi Ml' W»C1 

i.i|im.n.-. tin iiiiihk iln-il 
* >K'<> i » mill ■ aoty 

Inn Rathei reUnatihlia • d- imakiiu ■ ■' idnnicd "union* 

Ihirgrri nil wiciil SluIOKJl (Ji-ni'in piuWOBl 

115;" in odiange lin ilw able aaUUMC "1 Jim 

1 : iKi~r .jiii<( llOUIl Mdlr 
Hid 1 biilot 1 c S>tIm ulc 

■ ■■.■.■! iila (01 
■ ■ luilln. 


Bill Vhriri.U- (mil. - I*.) M.n.tmnr 1"i >Hl.l>ln K - M Ir.'l (in • In. nmiulr. \lott «!,...■. .m.l.ntH CM b 

done -i j dcrt provided fffl och iiudrni In ibt whtcnl Mh 

fotte awl pEace fco^t dtudy 

\s yet, there is no magic formula lor acquir- 
ing knowledge. And il college means a new lite 
of Inn and friendship, ii also means honest hard 
work, hie college siudcni must sunk. Then- 
is no substitute for regulai sessions wiih the 
book, the siraighi back chair, and quid concen- 
tration. Bin this does noi mean that one need 
become a drudge; ii docs mean thai ihc student 
should considei his time and choose intelli- 
gent!) between the library and the pool table, 
Though dun- is a pride in learning to do 
wmctliing well at Stout .Stale College, there i-> 
pride in the ability to deal with ideas. The 
student in electronics or dietetics may also l>» 
dealing with the poetry "l John Milton <>t the 
economic theory ol Vdam Smith. Regardless 
of one's major interest, ii is possible for students 
m broaden and deepen their minds by selection 

•>f courses in .1 well planned curriculum. But 
again, to learn to think, one must study. 

Taking jitunuitf «< ilir nrimu magsiiim will 

■■■•I Hph.i. Rronaraln 

l,lir,« Mr MM l— CDOl «U lHOOl «■> I « t» 

WtlJ *| — " ' '' '' 

nefaxaliw id 'wp&datd 

With the heavj demands ol 'i.i"" ihi l<i1 ' 

hours "i concentrated study. .»'«< the whirl 

,,i extracurriculai activities, college students 
minigc i" pack man) events into [oui yean 
1 1 i% .. tvondei ihc) Find lime <" relax, bui find 
ih< mm iIhv <!" Ml uudenu need .» certain 
mcaiun ol leisure, i"' h give* them ii"><- w 
t, i] (l i on iheii progress and ><• think ovei m w 
problemi which confront them. Or ii ma) 
provide an opportunit) t"i Quici talk with 
., close Wend <n •> long walk I hew valuable 
moments ol relaxation enrich and deepen the 
t \jh rience "I education. 

•!-'»• *tith !■ I ■ 

j.iiiimI >i""i I I Nl >" 

mil ita •>» lb! ball it i brfww "" »*'» - 1 " 1 "" «!*• 



Maui «""'< in- Mfct Mil In tin !MmU] <"*'« chimh ■upf*" ■ i klUonaJ 

IKOfpaiiM i"i-.nii.i i" iin wiknH dninfi *i""t« *i SmH 

iii> i><j> DOfi < boh <"" '< ih" ■*») Mttaitn ol rnmub 

mi iii iin 'iniiiiii' |pii«?iii.i wmcm ii<ni""i> 

■ i lav pi ■" i"i""* On k*h «jii»" 1.1 

dummied pantictyaliw in aciivUm 

Students ;in offered ;i wide variety of activi- 
ties to participate in throughout the school 
year. An all-school picnic starts the year off 
right with the renewal of old acquaintances and 
the forming of new friendships. Orientation 
programs for new students are presented with 
emphasis on die development "I study habits. 

The student body may become familiar with 
cpiein candidates, organization leaders, and 
elite i leaders :u the convocations, I«ocal and pro- 
U wional entertainment are also featured. 

Dormitory parties and organization sponsored 
dances are held regularly throughout the year, 
plus Homecoming. Winter Carnival, and' die 
1'iom where all students have an opportunity 
to socialize. 

Stom Days are held annually to introduce 
high school seniors to the campus, curriculum. 
.um\ facilities, The student body contributes to 
die event by cooperating with die administra- 
tion to present display booths, demonstrations, 
and tours. 

Athli in organizations and many other forms 
<>1 recreation are available, which give the Kit- 
lent body a further opportunity to take part 
in a wide range of activities on campus. 

! - ' ! A ... * " 

J v 


e w\\V 

One nt tlir mutt iiif..innl datKtl -I itlC imn- d >:m Nflktl *•• lirlii t-« <tl ihir* (c-i.!.TU l»1l> 

u.n u I— iimk iljnir I hr almi"iilifir »*• trlixnl lo ilit Itigtmi tliip« - I ■ 

\n Ci "■ '" , '' ' ■"■'r , - lt 

m ■ nt* fi 

■•air mi '- fun 'i "" "' 
Sin (..xlwll R1»C. 

The I'll jii«i""i fknk " 
WiUmli rail k • Umilui 
nun ami i nr* opcmKI UN 

III! f.filUKll 


\ in.hiiyhi "! Wii.i-i • nnl< il 
xirViinl n Hi- ili« I I9C0 
licH Ml tin !.■ •! U'iIjhiIi 

i jil I hi i .1. . . mm nil mm] 
ihillllni montrtiu 


inn w« «--" •-» i-»i ■> I-"-" '-""r ** ''i' '"• """" , *" 

pile up ii" i i> !■" 'I" '"'"•' "I""'" 11, 

(may a££ Ut£ fane 

Throughout the war, students it Stoui tan 
have il" ii than ol tun and < x< iiemcnt \ lull 
schedule <>i Football games, homecoming 
mixers i>i<>wd<- .1 lull calendai >>'. fall ".ni 
events for freshmen as well as uppcrdassmen 

Sinn re* itudcntsan luck) enough 10 spend 
many wintei weekends ii home, we arc forum- 
ate to have "» man) activities Lyccumi con 
miis li.-V.iUill games, dances and i Winiti 

Carnival arc j<i«i a lew <»i the main ichool and 
dull sponsored activities ol the wintei season. 
Many U*A forward to the bin *W holiday dur- 
ing icmcuei break, •* well .1- weekend staling 
mi Lake Menomin. Swimming In Stout's ix-d 
is also popular on Saturday afternoons. 

Spring brings renewed tnieresi in the out-of- 
doors. Swimming and nin bathing, canoeing, 
and watei skiing are eagerly inticipaicd l»n- 
nil, track and baseball <>< perennially popular 
with many <»i the men. 

I*hus ever) season al Sunn brings with ii a 
variety »I activities, ranging from restful sport 
to quiei talks ovcj coffee al the center i>i in 
evening at the movies. 

llMtaMl I-!'"' 1 1"" |iir«n(.l-« "I 

1 1. prnwn H <*• (fab; i« 
■ litilim fan the bin pull 

(lir ii ill jni lt»«r llir \l|>h» Phi UMOCll) i* -."liiix lO «(! Ill ttir 

lUolini \\..t i. • i.* 

'II M<>iiI|mKIi |f4li Ii i> flu linn 
■ ■ ■ ■ il i n I.Kiiitr t- |IH 

Mrtoftiito - fctatouulied 

Unit < linn - -in bftma tti m braughi in* 

lumli along 10 iIm tun* Slunl N»|hi 

IlK Uii lambda (utcinll] KiOUlfe ibdl •)«««< GIBdMaie, Ufa* Ann Manic, al ihc (Jii«»'. 
CMtraaliM mtnl <b" Wow ihe Iflnia Cunlnl ■flhtua '--"■ 

Durmt \,-Uc Hi-kiiK Wril jnitlunj boo oilli 
ju Kbpuc and Doom Uonhml ui 

M. ntii-m in., ha blM 10 ihhIc |>l(.lgc Rogti Prfekcll unite 
i i utl*t h rarij iriili j prruli) ii R^Kf «i«**' 

II. h. xiraim Itonni l ronhwd titan ladM '■' l«"> Itotab*" 
.r thr Itrlu K»ppi \1nha stgau Mr'- lootMli k*™*-. 

&ka{>e up, pEedge 

(*». j. hr riilttnul' "■ -' "Miaul 

lit ■'. ■ 

The student center is often culled "ilw «"| 
| CRC student's !••> >"« room." Here on campui 
ilm is true. The ceiuer at Slow Stale College, 
ihe Memorial Student Union, means something 
different 10 each student. Here is a place local 
.,,1.1 to meet nt» friends. During the ycai In 
creasing numbers <>l people relaxed and en 
joyed the television and sierco Facilities. Stu- 
dents drop in between claws or during .1 free 
period 10 enjoy pool, bridge, conversation and 
coffet »i man) ol the convcmenl services ol 
i, m.I. \ place l<" the siudcni. the Memorial 
Student union, centers around the student. 

v nukl •■"■i-"ii wd - "'i "' II '" 

im.t .ir "Oi>1 il'lli «r Ui» .ii.iLI.ii 

ilmna fau " ^ pm ot bridgi In ih« ■ uton Mgb 1 » Fled I Infacig^ 

ol ,,., fmboJiAi Urn llH DnmwJni rl*"" 


,.l |nwt I ■!.., kiimi lit ihc 

I ii Sigma hiidi m •! iIk- 

S..., Ill, .11 It. |l.. 



lil>r. ii|i |h !"• »i-I II" 1-11 i" ■ )-<■' 

m.,,i |»„, kni I--I-.1 In ? 

n I— .(Mr in ii.ii.ld urtlqp -"I i- 


Si. ..if Muilili •■) .i|i.illliiiul <i->l 

in. Ii-iii 1 1 ■- 1 1* i jrnl IMi 111 In mn Unit nni ur-niuti 

ccCCegc Cuwig 

>Hi|»il<il ind <|"i»n In Mi. 

I'mIiii nlmlilng Mrndi 

u nn h i,. ,,. . ..:m.u.,u.i\ lootl "<>". .1 Talma 

ihr .Ji.i.ii. now term HatlU hem! Fkadn| K*w m m 
tb* H">* ■' 

UK I m 

■ ■ ■ 

M to imt 

i ruoi> 


Mill ,".« fa i "■ v "" 

i.^ili lu> i.i'i.l' 


IWiilu IJiiiki Mill bundled 

■ ..,rl.«iU l-Miidhil IjVi- MtiMKtiin. 

cowpud (wi&iuqjo 

i - - "llltlOjl (J.lli- 

\.»i\ ii ktcd Bowman n.iii .mi the M«u lower >iai»l 

ii ilic »>nii-.i ol '"n mdlitnti .mil dilnhqi future. 

! ::: !&",« X ^"ZSJWAa ffiM»«. m&J&JffeUttJSt 

\ i.^ttu.. i i." m imi i'"i> imlii ""tn •" i "' H"*"' 1 Mil 


Mimniul Minimi (mill 

•cur* -• ■ irmimi; |lt«* fol ••'< 
lloill ami [HOte*On Mir lull- 

i. it Itir »irnr til Hunt n ■« 

banquet*, md ibiua 


Ilw Hooir Miiutrtnnil llnuv. IjuilIui » «tii»i guK i* J Tuuif kbo 

[-(uuifia't cawpw pathu'ay^ 

liKii- i>l the u(ii|iii> ii.-il.iiiio 
h ihc "ji> h> ine Robot I 

IVr.r 1 iliuii ninth Iimi«i <i 
Mjllll "I niilnul 

Hi* t«K«c->i IIiiiU J liflimjii hi' 

i» timing 10 tullrgt i» wo»lit8 "'I" J new Iwtiic. Ikminjt Hill li 

1 IHIUnl li.mii- ^(. 

lllm moil-ni lollm 
1-iwiM.m 1 1 ii I Id inc. 

nil llir 
nl Mill 

afoul expand* 

Outward signs of growing paini 
can Ik- seen at Sioiil in die expan- 

sion of ilic campus. In September, 
:i new men's dormitory was com- 
pletcd, and another upper class- 
men's dormitory now under .on 
mi union is scheduled for occupan- 
cy in September, 1961 

To make room for the increas- 
ing number of students. .1 new 
priming department, photography 
laboratory, ami an audio-visual ecu- 
ier were recently completed. 

It is apparent thai many changes 
will he seen on Stout's campus, re- 
flecting die expanding needs of our 

President Mkhcd* ml \itii<it. DIiccim Raj 

|iilin»iii nil in,*, amliocttofi |iUn> (m ilic 
ncn ph<<iul oliiullixi liiiiklin);. 

ralnlGT Hall ri"*> i-u*n .1 ik-w jil.lun.ii u. 
((iiiiiiR. ami IJintri lloll rOhtOlU 

ilicii atrirril «i*iic. Hi* njamlol ilming room m»o HOfDd, 



Homecoming, the favorite of fall col- 
lege events, was ushered in with a whirl 
of excitement ami color. Parties, decor- 
ations, as well as the traditional mums 
and pennants greeted the returning 
Alumni, and bustling students rushed 
lo stuff the last napkins into their floats. 

Attended by Princess Kathleen Car- 
dinal, Donna Merrick, and Ruth Hop- 
fensperger. Queen Sharon Wyss was pre- 
sented at the coronation ceremony Fri- 
day evening. 

The Homecoming royalty officially 
led the torchlight parade to Nelson 
Field for the burning of the letters. And 
so the weekend went, till the football 
game played in brilliant fall weather: 
there was fun for all even though our 
Itluedevils lost »> to ». Closing a week 
of activity, students and A I u in u i 
gathered in the Union ballroom for the 
Homecoming Dance. 

DiVC Itontitw Jinl lil« rwml UC tnllinfc 

<i!imi[ lo viiN.iv in ihcit rntci liming 
•dllllMn i" lli«" Il«m«iimin|r. 1'ai.ulc. 

■HVll Ocinpir Victory.* the tVIn Zcu mmiif • I--.J U<-ni<<miiiiiR 
ImikIc miit, »<si (In (Iik |iU, c twph\ in Hit liunioioui lini-iim 

following the tototuiiou inc 
moo] Mid lonb light pjmlr. thr 
hum In* ol the lma> at NcIhki 
IitM c It mi vol the ptihotiiooin- 

: ihoiiumU i* mpMm, Mb Ti - 

<!jlijtcnilv im thcii ven U-jutilul and colorful 
Ih-uw-xniojr float. 

Mt«. Sharon W)». IWO Rool 
ili-mnooiinc <Jiimi. IcatN the |i»- 
i.nlr in N'cwm H'lil <"t IhC rt- 
riilng football game. 

lafkwl Kite 

On Deceinbci I, the founh annual Phi Sigma 
Epsilon Taleni Nite, presented before .1 . apa< ity 
crowd, gathered fifty-five Stout Siaic College 
students 10 display their talcius. All fifteen 
j, is showed ihe poise, originality and showman- 
ship ol the contestants which left a difficult 
decision for the judges. Nancy Cigowski, "The 
Happy Hobo." was selected the most outstand- 
ing individual actor, and this dance routine also 
won her the first place trophy. Second place a duel by Harney McCall and Gciri Bock, 

accompanied by Dorothy Jcrmnder. Third 
place was awarded 10 "The Clan." a group of 
inid^cis residing at die dorms. Jerry Counter. 
Girl Lang, and Dick Henry kept the show lively 
as masters ol ceremonies, and entertained the 
audience between the acts. From the proceeds. 
the l'hi Sigma Epsilon fraternity bestowed a 
onc-iliousjud dollar scholarship to the school 
to be used as pari ol the Federal Aid Grants 
given to students on this campus. 

~rh* i|j|>jn im-.. |«iiiivni in \un> i.^iixU, mn Bw 

libit in tlir in.«t liuiiHJitiiit (itcjmv Njiiii j!«i r">"nl Ihc 
uitlUiiiitliTi initiiiiliiil 4< 

fllh 11 (.iil l-m/. mtitcr o( ii-nrn"iiit« .11 I .■ 1< he Nile. .<• 
hr 1 t.i" j Kutilnl I. il> In j brtHrrn »tt till. 

Dcmli i" cninulonl iteaudtencc triib 

•Orel li.nir Hjk. 11.111 .U'l.. Il 1. 

|lM lufldl ».-!. mid), tinrlrram. 







"^ ^ 



One ■<! ibr "»'-« humowai *hi m I'l'in Siif <■*■ proe l i ' i. ■ ■■■ IU l 

ilon ibowcd pndttoa fmn to ibc ihkImm a In |Wd 

on, ol ibe '"i' i"" ^'""i 1 * on 
nimpuv tin- " I luhwfmh. p«n 
tlit. .1 rnionblc tniciiainnwnl 
..i the I'M SW i'i"ii Nl« 


bh Kraiabkon Ok »r Mthi MMfc'j iod Phi Sta In Ilk untoi ,.,l, ..ih« 10 win 
ii.r wima Cunlnl bocka «>mi-. A 

Smiling (null Niii,i.,. tlir Delia Kappa ttlnin tjml.jl 
t|ii«n candidate, it ill «*i [of Hi. yuli ]..*ilct pull race. 

Both) i-.„n. iiim 1..111I-. uid onuMul baidc ili™- hand- 
HMM mm If mm Iiim- iii> l<« itic hciid iit.l«lin; «<>nlr«( ,11 Itic 

s» i'..iii 


tuwtefc ca*wua£ 

Freezing temperatures and lain,,., mow 
ushered III the l%* WiniCl Carnival on mui 
campus. I he gay weekend began with the 
coronation <■! Miss Sharon Pecka who reigned 
.is (jticcn for ihrce days ol restiviiies 

\Itci the coronation, the Alpha Phi sorority 
won ihc tug ol war among die wroriu com- 
pel hum. The Phi Omega Beta (raicrnm beat 
ihc members ol Phi Sigma Epsilon in the ici 
hockey game while the chilled students cheered 
them on to victory. 

The beautiful and elaborate ice carvings 
made the decisions difficult, Inn die judges 
gave first honors 10 Hovlid Hall and ihc Phi 
Omega Beta fraternity. In the evening, the 
Snowball dance was held in the union where 
the traditional Delta Zeta quill was given away. 

On Sunday the ice races WCTC held On Lake 
Mcnomin where the Delia Zeta car won first 
place, and Taintcr Mall copped the "Powdei 
Puff" race, a new feature (or the coeds. These 
events brought a close to the exciting and fun- 
I II U*l Winter Carnival. 

Mici die ihiplns h imi.iK.i. ihc Nf i .■-..-' 
paim [uti ibe hrM BiMNori •*• ihrii • 

I lie .ii.txiiiiK "I tin- l'«iS Wlntfi < Otwrti. Sh»t"*i 
'.In. In Diane Wuiilo. hqcin the "rtknul acibilia 

lluir lm - ill iiull iifulMi' I In IUK-oJ »- | i bd» 

■a c- i« i tngiilii'ii -i imU> nrKt" * •flhUta ; . 


lOUIIRM ■'•IMfl ll-ll |llh aM 

i uii i>n i4 the l 

V !. M.„, " 

"'" ">■ » '"!> Chailfal It KB, MtMfH lil« 

IpHlllllf >|>ji;Ii,iii 

l l nil. (OMIMpOtlUfl Mil M| M,| 

ttntofl ■-( in" I lm | if mil." 

ntUn lil> 

ftluwl Kigld 

Stouii auditorium mi packed 10 cap 
aciij during the two performances ol 
mouii annual Mum Night, sponsored by 
I'lii Omega Beta fraternity. Committea 
and organizations work hard on iheii ikiu 
i» provide enjoyment tor die eniire uu 
deni body. The fraternities, wroritics, 
and residence halls eniei skits in two catc 
gorics humoroui and most beautiful. 

Proceeds from Mum Nighi provide a 
grant-in-aid to an incoming Freshman ath- 
letc I lii- year's winners were lainta 
Mall, first plate uiom huiwiruiu and Alpha 
Phi, first place most beautiful! Dune 
Wenzlei received the individual perform- 
ance a>\ai. I. 

I . Unbdi 

■ V,„ll, I'... 

Iriii i run Iiii n 

■ *i*\ Imai 

tin- i-'^i. 'i ilicd i" nunkhiM mm 

N . . ■ M.I- 

| ll( ,.. ... - ■ 

I'n. -in;' ( ami riamv. ibe Up! ■ - 

Ml |h| 1. u. i'.t "I liu- mn). at 

\»i„ii Vo«i i' ..I. i ]•■ ■■ • 
In ihc Met" I't'i- 


!..'<■ || |U 

anl in cdJCege dbanm 

rhrcc CXCCllclX plays were pit -t mi. I ;u 
differeni intervals throughout the year. 
Tin' /.ark. a lyric play based On the siory 
of |n.!'i nt Arc. was the (all production. 
Anaslasia. a melodrama concerning the 
mystery of a supposedly surviving Russian 
princess, and The Boyfriend, a delightful 
musical comedy of tin.- "roaring twenties," 
completed the year's program. Interested 
students may help a* cast members, assist- 
ing directors, ushers, or stage crew mem- 
bers. A student may also work on make- 
up, costume, lighting, properties, or pub- 
licity. For months the actors and stage 
Crew work to perfect the play: practices 
are held at increasing frequency as open- 
ing night nears. and directly preceding the 
actual performances, rehearsals are sched- 
uled every evening. Students may obtain 
more experience and knowledge of dra- 
matics through the Stout curriculum 
which includes such courses as Theater 
Workshop. Stage Craft and Scene Design. 
and Play Production. 

In <he | >i i m! hi in in "flwmii" ociiunt turn 

the tfiiiul'iii. «ho h»t pi. ml I.i Bjili Mu.n.|j. 

f'1> .lltt lltl'ill !•' 

Joan i.l Art, ponrmmJ in \hnu fj.iki.ij;, plaid) -;i|, ih, 

Cnuil lo iin,1(i.rjn<l her PIMOn 10 uir I r ji»c 

Couplctinx tiwl louche* on 

iliriiloi Ml. IjlluMr ucjio 

emlitroc l«i "Tin- Luk,* 
■Ulhfftth Iirailpicie. 



In ihc Atafa i'.i OmA ptodMim or -Am*,*.- p oc Rktou nd k 
Najnog tall. (i> Jul lloibt. 

l<-"(ln.. lixin alulr Ridi 

M>m* iJ.(lri^.)[ *. J,..,. ..< \„ gj.r aD rt ,Hicnt pom™] 
ol a »pun)( *,il .lolkJIoI 10 ihc >ei>i(r of ho <-„l. lint 

. ... i> inn warm plndi ■dtb ba gnod 

liuiili. Illll) Miotnll. In Kiqil tin U ibc ii' 1 

III. ii- WtH'Ifl .H"l Iiti tl*lr CIUM i[iii.h,;1i (lie 
Winging dOOf* 10 (Oin III- Inn II hull., litem. 

llMnctominf; u i h.i|i(i> (lint. Oiirii vtut.-ii \*.«. itrw !■> lie tlmiing 
iv »ht Ic^it- ilic ilimr Jlln inciviiiK Iwi Ihiuoihi »l me 

One, 11.... Uiicr. Llffct Etnjonc 
vcit in the ><i i. |.iiki r«tci i :i ■>•■ ii »\ lii'ii. 

Hwy i fam tlti* dance? 

Dan, ina .,i ' [Iccu ilu w '"" '•" 

, mid ■ i ol •''• Unliml '•""•■ 

Hj.irv in..! on cniii|iui< 1 1"' >"" *" "' 

I.,. I,. .,. a llflt>«, ."Ml KHV IIIUMIm " ■" 

cufiiiH i iln ww dunce am ilu I>°P» 

lui twiti mid h \ p " 1 ''" "■ '" 

lomoiliiiiK urJgliMl rcntlied I <• ■' ,l " 

in K FOI IllgllullIU ■"' •'" i ••• ""' '* 

,,,// i.hmI t like ii» I'll y. ''*"" •' 

u iv ipei IbI cvi hi 
Pin i " N1 mi. ami ihc Prom 

I,,.,,! ||ii | 111 ..I VI '» IJ1BI '■•! CVOIII" till Nil 

i cfllcnilnr. V\m 11 ' il « »l 

ivayt red I •' rcifl y. (\\ ■ 

. I.* <l< coi 

Vi Duffy ■■. Pa* '»' "" , Sclmill Hull Hull "i cniiglii ilic 'i i ilu 

i an liaml hihI uolkanl Willi riiuu Vnu 

n, iplic ol < in ii yniiih I energy, llic dm ■ 

led tin IihmIu ll ilwli t" 1 " |i 

it ii organizing, |)li Iny. ""' "I •" 

m K »"!' ' ICll ll I High' ■iiii-miI" -i. 

i ii- ■ ii. ii i-i ii" tt'i * ..- ■■- * • 

I lit' ii"< i Hh| i " ii il'<> 'i"^»i '■'*•■•« 

i " i linn i'i« 

, .„ ,.,., ,.. i',. r . M.ii' i'i" 
ilm i tm (in ii ' •"" '1-1"" 

ii.iiHi. I mi' Hill 'I-'' 


I ... .... 

I ' " ■ ■ 


■■ '! i - 

'-" ■"'■ -''l i>m i I 

' "i it 

"'' Mm Howl i- tan lUfin mi Maigir Or 

dawi . . . dance . . . dance, . . . 

■ Mnith it ml iin i ii ii . 
Il Hilling |-"i during. Hi. h 

I" 1 " M I liMl Hill tniili-.| "Mil . -nil i| ii Ill 

ii.. Mini ii..".. ii> i.i in ii. i ballroom 

mmwm% v@ iMte»s» 




a Htewage fctiwt ike. pwidud 

An old Scottish proverb says ihai whcrevci 

you may Ik- going. >° 11 » 1U »' s,an ,ro "! > m,r 
own back door. This maxim - appropriate to 

the theme of this yearbook. "Pathways, indi- 
cates 10 us thai ii would U- naive ami inaccurate 
to say thai forward is the only direction thai 

counts and ilui the future is all ihai matters. 
Ilu pasi can and does teach us many things: 

in the words of Tennyson, "1 am a pan ol all 

ihai 1 have met." 

However, lliete is no substiuue for a forward- 
looking, Forward-thinking person. Ii is he who 
i> able to profit From the lessons "I the past, to 
foresee and thus avoid unnecessary pitfalls and 
dangers. The same applies to colleges. 

We at Stout have a long tradition of taking 

the lessons and techniques ol the past and pro- 
mt and applying them to the future to make 
"in college the best it can possibly be at any 
given time. We expeei each graduating class 
lo he heller than the last. 

The years immediately ahead hold challenges 
perhaps unmatched in the history ol this or any 
OlhCI College. The great explosion of knowledge 
and the rapid change' in technology and living 
jxw problems which should be of primary con- 
cern to even- Faculty member, every student, 

;im\ every graduate. Much <>f the specific Sub- 
ject matter which you haw; learned these past 
loin years will M*>n become obsolete. This is a 
lad which main Hud difficult to comprehend. 

Oiu constant challenge is to gear the learning 
experiences at the college in such a way that 
our graduate not only leaves with a sound grasp 
ol the necessary subject matter, but that he has 
learned how lo learn. This should prepare him 
to meet (he unknown problems of ihc future. 

The level of planning necessary to meet this 
challenge is high. Hut the value to be gained by 
us all exceeds ihe price. Fortunately, this is ihc 
way of the world: great challenges breed great 
opportunities and still greater benefits. 

Looking ahead, you. as graduates, can and 
must play a vital role in Stout's future success. 
We expect lo keep in touch with you and we 
want our mutual accomplishments to be such 
that your piide iii your Alma Mater will con- 
tinue 10 grow. 

Looking back. I regret that 1 have not had 
ihe privilege of being with you during your 
loin years at Stout. However, ii is my hope 
that many doors have been opened to you and 
(hat in the future you will be able to build on 
the foundation laid here. II this is true, we will 
have been mutually successful. You will be 
Started along the pathway of a lifetime of learn- 
ing and achievement. You will continue to 

learn how to do things well, you will not be 
afraid 10 grapple with new ideas, and you will 
Face the future with a creative attitude. 

fTiesc are the marks of an educated person. 
May this be the pathway you choose to travel 
with vigor, foresight, and insight. 

' \ and \,wn Mobm <* EUdopla mull] ronnnc ma i»il«- la tiir Student Com 
■CCUOp ..! "it praUoM Ud tiuilrntt pomvxr .l—r KbltOOl "iitmi UK Collq 

William J, Micheels 


inii\ » |\kviv Dflin of School ■>( ind »1 

Edutailon: i»* In Mrdunlcal Emlnralng i nl 
itnM] ■■' H'hiomhij » "• In iMuttibl fcdiw 

i M lUU CollCM Ml.! UJ11.1' SUM 

I'tiiiritli.; I'll 11 l"n i- "I MllUKMU 

Ml HI I M t'KII I Dan "< Mm. Ir.tilin 
i-t.iiniii.m. Ilillatoptti <>i Mi-Wm IUIut*(imi 
lis. m i i nln Mi.i 1.1. < liMH 

■imh I imrtiilt i>l MIiiim-«>IJ. 

mi en (. IVKRSON i aotite 

1 ' < '•■ ■ "a, lr*<h 

■ • r«i»M ■•-- nil i- . i . . 

hi liqpnuiu « <>>t« u . mi Iiuhkiii d| 
UlMHMU I. II | . .:-. . 



wuuitlmaitai. cfc blawlwidb 

Sioul State College takes pride in hei cap 
,ii»i< and efficient administrative staff, the base 
or whose efforts ii the continual maintenance 
and further developmcni »i Stout's IiirIi stand 
ardi .ukI iis world-wide reputation. The i>.i*i« 
of .ill efforti i* to forcvei Impress those lii^n 
ideals on which Stout was founded industry, 
skill, .mi L liiiiiiir. The adnihmiiaiion i\ COO- 
itanil) alert to the needs ol iiu- students and 
is aware ol the demands ol the profession Un 
which the) arc preparing. Each year, due con 
■{deration i* given t.i possible revisions and 
modifications in curriculum and policies foi 
the betterment ol the school and student lntdy. 

Evidence ol an excellcni administration b 
mtii in the continued growth in enrollment 
and the constant |>n^n« toward a Ihmut col- 
lege. Joint efforts ol administration ami faculty 
provide the liijd' quality ol education and ex- 
cellcni direction toward making Stout State 
( mIIi .;. a truly unique college. 

Mill \ I'l IK K'l \ i> ln.n •* \\r» 

nil V" 
... n l |..,. i «A till 
j <4 H mutin <i 

\i.Hll». ■ I 


k\v v VVIGHN I" Don ot Onduil< Mmlt»: 

lr<iln» IMiiiljitr- ..f tUpattttOO. I'nilil.'rin "I 

Suncn n \|.|>iii'i RfKtith. Md *« \iUi«n 

Un Plan \ ind PUn it Inrathj »>. SI v . 

Villi lliini'iii "I Miimi-'i.i 

Mil I | KIKK [Van "I ' l' 

(..-(..nil.. H' I ■ I] "I WlMMHtN " ' 

i.i it cMunUa i utm 

,. . ' - ' 


I \< i i n 

demhp'mq fJctotfioMea 

|*hroughoai im feat, tin industrious fai ult) "l Stoui 
Slate i ollcjn »"ii logcihci lowird •' common k ( "' the 
.niv.iiin unlit ni learning and the development «»l the 
potentialities '>( .ill Minimi* l hey move toward then 
goal bj guiding and inspiring ihc itudcnti En man) wayi 
i hi many activities on campus find one 01 more members 
"i the enthuttastii fault] serving u consultant, coordl 
naun <>i patron 

tin facult) alto tlevoii much ol thcii fret huh to 
advancing inch own Kholastu attainment*. \ rn 1 man) 
hold prominent position! in civil and Mate organizationi! 
Mime ii" iin it talents In writing bookSi whili others travel 
to all g n ..i ihi alobi 

(KIM i i 

ml fduutkBi « * Mi 

. ■ , . , . ., 


n it inn wihix 

■ ■ ii * 



n ■ 'in w i nemwn k i 

i ■ ■ i ■ ■ " 

lnMhlHf llM 

\| \ I | |.._, 

mw M'uii.i" Ohnioi ol 
■In Siwh nl ' ■ <i" i i< h hi * 

i H i"" (|l 

I". II "< l>t|1lUt|llf t HUM 

I >i | I S.- i.l • 

Put I 

■ II, <il Iffwl 

\i hiu 


f..,.«i.|ji' I.' ' 
, m'.-1't;i I'mtici'tn iJ it., lun 
u.-i.l i hihl «f»l ^i . I 

|*|i l> i 

III KM \\ l tKMvi- 

tiliilMnl 1'hiU.ihii'. 4int i 
... (ii Northland I 

M » I ,iu.i.|ii ..I Miiiik-.i. 

HthlllKI \ WtitksnS i 
ll ■ l"| "mii nl I) 

Pl.ftm, II \ Villi M.I. I 

M \ I oil. i. m ..I M 

I nlrtnil] n4 Ml 

\% 1 1 I l»l l> IM i HOD ii 

(I "1 lli'H'i i ■ ■ ll l".»piin 

.. (..■-HiMii ii s . MJ Bow 
. otlqn 

KM \ Wll 'IS IH Ii,ihii.». 

in M v fttogi Matt <" 

1. 1 n 

l-\» I M<\\/1 * .!■■ 

laM) i iluaihm. Drtws Kdun 

Inn. t.. n.r.l S)tO| 11 S M"'*« 

ton** m s Imn M-ir 

noNAin * nil km\n\ 
mill" Crnml hi"i.-. 

i'l>V< IL \iiiii"iii (•rnnil /" 

i.|.„. ll* I il 

M.4 Imiil I"!-' i Mi 

| \< k h s»mi -'" 


US " 


» Ml/ H 

i. i 

'i i . i -. 

■ ■ ■ ■ »•.■ M > t'i. n 1 

I limn 


III"! M l"\ I 1 1 

I, ■ 

u s i I,.- I m mill 


i H ii ..i it im.i || tlai 

ll K. •■■!< lit li i. I 

i. .,.,,!,..,. ii «. oiiin s i 

).«.. M* I lll>. Mil. . 


I \l I I M 

aduwtw in imdmlmdhiq 

III SKV [ < I HIM > "Li. I H'Otl 

Mi.l Mil* "' ^-iii 

MM MM Mil* 

ii .ii I . .. in . . I .ill. ,i 

'l I 

tla .ii" u s.-niii 

1..I, I lllt.l.lli 

I HH k II IM HI |< ..). 

... Ii... n 

' I * Ki| I 

I Mm 

IMI I MM H n»l N n Hhft 

I . . . i i . i. i . . 

• K.I ll.*,|... I I , It N 

• l III I III. < I'll 1. 1 1 

• ■' -'• -i "I" M ' I UK. i 

III) I'! I'-.IM. Ill |l I ■ I 

» I I'll' 

" iKl'W .... 

K 1 li v 


M MM. Ill' I II < 
l\\¥* \ II. .,1 .1 |hl 

I . i.i. 

!■ i ■ hi 

< I'-Hnii, I I.i I' 

I . ,i 

ill) ■■! twill Ill" 

i . . 
i. -i, t . "... Kit II 

i tVn ,■(.!. 

iniin r iiMisui' id -■ ■■ il ■ 


I' 1'ln.llli 

' '■-' M 

' I'-I.l 1 11 \<l 

'"• «• » «»li I "H-rt 

liili Inl i n n» 

I'lHl I IS l> 111 SI 

in i 


mi* ni «i . 



II. Nil II RH Ml l l H. . l "I il" i*. 

tuimmi i.i Ki i ■ n 

nv ii ^ i ni i ij v.niii 

I ■ 

i.'<' -."I H IM« M Him 


H'.M III | IKIUMi'. ■ i 

ii ■■ ">- ' » i.i 

i.„ i'i.ii.uii. \i \ i nh i ..i Mm 


iZ 1 i» * 


:U' ■ 


i . . |l hinllln 

I mi ... tn ii ■ 

M, ». lltlllMll !'"•»» 


I mis RUINS lead* ' ' 

IV|MW| I ■ ii * W.A I'M > I r.i 

ihiKoi in I i 1 1 i-i i. .... ' 
Informal Iml Horn i-i'"i 

Million li.liiuijl"- \» Mi|.lnn> Cot 
|fg, IK [m Stall Calk*! M V I ri, 
.ii- i« ol » liiud" 


exceCCeiei ditectow 

hWII.III I) ( M!->N<M k. Vi|-»>h>< i>f 

i Srbool ol In 

.. |. ,.. ,u.i. I, ,.l, ■ IT. l> 111." UM 

j(f.m.m tn i a ind 

M.n.,1, d| i ,-4. »iid* liuhnuttl I'lm-i 

-HI. < ullqfr. 

Rim tilh us Sum Hll« CMkfK 

M V I i.m- Ul M 'I 

»I\KI\S ihimm.ik i..,.i... to 

i i.ii.M.i \nihropokff; ii \ . \i.» . h.u 

i in., ■■■:... ma, 

\i iii< mci. Uanfa ' i ihi b lm pm< Ui I" Kotrd often 

\. I,, thaw r- .. sn. hi in.. \u in- |||(Ji luii Hi m.kIi 

HU IV .1 nilTRI I Fnpani - 

i i --i i'u 

■-1 Vn 

Waaagmmi Prab 

i. - ......I $i ui i ...i. :. m •» Hanoi RaH 

r s\ 

HMSk | III I IM 1 H.riili 
nun; II I WtMOnUD KUK * 

I I >ill el Mini" lots. 

■ ii. I I'l ■ ■ 
. ,, Hun I. II. M V 



( I \H\ < ( \Kkl-u\ irwl a I.--! 

i'i.|i.ii.ieii.ii. bpcii ■ - ■<< »■ 

i,.,.!. n i,i IVnicra liiii-i. Mat I 
nine.. \i v imviiiiu it Iowa; Cm) 

i.ii. Uudkl ■! IiiiwimH ,,! MtMK*OU, 

in, i.. hiii i nlimtn i iiimi.iu ■■ 

llr»MT. I linii.iH i4 I'l-iiniilumi. 

m wis r inn m Mi icMba Ccnml 

IMilic.l.itJi. Inii.-tiiit lo (.niiliitir. 

jini i !"uix]in(t fnndinw " * I 

("IKy- M.Ed Maak*U1 l.>llf«r 

Hl"l\ \\ U\\\ 


.> \ 



1 .tun- f 


.11 hi l.-.l V 

Mi. linn 




I hhhmis ill 


M V 

it in 


1 Mmin-..U 

ii i.i M k 

IVi M \ 

\WS| l\ I (Ml. Il«i! M 'In Ii- 
|, i'l Mr l.iliii>illli|[. l.n In. I nun 

,in M.u inn, Shop; ii $ \. mil. in hair 
I...I1.1. t.iiitj;. s."nii Dakota; M* 
flout Mui < .ill, ii. (.i.ilnm "1, 'i -11 

I llll-IMl. ■•' Mill).". 

1 11 i 1. p*f*kn .j 

Stu.l'iil I ■ j.Iihik H II \ 

I min'iii nl Mlnnc- 

N'OI I I I M kiHvkl U 

■IU1IK • M4jp>Ull iv 

■« I'" 1 

... 1LV M ... I Ml < ""<P. 

Kiik NIL. M « km' - 


1 \KI IV GIERKE lt*'he< Malhr- 
■ttilct: n>. M ' Unlrenilj « Min- 

I'tllK Cll RUT! ANSON icacha Ac 

llllll A II. !%.!.. ti1ili.ilmsi.ll li.llli. 

i»4i Mfiin-h nl li-jiliing IlKluHlUI U.S. Mv Slow Male Ol- 
lc«c: I'll'. Unlnnli) <>( Wjouilnj;. 

IHOMW I CRAV irnlit. (kitctal 
I'linliliR. It>. M S NiiKli-oltin Stile 
Ollrxr, LouUum. 

p^mumd oxitimmm 

u ■> i iDiituii milt i"i Mr, WtUon. but Mr. Htfrow jihI lii« »*um Mill 
!ij>c him li«k on ilic Hoot in no lime. 

M\KY FRANCIS (1'IN.UV ir«lin 
HinilJiinnuU i>( Sjn-ctli. I'.wcniUlt ol 
I'nMii SiKJliii*. jik! Tnhnfaiut* ol 
Croup UaoVnfiip: HA. M_\. Uni 

MARY K. DONLEY. Aniuani Mbnr- 

im; II. V. MA. ITflircnllT ol Win on - 

Rl( HARD I'. imdn 
Enilbli Codtpcaliioa. Ffatinnn En* 

ll>h II. IN' P.. \ II M I'MHIipIlM M* 

MARY K Will I Wis ir*.h« Hindi- 
menial* Hi Utiieii. An lUnon, n<"i*. 
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Suit College: MA Unbend] »i Wfc- 
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MYRON lUKiioi'R iradia I'M- 
»•: MM, Superiai Slue College: I'h.M. 
l'iil>ci>ti> »l WiHO«i»in- 

,i.mlote WcWitip. Mriit Walking. 
•ad i.imik An Wading; IJI F»u 
morn Sun u™ Vlnctntti m* Sum 

suit << | i | egr. 

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II V. M 1. RochcMtt Inuliotc »l 

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romi i) PI I ik son locha Pre* 

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llMfl .Hill 

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R0BER1 | UKLKOM ■ •-■' 

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iwwfeiwj teiw^ub g&aCa 

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lit. Iiilii.lin Im-i in l.iii.titm 
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Mi l.'in.l.n, ...,(. ..!. 
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K \ Ramon lAtOtmn «\ 1..1 
■niH) "i tVlMnmtni Gtaduau 

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imi. Iiilniiol Wiiiiiif. ( "|n 
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irnh" <;<nna! •" '■'•■.' Pmb 

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itgt, Una; M.\. 

|l KK\ M HEMANSKY (r..lio 
I \. Iij|"iil I 111") 

«*phi ftt* '*'"' Ow| 

1' t II* M ' MO ii SUU 

KOIIIKI I n\IIIIK iddm lujiiiii. Kngliih Lil< 

mlUICi H* Mi Ji'lin' 1 iimi- 
■ n. M \ M-.M.NPiH 1 iiiimmi. 

Graduate uink ai Uolirnit) ••! 
IVIkooi ■ 

i nivis u mmi h i taihu 

Mdii.nii.ii Drafting Mii liii" 
Dotting, Gcarnl Drafting: it* 

m Male (.i!!... U i ri i' 

nil. in. Still < ullii!" l 'I" i 
■ ill nl llliimii. Hi "lie ■ 1 urn ■ 
mi. Mi'H Mate I iilln< .ml 

Vi ii ^ ■ >r i i minim. Gradual* 

Cnlnwl Mdrac auauln "^ 

Vi"i1 iTOOpl .It I "II Mii.K 

Night *iili j l«i ■>! light Ilium*. 

1.1 \HW IK1 I I IM.m Mod 

■ il l>r]Ultllirfil ill lliillli- M .in 

a<tinnii and Family 1 

lb m Mwurnncni. 

I Ii ■' ' 'I ■-' '. v I jinili 

I am! I. mill llr.illh 
k IhiflH- Ni.i.n; 11 V Ms 
t'lilntMti ill \. 

|.\1 ROW.NTIIAI i«<ho 

inn i -tu. i -hi t<> i mMi i 

■ ml Mudrni lath 

nig mil • >. II * . 

M >. Swtlt Mm t .illrgr. 

knl'.iK I * s(\ Wndv Heu\ of 
iiUikbI ■■! H'wdirorklng *nd 

il Suitula li 

l| m ,n WoodMiUni 

BA, 11,5 mi 

Collritr. I i II I n 

i. it Miffl.- 

*■ i "IMV leadta Build™ (on. 
.tnmlnn. n> Ms hm mu< I'm 

i.HUti.1 \ MUD Kill K(. traihci 

PiIniiM ind Decoration* 

.imi Vt'oodtrofklnc n * mom Sad 

College; M \ I m i .,1 M - 




m \m 



I... in . in ihnu < |-p>iii.p(i. 

11 \ N.i'iii-in llUnoh i nlia 
iliyi \i > Unlioili) ol lUfnoIi 

C •» w M I imba Gradual* 
Stadk-t; Inpfcma, Wan ■ 

CoUcgc; B5. M \ lii i» i in 

lllllll III Mllll" 


1 innltmniuli ill lloi)|ii \il 

tinted i>*™*ii Cnlu 

1--<]ii < iniln \n Wn«tM 
it v . m \ OMo ftu I i.i 

I loth WintMH'kl 

H* IVjunmmi erf PrinttOf 

it«ii«> I'liniiiiK jf»t GnpM 

Ml I.N tMua Vjir Colltp: 

M \ CclondB fMC C«4k*r 

IIIHIItOKt » Wlllli 

.- Machine Hwp; iin m s 
i Stall l m.n.iu. 

Iill) liilirmll .rf Mil 

k I Kl'l Irwin-* l-lnsis I ' 

'T' \lp-tnj. (.iliiiin- B \ 
i nlimJK ot Not n... 
M \ linn nil i M 

Gradiutr wod n i nhoiin ol 

'i l ....... i , ol kirt-jt 


kacfaa Mith-rmtka <"-i pin. 

i. • II I I it. hbUH Null I i I 

... M \ I IIIMTMll 

BOOU: (.l.ilinll »"il "I Wjttir 
I mirMil>. I "tuinxti "I UU 

■nuri I ijri liinii'iii Holm 
nit iii Wltcoculn, I iiiniiii i-i 

Miniirvrtj. V'minuti til lllint<i> 

iiwi i \ v\ \i\s taiha mtna 
IppUtd hi™ ltnl|(ti: Iin -""iiv 
i inki nitt. M v i niuiiitiii. Gradual* 
'mi ji i •ihiinin.i Unlimlifi Mulu 
gin SUICi '"Jin--. I'luiii'i" "I l«ii 

MM i n \ wik irMhn t U'linm 

I ..a" i in ii-ii < rm Mfllllk ' iS 

M * M Mall l.-Uqp-. 

\I\U1 II V \\ M IMU'kl. Irwin* 
I kHliing CamUWIKMi IIi-Ihiii In- 

noaoki i«i* law i^itiiIi. 11 v >i \ 
MKhbjaa <ttM< i "iiii'i". Gradaan 

mult 11 < 1-iimII I'nixnot 

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Mlonlt II..I... .."ilinj faU pKU J" -l"i ""»<■ <" '!« 

i oltkc 

\i n-ii'.iM 'n.iil i'l lliiiniii; ll.ill. Ml }.i\ iii.iiiii.iiii- 

• -i"' In ih news) ">■»> dona • i>« 

Ii.hkij liojucnl iinTlnip li>i ill iA lilt !-»> 

lliniilinliii); mill in lln ln-ii 11* ippraifBald] i-ii 
handrail nwn »h» raMc m Ktnlkl HjII i* ooe ol ilir 

mum! .tnim (-'lumiii In Mi. Hllkr. irv-!nH I rjil. 


'-J- V 


gewcuwa aiui awiteaw 

Indispensable to the practical operation 
of the college community in a consider- 
able number of courteous and ies]>onsible 
people whose special skills .mil experience 
arc called upon every day. This is to 
extend our warm appreciation of their 
services which, (hough they may no! al- 
ways hi- visible, are nevertheless needed. 

Among those who efficiently cany out 
die financial affairs are (he business man- 
ager, the accountant, and their staff. And 
in addition there are the secretaries and 
office workers who handle thousands ol 

details in the administration offices. 

Contributing greatly to the health, safe- 
ty, and imnioit of all on canlpUS are the 

college nurse, the supervisor ol buildings 
and staff, as well as the resident heads of 

(he dorm i lories. 

Rtllrl I (em |>li>>iul iiliii'iili i> it.iit.ih]<' lhlixi(h ihr iiikIiijI 
•*imio "I Mn t hue, m»*c. Jint Pi. IVImo. 




\< in -i^i. rfii". «i THdih tad Dtbtttitrgei H»iK Un Sum Ho 

limn. Miv I iijt^-iIi. J (ill Hn ' 

■ iil»ii!iiir ■■■-•' h- t» I"r Di<nt tool*. 

I'll is KOt»\ 11 Suprntar o( HmMinm ind 

* .|inii\'l> 

MVK\ I Ml MAN. Dnr.1,- ..I> jml Dunlin <>l Food 
Smln. icachn lutliutknal Mm 
itrmeiii; B-V Onulu I niui'iii. 
\l.\. Grrighton IfotonA) 

|vMls 11UIMI'M)\ i, UOMQWH. 

I I MiKitCI' ma Mni *• the i M iv-r. B.V 

I iiki i>it> "I H'facoodB 


Miv tYjgnn. Mi« llodlili". .iiul 
Un nmnpwn "■"' to nmt\ 
nn lo niikr InfonuiiOD mlbblc 

. HoWl Mmiv 

iwd&iqiwwtd w$tk cj Itiqk quoftfy 

\ hrll'iim Hii.ino. llliur l-V" nmc Jii-1 -111! Mr. (Jrl Numlr. Mi.. Mm SWUbaiY, Mi" DOOM Shock, ji»1 MiM 
UnVp OffON -iic -.-iliin lui.l 11 mordt. aaounU. uul rq-ifi. to iiuinlain j .mo.Hl» itimiliis <ull<*r. 

1*1. Kuiligi'l, -lllin "I SlOUt'l Wiltiilu \f* ulliui. 

j.ic|..n,. j i. nil, mi board »*iiii alumni niinmutloo. 


Alumni play an important role in the co 
tinned development r>t Sioui Stale Colli 
Realizing then personal achievement !■> built 
on the solid foundation acquired ai Stout, mam 
alumni contribute annual!) to ihi growth and 
expansion <>i their Alma Mater. 

The Stoui Alumni Usoriauon is headed l.y 
Dr. Robert Rudiger, who direcu and coo 
nates the alumni groups located throughout 
the country, I Ik .(-%.» ration l<» |>- i complcu 
Hie '*f .ill Stoui graduates and record] and in- 
formation such .in occupation, position, extra 
activities, and family news, 

liy publishing :i biennual newsletter, the 
association seeks to interprei the college |**I* 
icy — its heritage, its dynamic present and its 
promising future. The collcgi newspaper, 
I Ml SHU IONIA, keeps -ill Eormct -m- 
dents regularly informed of the achievement] 
cii fellow graduates, curreni campus events; 
and other Stoui Alumni chaptei activities, 

The Alumni Association alto in.uin.iiii' an 
alumni bulletin board in li.nm Hall. Here 
tin- accomplishments of outstanding Stout 

Alumni an [niMni for the students and faculty 
to read. 

In Irrp .hi BCCUnIC alumni Iil< .mil tend ••<•' <i»l« 
arc ImpOttUll iluiir, Im Or, Ruttipr. 

Aiiinu. (ikmh. ■••"I HiHhBU im-ii ihe mm 
iii -jMi tin lloowTomlng punk. 

mmwm$ to hmdm 





■ --- 



— . i 


' ■ 



bUvdutq Kfiiu pailwwjft 

The (iist week in September five hundred 
freshmen arrived with grcai expectations "i 

llicir first year in college. They were cagci to 
enter this new way of life, bin at the Mine time 
were a little anxious ;ibout the future. Coming 
10 college was a big step— a step from a small 
island oi their own into a wide new world with 
many new people, interests, and opportunities. 
I lie freshmen soon learned that college in- 
cluded a grcai deal more than picnics, parties, 
and mixers. The introduction of the study 
program "Grappling with Ideas" in the orien- 
tation week program was a reminder that they 

had come to college to gei an education and 
made them realize how important it was to be 

able to combine social ami academic life. 

Homecoming was the first opportunity for 
the freshmen to show real spirit by getting 
together and working as a class. The spirit 
;>.is evidenced by the two very impressive floats 
entered in the Homecoming parade, and by 
the burning of letters representing Stout's rival. 
As the months passed, students learned what 
studying really meant. When semester tests 
suddenly arrived many wondered how the lime 
had passed so quickly and how much they had 
really learned during the first semester. 

During Winter Carnival it was the class's 
Opportunity to introduce six pretty coeds to 
the rest of the student body. After a week of 
campaigning and serenading the students voted 
Sharon Pccha to reign over the festivities, 

Vs their first year at Stout draws to a dose. 

the freshmen realize thai ibis new world they 
entered in September provided many opjxir- 
(unities for greater independence and broad- 
ened interests. They can look back on the 
good times, the new friends, and the knowl- 
edge gained; and they can also look forward to 

three more wonderful years ol college life. 

Selling ll.r -Up- for Ihr lir.|nn.ll rUii *ir 

i •• HYKUffl i.i-i.iM Milkr. pralrtait: 

I ,.„i \j,i U'ua, 
■ ■ 

n. i 

it(n\ i mm I'"- Itmiin natlili Riithuuni fou \mi«iMj;. MiMlia Italian i"i»i> Blannik.] (an Hodij Ronnli Blount; GnaldllM 

Ikuck: LUuU \...' ... -iimmi ROW Raiti llodiinkr; Mm) Bolkwm; IImuiIi ttwm !•>' B«l«i I Umlln); |(id] Di 

i, in ., v (nil (in < i-i iii ■ i ■ iii. til Georgia Mu (ni liimit Kim knl»ii Ikihl*; lUinta] \ trii M.ri it.iii 

hulm; Kun llenii; Uonalil liklnwai Rul i »kyi v> il llama; IW nbpala; i" Mail totmn Ron I'aul (km 

CiiiiIm llrlha; I'aul limn, lira Builm: laMO i> ^ Wllliain MUrclu; VVIHMim Bniulli Sbekton Bum* Marvin Dtl/n: | ■ -■* ■ • > ■ Amu 

i ii i ii ROM Hi Ilrlcn (tin »ii". i«> Mil William Viktmn; Uiarla Bum|«Ii BniM Itarmi l>nj \ foul Intkl Bnctldf^ 

I Itirlmnc 

iiiiiM imiu ILiiImir ttwl Uiamn llimnhl i Ratiliclj s ithn Vima Rom Brinlmanj IJndi i» rain i m 

Kaitij Itr Vilcti Mai) llakfi simimi ROW h. iiluitj I •>. Kami Unit; St i nra Mh Cuirf, Kailif I'm 

Kaihj ihai ' ion i ..ii.ii k,iin ii. .,. i..n it in mi ><i i inn ii i»i» Ki.t u.»|{iiiiii>iii|jii. lerakl llaulmn; 1 1 firm r.n llolan; 

riliabrll (...I.... I IM.ii. M.i.i. . I I !.(.. 1 i...... F ||| hillllllini" i... 

Kl»anli i glai i>i Will | Ituonill i< n rJiilu Rn in Maimi !>•» ll»rai - t> hi ' Itnxl Ri 

i" i l |iman mi in mm ii, H.. i.i u„ • i.. . ..- t i,., in, i !>,,,. ii.M/1.1 li.ii. . Paul Diiodl Rctn Dahli 

1 p«! Hum i ki iiiii i kki |i i Ihiimi |-i Efti 


ihiim ROM ■•>"" 0«*n. K>u ii.mi.i.1". line MjiIim. j.«ii™-Ioi«»i. Linda French} Bai « Detaliajcr; Manila llanlrton; |rarut 

..„ Kiihkai ii »i"Mi k»»« |i"i GHbaum; Wonka FaUcs Carolyn Hawte: Manru« llajMlmftaru Mara, 

Ibuan Mm Um llaniraiua; Paub ImoIw lane Kinipo: Mawine Hell: iwinic HcndiktMn. mini* roiv |im i.jtfuUL: B»«r 

lit* Cmndahlj Ju.l.ih lull., bnm bmti (ant* Halm: H«tj Untune R<> CWow Roteil Koppa FOl Kin ROW: Edd) 

., ir-i.i: |ii., Kacpte i»i,i H I ■' GmWii Bill) Kinlt Gai) wnfrti Cmj ™**r I""" l "'" 1 : ki>i>cii Kciiv. 

HUH Kt>H l<-t Ckncte NOfbttl Kcopplc «-n< Gorat Jim ilrr!>M. WlUlun MOKE Miiha#l Krllci: HiiluM Jnim: !<>"i Johnnin: 

Can kloth. 


tRuM k"*v (moatinc »"»■ K" Knarim Htlrk] Faaertcta vi.nnr.Ti Culkn; Ub CbriuhiucK Umif Mumcr Carol Qaiki 

Uaoa SECOND ROM Kan Van frnhMK ttryllH llcadeli Nann ("n; M.i- (Uil: IK.i.nti. llj K rn. I'aimu 

m.pi i ,i llnublmoa i batjl llntmatb Diaiui Holiainpfc; Maty Grub* I IHKK kii« x<>Ih-m Fnith: < luilr- (— mini Rjchaid 

(.|.>»*. I i.i" HirmhouW; kaiu h»ii>-» ( iml I ■ 'I r J.miii li«mmH. I Lin l.n.n |"l ri IIji.1v. tottO ll'ilm. JiimeiIi llcil. tOIKIH 

h<i» I itm Itochwttr i r., I in i imiiLii Don H.-ii"-. h.iui Fmukaaoo; Itauh Holing: Robai Cdhia: FomNU Cog; R«*««i 

ItodUnrkf, Ri,n-M KaUln )■" Fttllcn RKhaMI Ifctn mill ROW; R-*ri Han di |lm llaiuon Inn Fatt.InM: Hill l.o.p..l...rl; 

Jjoba Falaak; Ratal Htmrdi Rental Ffoftau; mkr Gctar; rbrodore rlakfx |oe Gubuuj David Fcrdon 


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I H«ll mm rat .litipnih rm ihr hup lir.inj ,.i Hi thf* 

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1'ilkiii ROW: Paul UiConnkfc Uaulw* Paul Matter*; Roto » Urobaaw 

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Anntlic OlUXIlic M.«>\|> mm l.nri OUwn; Drjniu Nell; NSBC1 PoUlA J*nct Ncurm: Kami B»u: [<■ ■»'"> «""• 
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S'iartl Bmg Fob; »-.»i- Rwk Can P RmuomI OdntU: MUa Puce* KtnflcUi w.„ Hint Rou 

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Lrrnun; Hutu Mantil. SHOW) ROW: Kaihle Undo-: Saniua Iujeji. IW.1.1.1. Mttall: J.nrl Land; *€TO UsfR l'*ul» l«h: linda 
Loppaow; siri>h™i MiUo; un Mantall; Quoin Uati third BOW: Outna l<hm*n; B«... Mumpn: j™ n.™. i*.*.- 
Carak Ham Bowk Utntr: Thorn* Moma* Rum Un« r.*«ii Km: J.™- ate i ">¥*?" RO« taaU >»£JJ-" 
LboU: l-u b*BM*un IV-i Mjiiin: (-rut.! Milln: 1.—1 Voiin*: AJtni 1*1-11. Dale Rondl: D.uw N*OBJ J™"* Ret.* HllHRoU. 
Jim lull!.,: Diet LouRoN)! Crarp; (..i« Laooo; iu.(. Man*Oi Pwl Hdaur John M«r«h ; l^-«' m*"' 





FOUR l n ROW; "A 
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vtifiau SvAali ^- Sthmuu "iiimi »<m' Robin k«u« Mnlnc Sauial; Flarcwr 1<Kt; |n,:i Mn i-.i fctbmntil: Carole 

'"*'"'■ r«iotjn Waiphal i ■■ . iniHDkow Mart, Stiohnuxli: I ID White 1*00 

i :. w. ii Sindn 'ii-ii |'n« Robrn mmrih R(i\\ DtVu V, 

,ll| i | ' 1 I I'm WhMmare; Dki viim. Damii vi-i.rn. Paul «j.k. Pairidi Mmiu. Until rrauttwr; Hill 

Mini mm Neraua hmtaH Hn Id llaroM Mtod; Bob IVjUtinai; lr h.» n'okfti GcnM rkU lohn 

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M.u,.i" Ward: <i,.ni Dtbd: [am IVem ' IWiji Pw H'tnm iiiikii row v,,. Wnti • 

I imirt: <-n>i$;r \\ dm ii i . Dtvtd I Back I Ml Ittngli IVjiii I mini. I -<• K jli'i x). Mm in WjUr I ( >l RIM RON |imi - I 

SauicMn; Riiii'd Stoddard iw.ii Wantr; jumta Whea,; ( •->>*: Voji: Om mnboldj <■<*"£* \* . 

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IK<>\| row l.n'i Ellbco: Matpra i.n-nni: Mmc DohKiU Can* I I ■ ft* DWjtow: Man Groth: [mice Gcfacr; Donna Foley; 
M.iiin-iii'- Flaiugan sF,i hm' how Mmi I" Ganoaani Jerritjnii Dcdn >udi Ewhcid; Marian Dunn; Jeanne Dud! Satoa Doumr 
Nann (;i*u*Jj (Jnial I >!«»)['"■»«:■ «*" '"" Carbon: UmIIid Enlnunn llllkli ROW Wnold t....... Robed Engelta (inn 

CrweaD: p*i Gnbia I i' ; ma mc. ta»e Gaderiund: li.un. Dahti K.«ui<l Gaudc*. lot kin how Daft iu\. tan 

Inlet- ( hud Fall !>■'.: i <■■• DoMbed BUI Dotea: Can Gchwui: Howard i.i<i'; Itaml Drqpu I n I n now raul 

Derim rota Donate*: Rwadt Duenna; Norma Frako: HaraU Enienieich; rod) Gullfdjoo; DatM Irxiin. Edward Gurikben: row 
CitMridii Brian CUrk: !■» Dfcaaon 


IKON I ROW Kalhl kill. Mm- knot; (CBMUC k'liluil: (inmii- llaumi l.i*< kill-itul: lloimir ]mnlri|(s; VidU 1I1<1» |iiili Kinirnn 

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inn Jaeger; Iltlm HttabnHt Aim Hondd D it - ■ Doom Hinhtoiuiei llllRliRow id.e l.lmtow; Ciene Hjii-.ii: kjiln 

k'p'ii"ii'l: |mn HflWle M j: » .him D I HDD fi!i*w-n; bin Linden I "« ' > - Lowci lil»4iil Ki-lil lOI'K I II ROW\ hoiil Kfnncili; 

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III III ROW I liciil l.lY.i'i William I..lin~.n: llm.r HiMc Robnl limning: I'tin |ijuiw.ti. \oM Hirgnttti I""" krrln; «Iail 

tenon; Wairoi Ixbrmann IVnn» leonaid; Ruben Miicrili 


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|..„ M...„. >,,.,„ I.,,,.. M.mIm. Mill-- I tlHitn IIIIKIi K.m ' ",. .'' 

Lnn Mwr, \m«U K.-..,..i. fen M.IH..I, Bowl. ScnlbuK * -»'l MIUci 10IKIN mm Bu- U.I 

,,.. li,.,t,. M.,"M. (lutlhnir Nehih*: l<«n Net In Own Swrm. Itetukl N« 1 H..I1.1 ■■ - '■■■ m Rol (Wild v. in. Halhboni |n-" l\J>ki: a 11™ >r».<*«». 1- 

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Ml ill Kim 

,TI% Xl.towl. 

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niONI Kim Ptirt I r «odnn ttatMby Womti Kilhi WildfthmWi; •■•*<• Imbw; Martin Will; Mane tVoukr; 

RnbMM iui— ... )Uri-.- Waft* HXOND ROW: Mtn Mitffi !■"■■ ftWCTi Carol flbell Dobiu vm,,.". Carol rhorp. [«n 

\..<i tvwrii.k hmtra IVMm; n. in nim William Hainan Innn /octlrtn; Ki.h.ui B'.ii^h dwi 

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1H<i\i kou Kuih SolntMi '••' | < It* "■ l > '•' ■ ■■" ■ Main* 

I.,. Pinion mhpmi R"» >n,n.> Mcni Mat) iHimgg,-. Von II ■ -''mi. Uaiirih Im>mw 

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i 1,1. killll I'jI-i B*lt*UI NtmiW. IHjfl i 1 .Mi |i"KIII«"V. 

Kiinhii BnMnl "-liniiiti. Will bra Siukki Robrtl Model i i'K"i trtw FII1II ROW 

p U Ball Vii-.-i. (.nun- Mun "•.Ikhii. K-""! 1 s "" " 

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new uteod and aw 

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huh RmUrt. Don"*) ft K*h] ft'dhbdinldl Gnfc 5wu*on; Marian WhU Mini Waulo; 

trtONI) Kim John Itairil; I /..,!.. Carol /ibelli Doniu Nmpwa; Carol nvotp. |nui 

|.r.ii. hiu IMIKli ROM Willi mi Ii.ii"". JiiIiii /mil-Hi K ■ - 1 1 ■ -.. 1 1 r Bob 

|i.iin l'«paiiUM*(flta W1 mi kiii now i.iui.i h i.tfriuiiiri. ilcin • Wlnta 

Nltll. I»i. I i Robrd Milif". K-il Millrimt. lliititK IPII.hIjIiI 

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Hui.i.... iii, in-.. In, Hi 
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ikiivi ki>n Knii, tobmu; talc Mnmi: ILami K..1- , 

fine i'lr.i-ri sKKMiHim 9xllr« Mnu: Mm Ollranr: *■" Kn.t. hum Pn)mi». Mm. <- 

I'aiUi; |*i» Oninpi lank* I'Mtaid Il1lkl> ROW' I'aula PUrul* I Urn fchu i i 

Kathl RiHiakn; Kind l*aini; Harlan S>rink< h forth I'm- (oi kill now k. ■ ■ 

ki.-iK... Btnuud Schmidt; Wiiiuii. M.uii.. K..i>m Sullrl: Rlthaid Sandarani LrRm v.- | ill i h row 

franco; Wajw mh*". Clan vi-m. r *l»in 1 iXmrll ra«o k»l vma nm 

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ikom mm Kiihkrn Cardinal; Jud^ DotOM Bnbam DranbuiB |Mnnc Bowe; Siltlq Coau; !*■ h) Brandt: fc." linrimn: l.«ri.n I'luiii. lutir UCOND mm lamt* toad Sw Brnmnci; |iil Cunan; K»w ChitulanaoDi Pal VipnlnWili stir Banovkbi Man 

I Mbmhi; Oka Ohm iniKDKim. 5m Cha*c Batbaia Campbell: Call DkM; Kaj Botttcfatn Kiihkoi Bocok Cynlbla 

B«*« iljn (in-- < jl.1».ri. lo*n lvli.ii. tlijilrnc llir.Lt. MlfKIII K"" Vol IliiMi: It. lik-l- l>n 1 l.itf i<i.l< ■ \Ijii P«Uum: 
Ii-«iJi Braaarr Mju Buidarfli Ed l,»nn Biiifc Wadun Cwfaman; Dnutb Chibinwo. HI in ROW: |im lUiiRcn; i.m\ 

VCtlln. | ■■■■ llui-rl). hl'iil \wkmNE |i«n»r» llillix i. Imn |lnm-. \inliiu (i-Iii.iih. 1 1< •»■ i COSfpCI 


imcini k<i\\ \odit) (.mill.. Choyl i.iiiiin Utrnm tan CknntM I UIUU llcrtnn, Vitpm* Ftlttngw: %am Jd 

s.lli \im (illiii-; ( lur— SECOND K("» [UUtT H.linu; Anr« Irtwi. Bcil* (.tiW; 

Dougfalfi Chrbllnr I .dm: Jiuu llankOHi Km lliumi Carol Abtnwtil. I'juli Hodd IIIIRI) KOW. < hrdfi |rnra Pi ■ 
lln m.iiiiih': Hanln Houff (ta RjUhcrt; Mduid Bnwmba: D>*M Bob* B"<t» Brtrlc CnnBw lOl'RTH Ro\t 

("tin lullfi. Iiitnif lln k: I mi IpptMOO; (mi DcLoU ■■ Un: Jim IWm.1i: Ijairmr Bnbop: Hi" M,..-. HH M ROW 

Millri; Hmri (npliinii; |m) (uUOCR Bill ilriivi. 

lnTii liii-jiif. Ii -iimih lalxi. Duo HoWlUM Hi.n Miniri. linn 

giauuwg emikebi 

ituliny Wtr |l«lm» Writ' 

M A 

I K k.«M. |Md1 Bcnm Htd UUlki >>'•"! Ml* *• I""" 

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|,.i«n mm. .. ini|iiiii Maty Urnrin i""* • Ilo"fi pn hh i->i"' 

iKn\r kiih Kaihb*ti (.ni.iui. [ud| Docon Itaibwi Dnnbait l-> ( Bow*! Hifik) r«uj Dorodij Bnndu Kji DkMbrwri F.«d}n 

lv»t. rtnii>< iiiiii MiuMi k<>» Iubci lulu im B 'ii-i. |." iiiiiin. K-ijc Clitluumon; B« ligantotabll Sue BiMnklil Mil) 

>-v.,i | titmlu Men Chan mi»n mm • . . A -m... i .i,uj...ii. Call n..i<i. Kai OoHUhm Kuhkvn Bonn: Cvnihb 

Mm tnm * •ii-'ii. |«.i.r Delphi StnilnM IHrtki ioihiii now \"i BIwci; in ivn.i. i».t. DuiiQtLc; Vbn Ifuhara: 

a ■'!■•'. M-i> H N I.! I HI. I. ml; I 'mi lln.1. U.ll.i ( II, iiiik < Intm li-.i III III H(»lV |u>i llnipn. I.niv 

i. Inn in. ..iii. i i.u.i tmlninn Uai* Ihllnn low Mmipv \ndie*r <Mhnnr; Itrwn Conper. 

Iktisi RQU'i \udrn <.iiiiili. ciiinl ledum; Marniei Ann Glcnnnn; iJnda Hi.Iih-. Miiln Huiban: VUrKim friUngn; kairu J< 

s.iiii tan (din.v Getri liir«. SECOND ROW: Unkw lf*ljnn. tanc Fawn ruiii «.i.ii..«. Undi C>MpnMl Im 

iWyint: chrWliw i.ii-i. |ivin n.iii-n Kiu lumen; Cvol tbburhk i*juI» iimiri. ciiiRit row- i»«it inum. >'••■- 

(In Fleming; Miltln Horn lim Raihcri: Rkhaid Bninmlto; DaiU Bohre Rn*nr BdLrin Grant Bm mi mil Kit" 
ihn li.liii: EugnK Urn. Jim Appktm: Jim Detour Boh Blrdiln; Jim Bo I IU» hi im x<m U 

lillci: BnU I iill'tnoii; Jon 1 ■- i. Hill llrmri. FOB> falmld; ll"«i <<->l". knm"li l*l-i DM Hinnl.*. INm Itun 


gtwuiiuj cteoiuielly 

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itliHio .11 1 1 • • Viiiim Uimim'i I' i 

IKt>M ROW! DMOlhl WHWUlhl Btltal) »..!»■ IM..I-. U.i1l: IIImi Il"'i'-iii1«i. Sjij t'iKin-i. ( jk'Imi /-ill"- |.ni..- Mmih: liror 
Scliutu VlnUil* Itouimqn >iMiMi«<m lo* hou: M.n Vattfi !"■< Scbocnucfga: "un.ii* Hiralk; *■»<» Vi.ll.inni; mUit 
wtlkn; tfuilr* wimr. K.J--H /liiin iniki) row. Uihui Uhcn Wayoe Wahen; Chula nioiwn; Umbo ivtillin*) Km w.ii.i.; 

Milium xluclbn, 

! ■ I 

t<H Sadie III* lira Mimhi, bn 


U&tipm miBmkd 

As iht' Kitior lives through hit Uui days 
of campui lift, he can noi help bui review 
the four active years thai have passed be- 
Fore him. In addition to his memoriet <ii 

iI.isms. term papus. and piolissins. lit 
recalls the activities Ik* SO enthusiastically 
supported! "Ball Mai"— his Freshman For- 
mal . "Penthouse Serenade"— his Junior 

Prom, picnics and parties, mixers, athletic 
events, concerts and dramatic productions, 

anil I lomicomingv 

The senior looks back lo the days lie 

spent as •< freshman and remembers the 

awe and respect he heUI lor seniors, lie 
liMpis thai In. too, is looked upon by fresh 
men in litis same manner. The senior re- 

members various episodes of his sopho- 
more and junior years, but these yean 

pass so quickly thai hi* memories become 

mete snatches ol an overall picture. He 
stands now with college life, a pleasant 

memory and enriching experience behind 
him, and ready to approach a new under 1 
taking— graduation and the life which 

lies beyond. 

Me remembers with an odd mixture ol 

sadness and joy the people he um and 
the friends he made, h is widi Stowing 
nostalgia thai lie realizes be will In leav- 
ing acquaintances whom he may never 
see again. Me knows, too, that he ean 
never return to being the carefree, fun- 

loving student. 
In a few short minutes, four years ol the 

senior's life becomes ikisI tense— he is a 
beginner again. |usl a few steps, perhaps 

a lew tears, a diploma, congratulations, 

and goodbyes, and ilieli the big step 10 a 

new way ol lite— a career, graduate school. 

the armed Services, or marriage. 

lire senior poSSCSSCS many qualities 
among which courage stands forth. It 

lakes coinage for the senior to gathit bis 

college memoirs into a chapter ot life's 

past history and set 0UI on a new pathway 

into an uncertain yet challenging Future* 

In Ihdl IM |tril«.iii«lhr ait llK I 

.>liini> |nd) "ii>- n..i»iii.i; I'"' 
mmuIi. new ihilnnin Sharon Wjm 
-inn". Illd I- ll"<K-l>. pRridBM. 


FHONT ROW- lk*wh.>: lUtiuu Warnr. lk!.>io Walt EHjn Tbonanda; Sm Pitmen Cirotjn /atbc: J*nl« Smith: litti* 
fcholtt Vfarfaili muiiwnn. MtONn ROW I<*i Iron: Abu Valcn Unj S.l»«iil>ci«<i: Sjodni /until: kjrcn VOttnrtbi; nil. mi 
WiRm Quria WUie Robm iDdoi 11HRI> ROW: Anhui I'lwi: w»»ne Walim; thai In Ihumwn: Hi«tn uniMim; km Wohkfi 

Milium hhirlbn. 

I'(ll> D-.firr- Innunl ltd || .ViV 
llrt Sadir UmMM M.,;ii.ii' Vim 


hnipm wtimteA 

As ihc senior lives through his last dayi 
of ■ anipiis life, he can not help but review 
the (our active years that have jwissed Ik.-- 
(ore him. In addition 10 his memories of 
classes, tenn papers, anil professors, he 
recalls the activities he so enthusiastically 
Supported, "Hali Mai"— his FrCSbman For- 
mal. "PcnlhOuSC Serenade"— his Junior 
I'kiiii, picnics and parties, mixers, alhlciic 

events, concerts and dramatic productions; 
and Homecomings. 

The senior looks hack to the days he 
spent as a freshman and remembers the 
awe and rcs|>cct he held (or seniors. He 
hopes that he, loo. is looked upon by fresh< 
men in (his same manner. The senior re- 
members various episodes of his sopho- 
more and junior years, but these years 
pass so (Hiickly thai his memories become 
mere snatches of an overall picture. He 
stands now with college life, a pleasant 
memory and enriching experience behind 
him. and ready to approach a new under- 
taking— graduation and the life which 

lies beyond. 

He remembers with an odd mixture o( 
sadness and joy the people he met and 
(he friends he made. It is with growing 
nostalgia that he realizes he will he leav- 
ing acquaintances whom he may never 
see again. He knows, too, that he can 
never return (o being the carefree, (un- 
loving student. 

In a few short minutes, four years of the 
senior's life becomes past tense— he is a 
beginner again. |us( a few steps, |*-rhaps 
a few tears, a diploma, congratulations, 
and goihlbyes. ami then (he big step to a 
nCW way of life— a career. grad(ia(c school, 
(he armed services, or marriage. 

The senior possesses many qualities 
among which courage stands forth. It 
lakes courage for the senior to gather his 
college memoirs into a chapter of life's 
past his(ory and set out on a new pathway 
into an uncertain yet challenging Future. 

In ihfir Iji pntonWMT »"' '!"• •<""-' 

.ilium (nib Uri.v Iickhii-i. Hid 
MiiiiIi. « ili.iiiiit»it. Mijiiih \\->v 



GeMiuc pbM 

linl UIDUk *" 

Al|«m«, Wit. 

I>4lli<t \l"l. 
fhxn. Wit. 

Killmii ll-iiiuiil 

MiiiimiiMilt. Wit. 

Th*rpi w». 

( <iiohn Huim 
Cklppcwi Mb) Wfc. 

HahUMMd AUMK*ht»in 1-1. \h«tj 

Sudan. Mi.-. Npl*T| Wll 

MMT* lin— — il, 
iillii(lon. »» 

DMlU \nilrtnni 
U.miw. \i,. H-. »n 

tin- .ill tiulitvai 

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Milomikrf, Ht*. 

!■..■ ii. i 1 .. 

Ih. »» 

1l~Jill IllUtflll 

■ ■f t M l <1i>ii Hi Ifhrmm 

MllHlHKHlU, Wk. 

Alan lit »•• mii'ii 
lliiMxillb-, HI*. RrtitliiiHl 
"» 1 1 1 1 — Jin. Minn. 

I'nir H'li* 

Urn HitaU 

vi. , \»„ 

\|MiU. HI*. 

Paiilik Bingham 

I'oilijf. HI*. 

t.r.-M Bk™ 

I III! Ill- Pull 

Ui <i»iir. HJ 

lioir m*« 
f-<M<*f<, HI*. 

li, nillro 
Mim«»nk. HI*. 


ttiilntrl Ii-i'tlilv.i 
I It i. 

i.i rail i» 

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nation* \n. 

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(uknuii, WU. 

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W? tiiliiium, WM. 

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RlttM, Wli. 

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IwU* .1 ib( Hftivliniilihaw Ball 

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I .lift I "Kill 
ll.h.,),.!,. 111. 

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mdaBim and "wfc&'fl u4w" 

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HiiiUm McCImU 

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Kit, Minn. 

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lulu, Wit. 

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Kanq Mudl 
iiijiI Crnk, wit. 

Allan May 

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OhicW, Wfa, 

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MllwnVcc, wit. 

Banc] M-tOrf 

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y/tmaa, Wb 

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WbUog »■'»" 

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Adrian Undkt 

II..H11 Dim, Wb. 

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William MnlriliriKrr 
Mimior, Wb 

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M. .nlii .11-. W* 

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kr» j-luiii, Wit. 

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lima Mora 

( luihiook, Mum 

WlUUn Moarcn 

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Contain, Wb. 


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II Paul Minn 

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MniiMWinlr, Wit. 

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H..I1L11.I (.n»i, WU. 



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S.l.m, WU 

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NdlbiMr, Wk 

Mill(...ti |Ut. Wit 

K.i. ii U.I.I 
MiiLh..o. k ... hi. 

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Miiumimitr, WU 

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fctifijutolup ft and f ftteweCCft 

H.. I.i i.l K..-I.I 
H- - Minn 

\ih;i.i.. R. 

N.iii. H.m.ll 
Mil-iuki.. Wk 

Mji« \iii" Kflmmilh 
II.i~.iiiI Minn 

l.dJhliiH- R"-c 
Mcn.HniHitr. WU 

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MlM Hr«M 

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Min.-ii.-lll, WU 


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rata Part, ill. 

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■mi j> lkiui|ll>. tVii. 

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WtHU, Wk 

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|'M"> Sililunijil 

id. 1. 11.1. tvb 

\iltiui V'iikII 
NhrlNii K JM. Wit, 

I 1m Mill S. III. M|. 

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(ut^y Mcmc-tiea 

nunc »...,,,. ftCC 

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MiUjnlrr. Ul.. 

Towrf, Mliifi. 

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Ml, I. ,!«,». Ml, 

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K.m.W Vhnhrtt 

1. .,..:. S.1,,,11, 
III. L l.llh. Wl. 

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Nnnih, WU. 

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11.1. .ml. Ml 

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Km (UK Wit. 


and tlccH. ahl&t fcoui yww. it woa <we* 

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I I. .nl. ((it 

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II '.I 'ii I'll' Him 

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utfaridft, Wh 

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Kni'i't, Minn 

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Njgiljiiiru. |liti>R<i< 

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klllWlMM Wb 

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IhrbniM Fan, «» 

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llMlim, »»" 

MfMMdft Wk 

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Ilt.u.llil W»ll 

Kohrtln, Minn. 

M*lj H'jiill 
I.ikI, Wit. 

Shjuxi Win 

ll«i)i«ill*. Wh. 

MjiiUv VjjiuIo 
Kjhultii, Maul, Hawaii 

llfltt /.ii.hI. 

Mum j, Wii 

Jiirv /'imI* 
1*11 Chin, Hit. 

Jam /HII.1I1 
M >««."»>» i', Wit. 

M't<m I'oiiK. Wit. 

aewio* adwWm Ubl&t 

Aiilill. K\i!W\\. MOHAMMED; MiuitM &fttf*»m; Chi Lambda 

AHOI A. I.ll.\; //'•«!' /nmmniVi fifu.tilfnu; llonic K Club |-f. 

council I: SSA l: IRC I: Ml Club l-'.'; Stoutonta I. 2, I; Delta 
/iu 2-4. we |n-t. olmn In.nniiii: NBA j.|, <» pulilkitv .it- 
""'": ' s ' I;* l''i """K-" UndcjtUMlf II 

AINWViiK fll. SANDRA: Uttmi Ironnmtft Mtitollim; (omnia Delia 
1-2; Young Demi -•. iceman '.'; Home li. Club I, 

AMYX. MAM.1V; hulwuial /rfii.rtltwi; AIAA 2-1. 

ANDERSON, DONALD; fnrfwfrtd £nV«[fan> Mi 21. viic in". (; 

"S" Club. 
VNDFJUON, innvvmi; ii> t \ u >uu,i Mumvm. 

ANDERSON, MARGARET: Horn i. ,.,„>, tdu,«im. 

AM-U.i. JOHN; fnAiUfwI i.tuian.m. i-lii dm^ iiru i-i. hhiotttn 

K III. 2 I. lijiiiuiuititr 10 SSA I 

wionni ig. i Kin. IndutftUt gJutallon; "S" chii. I I 
AKlS'll.N. RICHARD; rirnnnf tnduiUml Attn STS 5; Town ami 

Mixinmii ■•hMr q{ ij|>)tri &3j StOOl lilm SQCkM I, vie inn |. 
\K<>1 \. DAMll; tndumitl SdimMioni Oil l.rniM. 2 i; Vmii.* 
Demi z-4, pra 2 i. Sraplionb 3Iit«en M pro. 25; simitoni. 
8-4, »«( i|—nt i.ltior j. 
BADZINSKI, ROSEMARY; Home Ktmemla gdaailm: SNEA I; 

N.i.m.,1 ClUb Mi M"i"' 1 1 Clllb 4i Young Him. II; f|.i,i,| |,i 

lt\R\\Kl>. WII.MAM: lt..lmui«\ tdwah.m 

BARNEY, (AHOl.V.v i f. Xulrlliw; Young Drmt jM, ,||,jin 

.b.llnuit; NtWIDMI (lull II. !-.», | Rirmlin: All'lll I'tl (In™ 

ii; WRA I; Homo tr, ( lufa I; Ai.-i.rn i i.,i. i. 
BEGKMA.N, KONAt.l); Indumiat Ldwatta*; AMu I'bt 41iii«m 21 
v.<l- pta I; III | |; SNEA M, ti<c pm ft IRC St; lA 't : 
sioui rm!.i K i."ln.iir Idl-rwi |. 

BENSEMANN. MAN; /.,rl U U,i,I /„;,,. Jo*.; I,„|. |Wh. .S.«.i„«( 

Coram. 2-3, pre* J: tin ft Craft* Club 3. 
BRRGEN. IUDITII; GcM/mJ Uomt Bcmomlu; Drlu Zaa LM. m- 

m*iy I; lliiinr I*. Club M; Tow*i 3; I.5A l-V: Rlllc t:iub J; 

lintmn IhIhIUh.i ll;ilt J. 
BERGI.UND. RICHARD; ImtmirM Bdhfithf); IS\ 3 1, dauuRl 

I; Alplu I'ln Onwva 3-1, 
111'. I'l.llK: (.(.j. 

urns. ri:rnK; Induwial Kdutetfan:$lpai Tau Gamma l-l, <haplin 
I; (amnlHiiy (ilili II, \nr*. I. Vl« put. '.'; SlOUIWlb -I; ToWCI 
2 |; «|« |.i.« intloi ilj«; oMnKbM IKnliil Mall SH. 

HUM. (,1K Al D; hiilmithil lilwallun: Xritman Club l-l, pio. 1; 
l»rti» Kappa L't. ifiHuicr 3: RjiIIo Kliiiiouii Club 2-1; ,SNH.\ 
.11; AIAA li; Tnik M. 

DINCHAM, rvi Kick: InHuiI'M IMUtotlon; Alu fc Crtfu Club 2* 

IIISI1KI. |()V(.|;l tl.nn, li,*,,,™,,, Mutation: Hnmo 1.. Clllb II; 

SNEA J-li wka » I; Gamma Delia II. »"■• pict. ami publbin: 
Haiul I. 

IKIHG1N. (OSKPHi IndutitM EduialU-n: ll'C M; IM 21; (lil 

l.iiiil-t» Z\; -\S.\ I: pin. .mk.i »1.»; omnvloi llrmluz Mall 4, 

HOTlId ll-ll V 
IIKH.IIIWIAN. IIAKH\R\ CI.IVRR; (.„„. rt f //„,„, />„„„„„>,; 

I (OW l«. (Juli 1-2; Yiriiuif liimt 2'3. 
BRISK!, I \kK\; fntfuirr/ul i-iu/.nU.,,; |>,iia Kappa 21; "V Club 

li; Football i :.'. TrMl i '-' 
ittiiM. RpRER'l'; Muslilal KtfuMrimi; it.tM ll, pit* 1-2. 

Gamma iWia 2-li u-i li; it. Sletlionlo Club 2-1. 

Ill Kl. DAVID; Initmnial ©fUrtlfON; Vil. ,V Cialu Club 21, »itir 

pin. t; M«iu SU(r SV>ill..i 31. ticamicr 1; USA |.£ \vn.lii.» 

nliol SulmiiKo |-2. 


BUSS. I.VI.F; IndmUial Ttthnoltm; Mml. ( ■! 2-1. inc ' V 

Club l-l. lira.; Phi Omega HCM l-l,i«; (i.-.|>»mii <M« IttU. 

IWYARSkl. THOMAS: /ii«finifMl Tithnloga Phi Sigma FiniM. !< I 

vi<c pttti Newman Club i l. 
cisii.nii.Kt., MVRNAi am* Et<mmk* Mutation: Alt>l» P>l 

Omega S-l: Sijjma Mjjiiij Mum. .11; Home |,. Qub S-fl SNI \ 

Cllim. RICHARD; Indwlrt*! Mutation: Football I* Wic-illng 1. 
CHRISTENSKN. PAULA; Now* ■..,„.„„„, Mm*ii«n; SNEA 2-1: 

Horn,- iv. Club II: Wrtlry 1-1. 
CURK, JUDITH; Grnrr«f Home fatmotniei; Hiniw la- Hub Mi 

Nr-man Club I. 
CI.XKK. NANCY; Hmt Kttmumiti Mutation; Sigma Minn* \|gma 

S-l: Home EC, Club l-l. 
CLARK, WAYNE; Itidumil Ttthnolof,; EPT 2-4. pie.. 4; Ra.h.. 

ElMimnfa* Club 3-1: Stout Undnviailuaic Fellow 3-1: ladaUrbj 

TmIi, Meeting C.imm. S-l. 
CONNI.RS. PAUL; InduUiial Ttthnotog,; I'M Slvma Emlloii 1-4, 

Iteav. pledge matin; Mi Club M. 
COOK. IIARBARA: Clothing * TfttHtaj Alpha Sigma Atph* 2-1: 

Home H. Cluh 1. 1; Alpha IM Omni. un.lmtuitt 2-1. 
CRUGER, LORETTAi l/omt Eemoala SdmailM; Home V,. club 

I. 2. 1: SNEA 3-1: Alpha hi™* Alpha 2-1. wng leader 3. inc.- 
iTi'iup dutlroun i. (ouiKlt member I. 
DAlil.F., PATRICIA: U""" tktmomla EttuMlJen; SNEA 2-1. uw. 

3! Sigma Sigma Sigma 21. uniopumliiig tee. I; Monte f'l. Club 

t-l; Norman Cluh l-l. 
DAI. I.MANN. GLORIA; Home CnWiomfa Mutation; Home Ec club 

l-l. Mn. I, ntiuwil Hi SNEA 21. Ilea. 2; Alpha Mrum Alpha 

2-1; I'lii Ilptilon OmlniHi 2-1; Gamma Delia II, piugiam tltaic 

nun 2: IVRl I; IVho\ Who 3. 
DEARTH, NORMAN; Imlmhiat Mutation: Mctatt Guild 2-1; EPT 4. 
DcWAIJ), KAREN; Worn* Kronomla Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma 

21: Home Ec. Qub 2-t: ( Cluh 2-4. 
D1ETENBERGKR, JOSEPH. Indmfil Mutation; Newman Club II. 

■gt-at-ainu ami ii(c pit*.; RHIe Club I: Metab <iull<l 2-1. trnottei: 

SNEA 31: ALIA 3-1; Phi Sigma Emllon 2-4. Ihhiw lira.. 1. 
DONF.K, DAVID: InduMtial Mutation; Mrtalt Guild. 
D/UHAY. DIl'AYNF.; /nrfiMirfal Ttthnology; KPT 2-4; Siouionla 

1-4. nteulatloii tiiait.gei I: LSA Hi -Ml Club 2-3; Slow Under 

graduate Fellou. I. repieKWatlte i>l 1ml. T«h.: In.l. T«li. 

Sleeting Committee 2-4. 
KRICKSON, lOYCIE; Home tumomm Mutation; Home Fe. Cluh 1. 
I1RICKSON. SANFORD; huUiWwl l\d<i,ati,m and r*ehnt,toty; I'hi 

Omega Iku 2-t. Ileal. 3; "S" Club 3-4. 
IICRSTC. KOI.l.KF.N; V.tmitil llomf Fivnomin; Tokci I; Nrwnun 

Club 1-2. libiarian 1-2; Sigma Mgma Slgm* 21: llixme EC. Club 

1-1: Alpha pii Omcjja 21. ike pre*. 3. tee. 4. 
FESENMAIER, PATRICIA; »«»ie Sconembi Mutation; Newman 

Cluh l-l: Phi l!p.ilim Omiimn S-l, .mmpimdiiii; i«. 4; Home 

He. Club 1-4: SNEA 2-1: Alpha Sigma Alpha 2-4. pin 4; 

PanhellemV (a>umll 4, 
FISCHER. GRACE; Clothing .' JV.n'c; Nnrniu Cluh l-l: 111 

Cluh 1-2: Home it. Club I, 2. 4; 1HC I. 3; WVS tepiewmatiie 2. 
FREEMAN, JACQUH.INF: TUtMlu; Wr.le> I. 2, 4: U'RA 1-2: ai 

Club 12; l»e«ell<. Cluh 2. I: SvnchionlKd Swimmnt 1-2; Alplia 

Phi 2- 1; Phi ITptiloti Omki.m 2-1; Home. Fr. Club 1. 2, 4, touiuil 2: 

SSA 2 
FUERST. <;.\HRIH.I.F: Home fionomh, Mutation: Voting lVim 

3-1. wxial i hall man: Home Ft. Club I. 
GARRETT, JAGR) tndmfiat TfOviBicgfl IRC l-l. 
GERAETS. JANICE! »"«' '••momkt Munition; Home Ec Cluh 

l-l; SNEA i: NcwnMn Club l-S. 
GF.RSTNER, R1CIIMII); Induiltial Mutation; Mclal. Cullil 2-4: 

Sirma Tau (Jminj l-l. ucav: IFG icpieMiiiailvc. 
GIFFORI). MARY; //nine />onomi« EifuMliM; Home Yx. Club l-l: 

Newman Club l-l; SNF.A 3 1: Alpha Sigma Alpha 2-4. lieav I. 
GIM.. SANDRA; //o»ir EronomiVt Kfuralfon; Home It. (lull 1-4; 

SNEA 21; Ski Club I: USA 2-4. 
GH.IXS. I.INDA: Homr Knmomiri Mutation: Phi thnilon Oiolnon 

3-4. mo. 4: Home Ec. Cluh 1-4; USA 1-3: SNEA 3-1: 4-H Club. 

hhtniian I: Who - . Who 4. 
CRACF. PHI'R; Induittia! Mutatim: Newman Club II: Phi 

Omega lieu l-l. 
CRAMBO. JUNE SHI'I.I.IAM; fV-»fi & WuuilUm: Home »«. Club 

I: Mclclla Club 2; Rami I. 
GRESR, KENNETH; Induitiia) Mutation: RailiolUmonk* 2-4. 

.l.epio. 4: i.rrvi. 
GRIII1T. SXNIIHA; tl.ut,..! tt.-it>t Ho; .-■; Ihnne I.. Huh 1-3; 

Choh 1-3- 
CUF.N/.KI.. NXNCY; DUlttiti; Hnin.- I«. *-lul. 1-2; Diflcili« (.luh 

2-4. Wcr pirv 4. I.W II. 
CUNIH.RSON. mi iron UN i /; llomi nYonomlf* MuttUm I' 

ft. Cluh 13: l.M 1-2; Alpha Sigma Alpha 21: SdJUIOflli 1-2 
HAMILTON, MARIAS; Home Remnmla M«tati,~r. Alpha Phi 21. 

Iihtnilnn: Home Eft Club l-l: SNEA 2-4. 
HANSEN! LOIS: time Ettmmtn Mutation: Itelia ZfU VI; Alpln 

l'ii Outrun 2f. oninainlliiff teriior In iliamati-: Home Ic. (lob 

Hi Rllle Club 3. 

uib ■ i..t, v. ,.,„„.,„,„ (l ,„, , ,. Mlili1 p,^ 1 ,:,,:.,';. 

HANSON. RtfjIARD: Mutat.o.,, it,, Umi-U I . b,,. 

uii-ti ;. W..1.1 |-l. ik, .„„ •;_ ,,„, , 

"ANSON, sii.MN teAoMil Uu<1hm. RIIW < lot,. Phi On..*. 

HARRISON l-.MRll K. (MWM RrfuMIlM n „,l f,W,^™ ; 1Wu 
R«WO I i. blUOtuui 1; RUk <]„). 2-1. 

""l'. l "'h| l l , 'l'l''""''"' """" '"" , '"" i "- S«**M <l"h M; Hon* 
"". n ', , M .\^ ; „V'","' Sf #* E*W«"W; W«I« 12; IKnu 

K%!i™SsKM?"^ M!A, ' tora " :5 """ 

IIHTIKIY. BRIAN; MutrUl M-Ml/on; M.tal, CfllU 2 1 s f ™ u 

r«U (.amma 1 I. «-,,i m al I. P 

Hi.RRit k. DONNA; Honu BronoMta EJmXtat; Hone l- < hihl-c 

SN1 \ Ml Phi UjMflOn Oml<u-( 31: Sirih* Sirmi 'iuiu 24 

Pt^^lS* '' iV "'" - ,; '" tlul ': "™«'-"n S KliCBdani 

t; IV In, « Mho i. 

mciiii. sitiRiiv; Home EcMomlcj EdMOHiMj Hose Et, Hub Hi 

I 3 \ I -'. *\'1.\ 3. 

HIU.MAN. MARVIN; *-.-/.. .j. - .i f /.( j„ m; • y (!„], ,., 

HILT, JIKOMI; MuurUt OmtlMi SJBU feu <» H, k<- 
irtai) I: Mtlab (.u i 1.1 21. pi'^iam thaiiman; Win. 1 . lVb« J- 

H'l 2 I. SUM Ci-l.r^ra.luxr l-ll-m.. 

HOFMANN, CHARLES; farfulrfaJ BdwatFon; Alph* Phi omna 1: 

IVflo I; SicutonU I; IRC 2 J. "i Ik.. 1. lln %,;!!,< | ,„(k.(. 

2 1; v-iat .tali man. iunloi ila«. 
HOUJDETS. c.l K M l»; InduOlU Mutation; ikha Kat>M l-l; ■«■ 

Club H. 
HOOVFR. ROCI.R; MuhiumI Mbtatum; Phi si^ua Enikia 1 l 

•rc 4. 
llol'll.Nsi-ikciR. RUTH; flam /..*. JUuMltoq; III,..'. Who 

31 llonir Be <luli l-l. umiwil; I'hi Cpnlm ^ I. Alplu 

Phi 2-1. pio. 1; Nnrono Cluh II. neat. 2. Mudoil SrMl* J: 

Alpha P.i Omega 2-1: «» lira.. 
HOWHEN. THOMAS; lndu,ttial Mut.u™; Ncfman Club II. ».,. 

piet. 3; Delia Kappa 21; SNIA 2-1. 
IICR11IN. AN(.tllN): Gmcral Horn CnMomfdj WRA 13: S'«W 

man Club l-S; Sloutonl* 23; I"'" 21; Voung Kepuhloant 2 1: 

Home It- Cluh l-l: Alpha Sigitia Alpha 3-1; \*n'i<«u1 UlCOn 

Awxialion; IV) \ 
HUTCHINS. slliRON; ffoaM Gftiiiomfa lalueaiim; Roue Eft club 

l-l. publKiiv diieitoi; SNEA S-l: SIbn Slnu Slrma 21. «. i: 

To-n 1-2: Stouionia: 111 dob 
JANK/KO. ROBERT: Mtufnlil ':...;. Stpn Tan c.jmma 

l-l. vke pre*. 3. pie*. I; Alpha p.. Omega 21. 
JESSICK. GEORGE: Induifil EAmMltmi Bateball 3-1. 
[ODAR. WILLIAM] I'uttKfial EdMMlhM; Alpha Phi Omega 5-4. K(. 

4; Nomaii Club 1-1: Young i> ■■■• 23. \iie ihaitman 3: IR<: 2: 

SSI. I 3-1. 
[OIINM>N. CHARLES; InduttrM Edutaihw 1 hi laini-1a 1 I. tin 

pie- 3; H'l 2-1: »v [>i. - I U..l<- 1-2; Meial. (iulM 2-1. tee. 

i: Iunloi (U« pte»; •.ir-llini; 2 1. 

tOIINSON. DAVID S; InJuiliiat Mitalioa; R*ti.> • tub .' I 
DMNSON, JILL; DUtttiu; Wetwio Club 2-4; Uutlabon Club II. 

kc. 3 1. 
JOHNSON. JOYCE; Horn- BamMtfti EdufUm: ivri 1-2. Home 

Ec Club HI Alpha S«ii.. Alpha 2 1. -e. SNI I I 
JOHNSON. lUDYi < /■■:'.'iif .- 7-«iif.i; Hume Eft < Ion l-S; ISA l-I: 

Young l>emt 31. 
JOHNSON. LINDA: ;/o»i^ Eeentmia UmmHon; Home 1. aoh it; 

SNEA Mj isi M; B«»il H. "- 2-3. pic*. I. 
IUSE1 I. Will 1AM: /nrfiiW-lnl /'rfuedtion. IVIn Rippa W; RP1 

l-l; M.lal. CilLM Mi loiltigiJ'luale FcUOWlhlp 3 1 
H'SHKI. P> 1 I K. /.rdmliul MtUtUm! Phi Omega Beia 2 1; N«»- 

IHD Chiti II; CQUnKtOI Hi-ohiir Hall 31. 
kAHU GEORGE; rotational Mutati.m: AVA 2-1. II 1 1 2 t; I PI 21. 

kllll. RONALD; fMWlrftl EttUtmletll Phi Omega Hela 3 I. lira- I 

MIINOII. JOHN: lnduUria.1 Mutation: Alpha Phi Omega Ml 

Id. ft l.atf Cluh 31 
KEGEI. DONALD; Indumil Technology: Mcub i.uil.i 2-t. pie*. 

I: Rillc Cluh l-l. 
KESANEN, BYRON: Mortal Mutation; MeUb c.uii.l s I, nc*>. 

Kl ll'SIF. JAM I; FOOdl - A'.rurr.-i -ml /'■"«' fimtMlAl ' IxM 

.0-1; Alpha M QMm II. HCDXM. -'. t..e pie. V ■ P'" '■ 
Mpbl Sigma Alpha 21; llnwi l-l. wlion ohlo.; Panhellenw 94, 

viu- pie. I; Ihiuie li ( hib II 

KI.AIV1IIR. GENEVIEVE; i/."?.r"i I /..irl..: N.-man * lull 14. 

H.mi t.. I bib II. Il-ii'l , _ , 

KI.AIVIIFR, Jl'IHIH: f/onr BfOMMIfel Hllrtlrtaj H«n* H- CluO 

II; SNEA 3 1: IM II; l"»'l " 
SMl'ss. BIRHIRI; f*io* * Nurtllon; w< ? l.. t 1. pra v 

s.mi.h-M.i. Sltwm i« publieiij diwcoi -■ t: Sjnjhmalita Swta. 

nlrS I; SmSS 2 li IK«- ! li HoMC «6 I !'»> I «• ""'• '■"">' ' 


00001. ...WARD: M»»W Term.**..- »< Ctab M: Am » 

,du«tt»I FA^aiio-: R'"* « nb l: I'""™ 11 " 1 

Who'. Who > 

3 1; Choi. K; ISA 1-1: Ita4rlb.ll «.!*. -' L 
M'FAIII. I-\RRV; fmf-tf.i-l rerrWog*. R'»' 

fcCN/ Rl'lH: Hw Itownui Mmmlu 

Imnhlp I; WRA .1: Home Ee. 
.SWota Alpha 2-4. *** P'rv •• 
I.ANC. NANCY; (VJofAmg * rVMiir.: Hume El 

iarkTv DONALD: MwrM E**»**"J Siouioni*. M. editor 4: 

•m -ii i Tan (liutni I' . 

I VRMIN LAVRANN: (iewMf Home Eronomw*: Moutiwi* 1: 
' 1-4: Town 2-3: Hornet*. Club M. 

WAYNE: M»>M*I FAwaUon: Art* * (tali. 

Uub 3-1. 
... Cniteil (JiitoUn Eel- 
Club 1-1; SNEA S-l publicit*; Alpha 

Club 2-1: Alpha Sigma 

1.1 M\R. 


Uub 2-1. 

IJHZ^KEmr^MWttW Tee/inologj; Ind- lech. .Steeling Ccnm. 

LEONARD. GARY; Mmfi*l roWion: Nrwrnai. < Jubl I *-J>P™ 
Tim (Urnou M botue managn 3-1: Alpha |Si ta«H Am 
\ (.all. Club It; Student Senate 1. iinhman tla» *ocial than- 

UNDUCUr. BXRHARA; Worn* (MMpfa Mwrfiow^lome I*. 
C lub Mi s.mpnonk Stager* 3: SNEA 4: Vow* l*m. 3: LSA 

llNNlVvV D\NIEL; /mliulri*! tduealkm; Am & CMll. CJub 

lOOMIs/fRED; M**>M M**«iion; ~S~ CJub 2-1. »ke pre* 1; 

Ik-lu Kappa 11; IF<: S-4. pie*. 3. i«-ij» «• 
l.OREN/. JIM; l«<tu«T>*l TethmXefS and ««•""• "»' ^P" 

InduitM Edmttiomi Phi Omega Una 3-1. 

mm iiiomw .--, i-. .■■,.■: /,:■.. :■•■■ -. msii i>ir- * i. xoaNu 
I. 2. I. €HtuUti«in mgi. 2; Town I-'.'; Young IJwii* 31 

Ii-lton i- 

LUEPKL JERRY: IndmitUI Trrhntfog?. 

Dietetic* Huh 2-*; Home 


MWV IURRIH: l/o-m- twnif lAmalion: SNEA 3-1. lie** ^ 
Home E* I ''it. II u«ijl chairman 1. Stoutonia 2-1: ("hi I pMlon 
Onmron Ml Sigma Sigma Sigma 3-1, Mn*R) public relalkmi 

MVCHOVEC CAROL; Hone JinnmnU] tJtualim; Alphi I'hi 2-1; 

Itiiae Yf- Uub II p»«ram ch»irm*n; WRA 1-3. .poilArad 2-3; 

Ml CM> 2 3. «.. 2. SSf.\ 1; Ne-nun Club J-l 
MMIIOVK. I.ll/ARI.IH; »••>-' /-."-."iim Mu(«n«i; Home ti. 

I lub Mi SNEA *; Newiua Club l-l. irjmtiei 1: IRC M. •«. 1. 
MAIJ.IN. 1HARRON; Hum* r>.ifi»r«wi Wuialion; Young Ilnni 21. 

HUkhj <h*irnun X •«• 1; 1R'- 21: SNEA 3-1: llome Ee. Club 

1-1; IVeilct- I; Tower I-*; VmnonU 1-3. 
M.VRCKS. NAS'CY: llomr ktatumui FAu**H»h; Home Ec. Club Mi 

SNEA 2-4; Choir 2; ISA M. 
UiC-Ml. BARNEY: InJuttiut Mtuthm: 'S~ Club 2-1; SCf 2-4: 

llj«lftbil! c-iJIil'ill 3. 
Mil I.I'RI. MVRKIII; Mt,n\r />craomKl tAuialwn; SlniilMii* Mi 

Home EC Club M. •«. I: Phi 1'p.iWin Omicron 3-4: SNEA 3-4: 

bind I: IS\ 2 1 
MclKINOL'CH. Midi XII: t»du<u>a> T'lhyJopi [H 2H. 
M.OINNIV PHI: InduiliM Mw*Ii<w; Itelu K.pp* 2-4; SNF_V 

2-4; Ne*cnun CJub 11; "S" Club 2-4. 
MEHEI.ICII. LAWRENCE! InduiliUI Icchno/op; lnlr*murjl In*- 


MtllRIM. I1IOMVS. /n.ltail>»r Mil 

tiim nMiij(n 3. Iiimnei* imn«([ci 
MI.IIR. RW.I.R; /oJuU.Wf Wu-mion; 

hiuotUn 1: S>hubrii'* Sneiixlrti 2-1 
MEYER, KMIIT. Hum. EcDfMWlfcl »rf«'-/i"n; Home If 

Club 1-4; S.i Huh 2-1; M«m* 3-pii* >i)[nu 2-1; Newman Cluh 

I; W<*l« 23: Timet l-J. 
MEYERS. I.I.V ANN; Howe *:*.-n^n«. Mi.i-.lion. Wr-lo l-l. ctiun- 

■ il 3-4; Home Ec Club l-l: YWCA 3-4. .liuiki leptrwmtatHe 3. 

we*. 4. bw-ijiiU- Staa dnJnara t ; SNEA. 
MIKVNDA. ciK \ID. ritrfwTrteJ /.(u.fln-i.- phi sigrtu Epdlaa 

3-1. SiouionM. buiine** nunixei. 
MINCH, DICKi /".(uniial lduiaii-n: Phi SftM linilon 21; Met.1. 

l.ii.kl 2-3, »l.e pie*. 1: Sll Club I, 2. 1; wt>»« «U« «i.l 

MONSIN. WILLIAM: rnrfuiliMl Teeftno/op: \Ve*lej 3-4: II»il 1-2- 

i-m: M<-iikkiU l-l. piotluf 
Newman (lub I. 
Sigma Tan (.a mm a 3-1. 

e lc «J»b 

Club il. "ea 

i 3. mr we*. 4 


M. *eiiiof irp'e- 
3. iiiev I; Phi 
IRC 14. 

tAuialton: Home K. 

.me K. Club 


; Oil Umb-U l-l; 
«o SSAl SNEA A. 
Phi .sipna EpMton M; 
Club l-l; SNEA 2-1. pi r*, 3. 
.lub 2-1. 

4. ii n 

ie me*. 3, ir 


2-1; PictetMi Club 
.Newman Club l-l. 

KdufMliim: Delia /eia 2-4. 
Home 1*. Hub l-l. »ee. 3: Choir I, 

««>l. 2-4; l)l«elU» Uuh 21. 
SCf 1-4, ire**-; Ait* k 

EPT 2-4: 



Phi Sipiia 
Club 2-4: Delia kappa 

MQRIOKA. HEtENi ihrinut; I 

Mtiialitr ">ui*.il l; Dietelk* 

Cpultm Omimm 2-1, UbeaiUr 
MO\\HOintR. NVNCY; /i"».' 

Club Mi ISA Ml SNEA 3 1 
MCW.ET. JIIAN: Horn* »a-o««m 


J-l. KC-'l'ea*. 3. pic*. *. iepie*eniaii»e 

MC«H.I.. ROCER: 1'o.oIiomJ Wm-n'i-i;<> Club l-l. *Ue piev 2; Newi 
MHRINC- NANCY; Homt tjona—i' t-dui 
"; Hume Ec Club 21: ISA 21: YWCA 

VM -MEYER, HISMIETH; Home /> t -iomiV. Mu<«l.o«; Home Et 
(lub l-l: SO M. *1« P-ev: IRC -' '; P*ff- 5J2W&/S 

lUimo (i'lleae Eeltow*hip l-l; Town M. wlton cliior 3. 

Siwphonk SlSien Mi Sww l-mlnpaduate lellowv 
NHSJR SANHRA; Home feonor-iut Mueafion; Ne-man Club 1-4, 

Home K Club l-l; SNE.I 2-4; IMtt ZcU 21. ««al .haiiman 3. 

Mawlai-l* .luinnan 4: SSA 2-3; Rllle Uub 3-4. 
NEWMAN, LARRY; l»4u>inal Hdwiion; Phi SiRm* Epulon 2-1. 

in 4; We*le* 1-1. 
(llllRI'RtLlER. KAREN; /; Delta /el J 

2-4; Home 1«. Uub l-l. <ouiKil 4; Iowa 1 

I. ..1.1 1; Sunphonk Sinjteii M. 
OlSON. MAR1I.EE: How* *« 

Panhelletiic icpie*enutl*e 3-4; 

tM-lrra<. 2; WRA 14. 
OPVVHU SOlRLEEi DUtHkr, l&\ 2-4; 
ORTH. HAROLD: laduiful tdutai 

OWENS. CLYDE: 'induttiM fAu/ail-%; Meuh Culld 3: 

Sigma Tau lummi 1-4; lie*hmaii tla« »l«e pie 

<Uu pie*: »ke pre*. SSA 5. 
PVCILS. IOIIN: t«du,fitl MuMfron; Stouiorila 1-4. a»t .(ioit« 

edimr 2-1: Young Dem, 2-4. tiea^ 3. hbtorUn 4: Newman Club I 
I'ASSO. DAVID; InduUtiat TrthniAogy and tAuiau 

Kptitoii 2-4. 
PAUI.l'S, JAMES; Induitinl Hducalion; 

2-4. .hapUIn 3: CD-t»M. IikxIkII 4. 
PIUIUU ROSE MARY: Home /j-i«ii-m«i Mnwlim; Home **. 

Uub Mi New-man Club 1-4. public lelaik-m rhauman. hlwiun; 

Minna Sitma Mima 2-1; thou I. 
PINDERCVSI. IRED; Ixdi^uUl Mum/.o-i; Phi Omega Beia M; 

Metal- (•"'Id 2-4; HI Club l-l. 
PETERSON, ALICE. Home rCronomir. Erfuwlmn; SO 2-4. pie*. 1: 

Phi t'i«ikm Omlaon 3-4. rhapUin 4: IRC J-4, jet-lie**. 4: 

Home Ee. Uub l-l. council 3; S)mpbook Sinjrei* 1-3. 
PETERSON, DAVID: Induiltial Trthnoli-a; EPT M. 
rOCHANAYON. CHARI.ENE PIAEE; Home Aeonomiri fAaiauwii 
IRC 14. vke pie*. 31: 1H Uub 1-2; l-M 1-4; Home I*. Uub 
1-4: Smutoni. 1-4: Alpha P*i Omega M; Phi IpUlon Omioim 

3-4; SNEA 2-4, i«. 4. 
roi/OCMR, KAREN; H-mt Hvnomin Mucolion; Home it. CJub 
Ml IMia /«a 3-4. .ec. 4; LSA 1-4; 4-H club Mi SNEA 2-4 ie<- 

PRISION, CAROU Home ttouam'w Mutation; Home E«. Club 2-1; 

OUACKENBUSH, IQANi Gfnvnil Hone ttonomiei; Home EC Uub 
1-4, vke pie*. 4. council 3; WRA 2: ISA l-l; pie*, ol IndepeiuleiKe 
Huu*e 4: camMdaie lot Naikmal College Quern ComeM 3. 

RAHI. KAREN: Iheleiw: Dietetic. CJub 31; ISA 2-1. con-»ee. 4; 

RASMtMll. GERALDINEl Home teonomiti tAutttion; SNI-\ 2-4; 

Home Ex. Club 1-4: Town I: (inieilmiv Club 3. 
RVINER. (-AROLE; IHrteliit; Home Ee. CJub 14: Delia /el* 2-1: 

Dietetic* (Jul. 23: Tow I: WRA I. 
RUNDI. NANCY: IHeleluil l>ella /eu 

clltoi J. cltior 4; Home Ee. CJub 2-1 

Pd Omega 1-4, MOW**; ISA 14. 
RIINMCIH. MARY ANN; Hieleiku Dietetk* Uub 3-4; Home Ee. 

Club 3-4. 
RfSELD. LOl'ISE; tirtrtel Home BnmWMOi WRA L3. .po.i.- 

hea.1 3: lower 1-4. teninr anil rla*. eililw I: LSA I; H«me Ii. Club 

I; Alpha l"«i Omega l-l; StmitotiU 4; iir*>unan luimal (bainnaii; 

•enior gilt cwtliJirman; Pie*. Ekhellwtget Hall 4. 
RICHARDSON. JAMIS; Indmi'MI l.duitli-n; Delia Kappa 

liktotiin, (inicponiling ^c.. pie*. 4. national < 
RICHMOND, SHARON: Home ttOKVmla rAuial 
Mi Nr*m-ii Club Mi WRA 12: SNEA 4. 
ROIvSLER, RICHXRD. ImtuAtiat leehnalm: "»" Uub 1-4. 
ROSENOW, VIRGINIA] Ditlrlla; Iiietnk* Club 21; ISA l-i 
ROWI. CrKMDlNE; Home Konomia tdtualion; AI( 

2-4: Town 1-4. literary 
Dietetk. Club 21: Alpha 

M .,J1: 

Home Vx- Uub 

Alpha 3-L wholaiUiip ibaiiman Ii Home Ee. Club 
I km. 2 1. lira*. 4. 
ROWS, JEROME S. InrluiifMf lAuialion; l.iwer 1-4. aw 
I; Wole. 1-1. pie.. I. 

a Sigma 
l-l: Young 

riate clitm 


ki h.i [ANK; iHruitm Home i, Chth I; bin < bib ! I I 

IMu I 
M\lk\Ml- i.\kV tmduttt I ■ ■-:.> Mi tlU 

k Ciafu 11: KtHr '-' ' 

•■M.I Mil Ilk Klllllk I . tmdutll 

SAMPSON, |i> wv DtfMia M[-ii-> r«i Oman " I: Home 6 I 

i v Dkinia ( inii 2 I: Bib 
m\ i \hiiv KAREN: Hum* fimumki EdunUoni Home I' « lull 

|.|. net); \jpba Phi 2 i — town 1-9: wk\ i v SNI v 2 i 

"iiMiiK. urn. Ik: fodMirMl Eahemlon; Phi Slfau > i«ii*« M; 

■S" * tab i I: Suidnn Senate 14; Whrfi M 
MUMiik. \i»\: t..r.".i.' /(■ ■ I mi «Jn KM - Horn. 6 

I lull I I 

m ii vi i ik ,CKORGINI Mom I-- B&mralim ** ■■» • >»>> 

t i. Ilomc Be. < tub I I; SNI \ t 
si;iii.i;\ii'i. |\mis; fodiulrial r<taM4ta*j>; s«m»n < lab i I; ik( 

M; V»nii« DaM S. 
m Mill MIR. IIMIMW tudtOltW 7"'it,.i.M Nora 

.iIiiiiimi i luum-iii t 
M Mill MM Ik). I1\K11\K \; lift-in*. Dietetla ' l«l» 'I: Home U 

t tut! i i. Newman < tab Mi Data /<<< » 
MllORik. JIM-. InduilrU FJurmOm; **• Club M; S 'K"" '■" 

MllHoiiDK. kift.M.ll; InduitrW TttMmolMK Newman Uab M. 

Una ii>i Gamma M. h >manapi i Iowa i StcWonmM; 

ll«. vi tier pa* i. i i'l I I- 
m Mi 111 K I RONALD; Industrial Mutation; Muma T«0 Gtnw i-l 

am ^. .'. EPI -i; Sauoi iu« >'-* ("" - ■ "" 
vim i/ n\i i n. Horn i ■ ' i ■■ V"* v M 

KC B pia 1 I s \ I I. umiii.iI; IRI 11: H"""- I' < I'll' ' '• 

Sum U i -'. rowa i ft '•m \ < I; FUm Sonet] ' i 

Mill 11/ sVIVIV. fl'iiv Granamfci tdwaum; H. 

II: \\k\ i . LSA l-fcSNEA \i Italia Mum.. Alpha 24. 
m Mi I I. DONALD: InrfuindiJ / i' IjmUu l'-4: ll'l 

g I, vice m l 
MM. I MM.. I Kill; ItutuHiHil Uluialifi. rin iiiiK-KJ Ima M: 

s < luh II. 
Mivkkis. CHARLES; MAufrW MaaaMow Pm al|mj *p*tlo« 

3-1; Siouioob II. 
Mm l in \. ii\kii\k\- Gownf Horn* Enmomfr*; Home e. two I. '. 

Sll Club .': Newman ChA I* -"pi" Pal omfp Mi I 

litm v-i.u 3 i. tmt 3-4. 
Mli.M LOIS; (.rnrral tlomi EMM4MKK ^i Hub 3. 
MMIinson, <.\K\: fiirfuiirrff MwiMiom: Phi OmtRj Brt* 'J i. > 

Chlb, pm, 4: LIT 3 1. 
sMIIM. l»\Vlh; InJutfitat t-luimti'-n; YitmK I»"'" - * — ■■'■ '''•"' 

mm k httiorian: Band SI v"^ I « rafti I I: Sjathroolirt Swto 

men 2-8< «te t"" J- 
SOCIIA. IIROMI; /".Iu.umI Ba'tMtfMK "-i" '-' '■ — ! aMjnnnli • 
mwiiv. \\N» mm. /'-"" Kremamla Edutmami nam ' 

(lull l-4j >ni \ .vi Sntdmnlaed SMtauacn I '-- umef) i nib - 
«||IS IHVIII. InHaUtial Irthnoloic'. 
miimiuii MARILYN: Hum Eremtmtla Munic-: \xu* Dam 

ii. t boll l-Si '■>' » ' Ii Itomt '• ' 1 " 1 ' ! ' 
STEPHENSON. DONALD: larfwinal rnknoloty anrf tantalum; 

i hi Lambda l'; Newman i lab i i: SNI I M. 
Mill 111. M\RIH\: Momi 1 Bfonomi" ' ■■■■ ' "' , """ " ' '"" 

|.|; Ni-mjii (lull l-L': Dili. /■" 2 I. "W P'"- - "•• *"• *■ 

Sioulnli Si STmnoomV *>!"»<" ' 
STRATTON, I0HN3 /iidlwiiial t>t»< *<••■>■: Phi ""K'"' i i»h™ ^'*; 

sV, ( l«h II. 

MkOIIHIMM (.KI utllN Mwl 

' h i i «* \ i :■ im I. v. 

«M \ I | , , i 

-I I- III \ KDIIIHI InduUi 1 

i I'l .'i nub i ■ 

» I Ii VK M III I II hi i, 

i i. vjk.j «nu Spai 

Lm i '. pubuiui (Juiiaua PI i i Ml ■ i ■ 

"I V I !''■■ ■ ....I I 

'tklM. (M\KH>III It ba UmlKm -Ml H 

-■..,.! i ( i i : 

I HIIIR MU I1MI .' Rilk ( Mb ■ I 

larun * i 
tiioMi'Miv i.\k\ h. /.ii-.i.i., / Ho* 

.' m.m „,. i Metaai Guild ' i 
I MdM.MiS ,.\v\ G: Ii ... 

- ( lub I i SNI * •■ i (in lambda '■ i i ■ 

f IM I .' . I 

IMHKlMiN lUkl \M» . | | ; , 

( boo I .' 
nun iikiM / - . ,- Tan Gamma 2 i 

IRI I I | . . . . |,,„ 

\ win \ BOOU, I I \ / • Pbt svnu I 

|; ttl | 

\ \MK. i \kin ; ii i twarMn fhi i : 

(inn 2-4; ^ . . ' ■ - 1 , " ■ » t ■ ■ . i M, aolni 

rhati H i i. Ilab '. i pubbnii thawnan I; Numm 
I luij i i tdl -i pojxi :. Wbol ht.i i 

M I MUM I \MO\l. .nil,; 

Vni >. » rain I rowti I C Dai 

Vl M KI K (.\k\ . H ■; - ul. V I 

v< \Mii-.i kn |uii\ rndufMi r« 

WEISS |t HV II- / -\i \ \, -mm 

( :i!l. C I. i 1 1 ■ 

PH I i. daaplaw i Oontat) am. S; Panhdlra unea '. 

I mi Koha il*» Minn Gim Oja 

WDM Milk I n Horn >■■■■ i ■ I -> it i 

Dean u »ki i 

UlkMRI\k. ]l HUM II ■ ' i| i i 

II *M \ '-•. VV"!.i I I. I II Ctafa I ' - Ii 111"! I * 

v\l I I | \Mi I II i :» I Ii 

,i hlb II «io ' ■ I 1 ■■■- I. ( T . I T . II 11(1 Int. I I 

bbtofmn ' mi 
IVOLF, RONALD hafwrnil EataMOmt; Nmnana Out 

GUM 1 I. rtCt I. 

WVATT. MARY: N ■■' ' 

niard *i ' 

1-1:1 J I. »Og : II I.I !■."■ I I «'.'• 

V; Ul • 3 v SNI \ 

UV" 5U.ARON " ■■ • ' Ml '' '' ' , " 1 ' '' 

-M ■ 

Sm** '""* 
«. I i Scntoi da* rbl toSSkV. H 

tX\ vi" in tSY: ii 1. 1 i . i 

in ( tab i ' 
/him h ii w. ii ii 

I., o - . . • H..-.. I. , ■ Up I I ■ 

/IKVU>M kllMVkll IM... I ■■■ ■"■' 

1 1 

Bill Hcuaa Mcpara '<• apiuR lha exdUng ■ 

■J ilir pule *ii lllm. 


pathway to addnvmnid 

As .1 student wends hi* way through ihc 
man) pathways «>! education m Stout, the 

Iiighoi honor he can receive is the Medallion 

.Hi. ml I he \ii li.iiiiMM in .1 bronze replica of 

the official StOOl Medallion and i\ given (o one 
percent of ihe student body. This award sym- 
bolizes a great deal of haul work and outstand- 
ing achievement in specific organizations or 
in general service for the betterment of Stout. 

|OI IKIKI.IS bU Kiriicil a genual Mr.Ulln.ti |i«- 

hn t>mi Kthf In (lie Hi! I -inil-1.1 riilrimiv I111.1 Li.iI.miiU 

. Iiiilum Minimi \~«ij!Imii ( jiii] Muni Siuilcnt A.w 

(WlIOU Mr il-i unnl a. damllon OMUtKtoi ain! wtikpi ili« 
pialdaM 11-1 h»> ncdnd mognluca la "Wirt who." 

[OVCI (HkisinsMs i,„ ,,,.,.„! a annul McdalHoa 

i-inl I. it MtltC puitdpUlaa In Rome fconoaafa <Inb; r*hi 

Oatitnm; \rptu Phi wtotUy. Panhcllaik Cbondl; 

Studrai National Education Vaocbtiofi! Snnpboali singir.; 

jn>l Laibcrn Muiltni laodatloa. 

GLORIA hviivtws hai i„.,,„i , gauml Medallion 
■ward iii ha ottuiMHUng uppon ol On Homr t.-ivonm. 

<lllb UllClr 'lit Ht.r.1 H JIT r> I ill-Ill lllllllie tin Wllillt IrJT. 

Gloril I'll l-.n Mlltt In I'M l|«ilim Onii.ii.iii lli.hi Msrtia 

ilpbj HMorii*; Gaajmi Delta; Minimi National Education 
.taodatfoo: Wootrnl laocbilon: and .i* ha. horn 
ir.i«niral in "Whol WlM 

PATRICIA iimnmmik hi. i„nmi i s ,nr.ii MaMBan 

i-ii.l »C hii l«.n j.inr in \|[,|,i SiKTiii Wiil>.i u.iori|v 

: W |.t.-«t.-ii; I'hi I'psUofl On -i. Student Nuionjl 

m inotuikm; ll.mir Broaotaicj (tab; Wascal Rmn. 
i".i. toodaUon; Nr-nm, (tab; jn.1 I'lnh.llriii. ...unnl. pat 
rui U«n tniipiinil m "ivho'a Who." 

RITIH HOI'IINM'IRO'R ir,«i«r.l . Mr-lallinn 

unnl Ruth in- '"<• ." ior M I' <>t Alpha i'lii mod it: 
Muni Student X.vcljiioii iinitiin. imt N't* man tlutl lira.- 
inn Mir hi. alio !"«» | mniilxi ol I'ln Untilon Oiiiunni; 
Miih.i I'.i omc^ai Young Rrpuhltran.; Hemic Yuwumiii* iluli: 
and h»< horn rctDfttbcd i» "Wii.i'. uiiii." 

RoiltRl IANEC2K0 hat mriml the Alpha P»l Oiih*>i 

■ •nil. I id .' illn-ii |n| hi. mi Mi tilling ■••iiihIiiiiii-iii tit itiiin.iiii . 
Bob lu. il-> hdd die I'lli.o nt Jiini.iciil and \i«--|itniili-iil Ol 
Ihc StgOU I jii (.iiinii.1 Indium 

i II \KI !> |OII\MiN hit inctird ihr StOUl Mmlntt Anotb' 

ln'ii i|nnil Mi.lilhnli a*. .till. ( li.illn 1i.ii miiiiI n\ iiii-iiiIi ill 

"I iiir Stout Minimi uwdailon In hi* trnHM war, n>- im 

■ l>i. Im ii i iiiiiiiUi ..I I[i>i!iiii I'i 'I m: Wnlcv (.uilil. 

wiling i. v-iirtin lil. jiiiiim lut] *.r(->illiic irini; ( hi I jiiiIkI.i 
IratanJti «o*m|{ »» lioe^unldcai hb Inntm jmn utd kii«.i 
j. (nc>iilrtii nt hit |iiniiit tlj.< 

SUSAN HEI n IOHNSON ha. iccdvetl * itnirul MatalUoD 
i-inl Im ln'i [i.hiiiI|ii1"iii In iam|iut 111^.111 ujttoiu. she ni 
niitr in M|il-.i I'hi «iii-iiU; limn. Fiimiiniiii ilnlii Siiiilnil 

\.ii|.« I1I11..11.1.11 \"..iilii>n; Vlphi I'. 1 Oiiiik.. iml 

»roi rONIA, wnioi at ("11111111 Ihi jtiiiiin i«ar< Mir n< 
trnilnl Mtmtl I'jlniti In.dtmc Im imr winiMrr. in«rml n 
JUIlkw Prom (jumi. anil hj« Imi nXOfUtttd In ""Im. Who'' 

JIM I MUM I hi.,l |be Kmr1.1l Mi.lill.1.11 unnl 

I.111.1 -.1. linn- 111 \l|.h.i I'u iIiuhj. xiiIiir >i» j.:i isi'ini hci 
Hiiim ftati I'anhrllnm nmmil vmnx j. ilti-ini-ihlriii; Sunn 
Minimi AwMlailnn iciiiiiK a> putilhiit itlinim: IdlllK ami 

STOUTONIA >Ult.; Hum-- 1 nimit ,h,l,. \lj,ti. Sigma Alpha 

»iiimii>. jiul Womtni Ki-tiraiimi AwOflMlOB. 

ItONAI.Il IAKKIN ha. infltol ihc .1..11I STOUTONIA 
Mnbltxm hit mil » ami In* viviir. Mr )•.<• Kinlnt mi Ihr 
STOUTONIA 'nil tm linn win, Kn-tnj j. oxdllOi hl» 

' "*■>> "itl nliiin hi. imlOl «rai. M. '.,. bIm tict-11 a 

nimilvi til SiKim Tau (iainnii IralCKlll) 

Gloria 1v.1im.11. 
Shawano, IVb, 

Riiitrii Janeoko 
ChkKgo. 111. 

I'HI 11 1.1 I l^rillllll. 1 

I Imi-i.kI. W 11. 

h-r]ih lliiirrn 
\ 11. -jiii. W11. 

jmtr Ch f ttte nu n 
Anici.. Ui. 

R 11 III llniif ti'lK n;n 

\|i|iliinn. Wii 
(limit, [iilinuiii 

lair I linn. Minn 

■.iiMii [i.tin-n 
OnDRnlltr 1 . Ill 


CLYDE OWENS hai iterlttd ■ pscr*] MtrftlUon mnl 

<i"i. lui mtiii ji [rohnun rlan rta | lent ■■ 


DM xnttl j» lifliiiMii ilii< 114. pmU 
pinhlrni. Jin I Mihii Miufi-ni \—- 1, ii. ,u 

I M . 

< i,.t, I... a | w t,TM, „,i. f ■„ Enflon W rku -.■■■- 
Conn ii.i.inin: i U«ub Gund- 

CIIARLENE rOCIIAKAYpN h« .. ...... i i pmnl Mcdtl 

licit afcjn! Mir h» tcilr.1 ... ^.111,1, tii. pnsldCH. Md 
|.i><iiltlil <il 1u|riiUli< Krbitmi. if til. ami at •mxiv ..f 
Mti'ini Education \..i.i.,h,.i. ( IliiImh- jI»i «n 

a nwBbn ..r \lyh» hi Dnm Hqoc EOmorala dub; l nine™ 

M m!llll \.x«i.m..ii; I'll) (jpsilDa Oiimmti. Ill i In!.. .,i,.l 

STOUTONIA She bu been retognlicd bj Who* Who.* 

NANCY RBINDL has itatad the rOWEJI medal MedaUlM 
■WHO. Nanci tin •tdiLol foni wan on |he Kiwik <uii 
wring ..« reporter, M.ii. m rdlur. Ihcnn editor, tod rdltoi 
Mm- hat Ibo Ihtii aniir in Delta ft\* nmiit. ll.nn. I ,..ii..ini.. 

lint. Ilirtrtiit • Int.. « mr.^ M lq-Hlcr h*i uii !• >■ m-ji. linhmi U-mjtii.n. Jin) !'.( 4 im. X-- — ■ 1 1 mii .. Iiraunci 

jii.I Jiiiii" 

RONALD m hi in k i \m tercrred a nn—al MedaHlgo 
atraid lie in. been Mint In Sfena Ian Conuua iMrralty; 
EjmDou PI i*": » Studeni taodulon: Cndniic Ftilowi 

<lul. ind Kitnl ... tur-pmiilCTtf ol In. »*,l,.m...i. liad iiim..i 

< IMNS. 

|t hi Wilts Im. .,,.,t,.l . („ K1J | M,,l.,|ti,„, ,».,„|. >h , 
h.i. been icthc In Newman club; Hook EamanJa dob; Bami; 

Hu0 * n ' N i»l Edtiealon baodalton: Unba Phj ->.hm. 

■ml KIWIK tuff, she !.*• iciinl a< lre*JUPN ■•( ihc -in..: 
CUM .hi I on 1'inhrllcnic roundl h« l>im revnniitcd in 
-win., who." 

SHARON WYSS ha rccdred a pCBenl UcdtUJon Mmd, 
si i. Dm eared m toiHjiit Hi hn Miphninmr. (unor. ami MBkn 
tUUJCt UxnimiinitiK QurtlK ami at a dim leader, mtlng a. 
<a|.mii Im tcnmi leai shium fu. alut l«rn .tin. \\\ Minimi 

ViImmuI ri1iujiH.ii IwHlatiKii VI|>Im Sluma \\ v u, 
llnrac <lul. slid rONIA; HrtMK; , 

Minimi \>-»i.ii» 

and SlOW 
Mir hat l«*n iniipiiKil in "Wlm'. IVbO," 

J.tim kl.i|iMr 
t oleam W6 

Ik.n.i'l IjiImi 
I Mil 

( l,,l. Owm 
Mmi.immir. \\ i- 

UeBonoah w b 

\ im . Kiim.i: 
MDmdM \% i- 

...| S.lllll-11 

U Wk 

Jixl) Weti 
Moadc/rl Wh. 

Sharan W»» 

It.. .it i lilt. IV n 

1 19 

('."! H..H 

h-,:iM m 
Hit Ih '■ 

I'l,lll|.|.l.i, . 

i„i„, MUrtll" 

'i. In IVIi 

\,„.i t||iilUl 
■ I III •'■ 


I ,,- III H.,, ..I I l.l.t. 


t u s>« '' 

!■"" Ill t 

ill.lftil.lvl Ml. 

M 1 " t \»ll 

^i i v«lhj s * 

1 «M Ml«l*M 

\U ill Wit 

i.iiii. Nittninifl 
* It, III. 

II..,.. fc.ll, 
llil>l wit 

I"lt» M "till 

\ ill Wli 

I Ml 

Hobeil i<< 
Qnilail i wi» 

ItolHtl M I 

1 1.. ia. WU 

|nHn (iml 

\n,U.,. Mtnti. 

M.I, I.) Itolili,,!. 

""'■" ■ it 

H,n...ii. Wl« 

I.. ill, 
(holoti \ am 

<;rai>i:ai k S'l iihis 

wuje*£y aougki 

Sum- 1055, the cvci increasing number 
ol men and women enrolling foi graduate 
work .u st. .in indicate* ii» growth <>i tin 
trend toward advanced education, 

sunn offers ;i Mattel <>i Science degree 
in home economics, various industrial «l- 
ucailon .md teebnolog) areas, audio visu 
sj, .uiri guidance I here ."<■ two plana 
foi research which the graduate ituuenti 
may choose; clihci the plan V .i thesis 
involving original research in the area <>i 
the major, oi .i \A-mi It. which require] an 
Investigation report in addition to the 
rcgulai course work in n , -"'"' ,|< ' itudio, 
i'imj.i. wiili advanced education arc 
eagerly vui^ln ami i<iim>cMvittil unml 
ingly ixuli hy Industry .md the kI K 

i lie graduate program often undents the 
opporumlt) to acquire the competencies 
leading to professional achievements. 

i „,. t.,.i,.t,, 

O.I (tlJlT, I. ii" 

\'< "\ » 1 .HIM", 







I % 

■ i 

biikwrinlKill) .ii".T".« Mm ■ ' ■■■ lmjl wppoil i" Uw "■"■ <i.-»«i"- Kaih) 

...... i., (,,..,., . ■ ■ ■.. i di Kuthtid n ■■' ind ii"> m.i.i 

V im m ■ 


i.lll.l 111 111. 



pap m paitah 

ritru\ mi pep .mil enthusiasm marked the 
1 962-69 chccrlcading squad. Dressed in their 
unari blue and white outfits, the veil leaden 
sparked the spirit ol the Bluedcvil rani who 
loyal] ) i lu Mel Stout*) Biltlctt i 

I Ik Stout studeni body elected eiglu enci 
gctii itudenu, icvcn girls and one boy. to lead 
chcen Senioi Sharon fiVyss. a foui ycai veteran, 
was captain "i the squad, Returning foi then 
second season on die squad were Donna Leon' 
hard. Sand) < nrlson, and Linda Pouloj New 
faces this year Included Jud) Etscheld, Kaihy 
Waldschmldt. K.i\ Krucger, and I im Mero 
who displayed then {ubilani spirit at the Blue- 
devil rami i 

Besides leading Stoui Division yells, these 
eight lively cheerleaders presented prc*gauic 
and half'tlmc shows, held pep rallies, taiigln 
tin itudi in> nevi chci is. and pi rfonncd ai ro 

l.itii U 1U 

. .!i .mi plot* '"i (Wfcfi ihwygfc ii>* 

Kiln Flth ll Bull I'"' i«"inin< lUHl] l'T>><«-t .r. IWI ti> lilt Kltiilinn 



A spirited Sunn football team managed to 
OUtlasi an inspired Mankato Stale team 7 to l> 
in the season's opening game, Bob Reid drove 
i. »ui yards to score Stout's only touchdown. 
The Devils held a 7 point lead until early in 
ihe fourth quarter when Mankaiu scored but 
railed to make the extra point 

In perfeci football weather, fans s. ( w l-il'msse 
hand Stout its first conference loss. It was an 
exciting see-saw battle as the Bluedevils itagcd 
.i tremendous --I yard rushing attack. In a 
game full of drama and breaks, Stout almost 
tied the score only to have, in the last 50 seconds 
of the frame, a strong LaCtOSSC team block 
Stout's extra point attempt. Both Bluedevil 
touchdowns came in the fourth quarter on short 
runs bv fullback A I Balil. I lie final score sii-»l 
at 14-13. 

A highly spirited Stout student body cheered 
their Bluedevils to a fourth quarter comeback 
as StOUl anil Superior battled to a M to 11 tie. 
Willi six minutes remaining) Stout climaxed an 
si' yard drive when end Bob On brilliantly 
caught a lYrkhain pass in the end tone. Taking 
advantage of a Superior fourth down, the Blue- 
devils tied the game when Al Babl plunged over 
the goal line. 

CDBdl lli~i».(' ii-i-i -iutcR> kit Ihr nrkl play a> 

[mi ll'iiimj; ir-ciilrt* llir i*.irnr nilli bMIUCUDBI 

lluHinn th. pipkin. Hub RciJ tlghi. otl a Utllci In 
gilnUmg i>ui [>::* iiidagt Jgiinn j lining drtnuc. 

The roof fell in as a highly rated Whitewater 
team handed Stout ;i '21 to II defeat. While- 

water held the Devils scoreless tiiuil midway in 
the third quartet when junior halfback Jack 
Ncubauer scored. 

Whitewater scored their fourth touchdown 
iii the last quarter. Three minutes before the 
end ol i he game. Bill Way scored Stout's second 
TD on a SI yard pass from Mike Schip|>tr. 

Early in ihe second quarter of the game with 
Sunn's closest rival. Kan Claire. Mitch Millet 
booted a 12 yard field goal lor the game's lirst 
SCOrc. The Bluedevils ihrcaicm-d again when 

Wayne I- linger intercepted a Blugold pass and 
relumed it to the Eau Claire 13. Unable to 
penetrate the Eau Claire defense. Stout ended 

the lirst halt leading *'> to 0. 

In the third quarter Kau Claire was threaten' 

itigon the Bluedevil one yard line when Stout's 
Nick Florentine recovered an Kau Claire fum- 
ble. Six plays later, the Stout eleven scored 
anothei touchdown on a pass from Mike 
SchippCT to halfback Bill Way. The Bluedevils 

held a II (0 " lead. 


FROM Row: Hitch Miller Tom IHagan Wah (nyp- <*•** U*n D™nc Rin>Ui|[: !>-'■ : 

lVa%; lim PaitluK \i Pc*U>mjbj Fml Loonh SECOND row. lom Notnu; Hod linn. Ujitv ii i-.ini. Bran I 

nuilki. <> roalllkK Bow llaHoiurai! li"i> <ni: iu>t> Rddj F»l OKdHp Ned Rhra ililKH ROM Did OiUponu i 

Pai Ceroc MU* Schtopcn M Ban; i-rc DnKtmU; m Scbuku Jim l liming. Ten) Petcncaj D ■ tanrk Paul ivil*; T»rt N«- 

Inner 1IMKIII HOW Did Salnec Vk Ro*d*ratk I in HettMJ Turn jotllmm: Cn llnti-i; tluxL i.cuml: Crtw )ohmna. Itj' 

!in Luther; Gene Sjiaudi; Nid FlorrMlno FIFTH ROW: jnc CulUnev. nunnn. Mite Mdij. Feu iaVl nnn«- 

I.iti.ii. Kt'luTl |',».i1 !ir.i<! ClM(h; Mile Rlx-wi. *m'I. rOMfai I'll Hull. »* i ii-uli; M.> SaMfB. j«i. KMcfc 

\n ..uniiinling mil. Bill W»] lr-i» ti>«li lm J |>»-» Willi 

jii oiHitminx tJiilci <k"( »l hii hrtli. 

Eau Claire KOrct! early in (lie last quartex 

and then with wo minutes remai n i n g, its aerial sparked for a second TD ami a 13 lo 9 
kad; a hearibrcakcr for Stout. 

Despite a fired upSuml u-.nn. ihe River Kails 
Falcon-, managed to blacken Stout's honW 
inn with a i> mi' victory. I lie lUucdevils moved 
the ball to die Falcon 12 yard line bui .i so 

River Kalis' defensive Utlit held and Sloui tailed 
lo pUStl Ihe pipkin OVCT. IMuedevil m ist ake s 
enabled Rivci Falls to score. 

Things l)c«aii happening earl) in ihe Si"»i 

Oshknsh game when Jack NeiibaueT intercept- 
td a I ilan paSS and returned ii i" the Oshkosh 
(5 yard line. Dick Roinanek then scored ih, 

first loochdown. Minutes later halfback Bob 
Reid scored on a 45 yard jaunt to give Stout a 

13 10 (I bad. 

Stout picked up iheir final ihrce touchdowns 
on a 40 yard puni return b) Tom Norman -m^ 
on a I and I yard plunges i» quarterback Mike 
Schipper. Stout outgaioed the ["ham 251 yards 

to 98. 
Stout closed the 1%'* gridiron season with a 

21 m |2 loss 10 ihe St. Cloud Huskies. W Babl 

plunged S yards foi an earij Bluedcvil lead, 
rhe powerful Devil defense held until two 
minutes before the end "l ihe first lull when 
the Huskies broke Fora 7 to 6 lead 


\ l>.n onfci I- - J.. 

•uinn [-nn.c-ri jRJinl thtti <M>n> 

ln-muir i. |rn«r it'll inn - imki.i1 iimni'iit ■ « 

■ If" I -|" I" "I I i.uli.i |." Illrimtl 

-i"l h .I'll 

MuiM toUfetuid 

In ihe third quartet ihc Blucdcvils forc- 
ed St. ('loud to punt. Stout's s]«clv lull 

backi Tom Norman, took the ball and 
covered ihc H yards to the end zone only 
to have the officials call the touchdown run 
back. Sophomore \>.u\. Dennii Hockcn 
scored 6 poinu for ihc Blucdcvils in ihe 
fourth quarter. The game was almost ovei 
when St. Cloud capitalized on several Stoul 
fumbles for ihe winning touchdown. 

Although Stout defeated their opponent! 
only twice iliis year, they played a fine 
series. Sunn rolled up MH points — more 
than any previous season. However, the 
final scores * 1 i « 1 not always depkt the hard 
fighting Stoui football team. 


Stout 7 Mankato 

Stout IS LaCrossc 

Stoui II Superior 

Smut M Whitewatci 

Stout 9 Kau Claire 

Stout tl Rivet Falls 

Stoui *:i Oshkosh 

Stout 12 St. Cloud 

•Denotes couleiciui guiles 



Curd Mlufc Milk. Un.s . • tsdJc on .-" 

lull uiiirr J« Ujtrit ttni((" ■illi»o iht r»illln« pUi 

HalrbKk twJi k."i BS) nrrepi wkk to »*>"■'. bring ladled b? Mo offtonrh *to "< nba r g rtn g hfc p-il< » Ac *»*i F"-" 
\|.|.i.kiihiris Iron brand t- l.tnl PcnttOd 19] .""I nx.iin* in tn»m Hit tiiit n Ytt\tA Baha 


Sioui State College's Fighting Bluedcvils fin- 
ished the 1962-63 basketball season with .t 3 win, 
'i loss conference record, The Devils displayed 
fine sportsmanship and great incentive as « ' » *" > 
pci foi med undci me < apable and inspiring leader 
ship ol Head Coach Dwain Mini/. 

Stout's buckctmen rang up conference victories 
ovci Eau Claire. Superior, and < W. Milwaukee. 
In spile "l losing several close corneals, the Blue 
devus 1 kept theii spirits high, giving even ilu best 
ol icanu .1 tun battle foi theii inumphs. 

When )!"• season opened. il»' Bluedevib found 
themselves .i bii cold as the) bowed in theii first 
three non-conference attempts. Stirred by their 
bad stan, the Devils, more determined than ever, 
took theii first victory against Northland 71 to 
63. Forward Glenn Bates sei the pace foi Sioui 
with 52 points- Si. Mary's was ncxi i<> fall m the 
Bluedevfls 60 to 57. In the first conference game 
of the season. Stout downed Eau Claire 68 i<> 64. 
rhrcc players, Fred Scggelink, Glenn Bates, and 
Ilob Fnitli shot in the double figures i"i Stout 

...FIJJ |... 

Suiwnori lohi 

k«~r lull i' "*" ■ ii 1 1 I 1 1"" Fltbotlj) J ml 

It. till »'■ !■>! SMI. 

With Ihe lull iimlrt cnntiol. Iiir 1'ml SrnxrlinV. 
M.-i.r . lotdlai -"i« ■!]"<• in <"i -< t>r»p 

Superior suffered .» bad defeat as Stout 
pulled oui it* second conference win ss 
m 63. Ai this time, the Bluedcvils were 
lied tm first place in the conference with 
Stevens Point. The team then suffered 
three defeats in ;i little ovci .i week ;it the 
hands «>t Plattevillc, Sunns Point, and 
Rivei Falls, The Rivet Falls game ivas 
.< real hcartbrcaker as ih<- Devus lost by 
onl) two points. Stoui balanced it* early 

m.|m>1I Will nvrl K.IU Chlile l>> Il»ill« M"> 

second k- 1 ""' in .« * lose 72 i<» 61 battle. 

Finally, the Devils came up with ,« vi< 
ti.iv ovci U.W. Milwaukee i" break then 
prolonged losing streak Vidcd l»> Hill 
Heidemann, who was ineligible the first 
scmestci as a transfer, ihe Bluedcvils n<>i 
off loan carl) lead, and kept it throughout 
the g;ime. 

s ■ I 

RlBrt „, k ,.i..... h.i.. iAmi »•*! iiw ■ 






"ilk ]!* 1 

V \ 










4 20 

<,M» k..u i-,,.,. LwK it .-..'.. BIU Wip RiSa* ftuk* D«« Ow IHAt R&fcw; 1W &M&n DrtiD MInu. .~.h. 

iiiikii ROWi Ckwi Riw iii'i o*g»: imi scgpiio*: iw. Hapum; ih* baiun 

bcfefii toluol 

Oshkosh defeated the Devils ihc following 
nighi 82 lo $8. I" the lasi two games ol the sea- 
son. Stout again mci defeat. In a close game with 
La Crosse, the Devils put up a good light all the 
way, 1>hi ended up two i>oints behind u*iih a final 
icon of71 to69. The final game with River Falls 
again saw Stoui putting up .< fierce battle only to 
lose B3 to 77 in a five minute overtime. 

l.ooking hack on ihc season, several boys pin in 
some outstanding performances. Among them 
arc Fred Scggelink, Tom Farboiio. Glenn Hans. 
Hill Heidcraann, Bob Fruth, and Hill Way. Be- 
cause die team was very, young, comprised mainly 
ol freshmen, they did not win as many games as 
they would have liked in. However. IflOII season 
was <]niu Miccessltil in oihei respects. The l»oys 
kepi their spirit high mid put up a good fight 

in ihc games 

The team will l>e losing One ol ils best players 

next year as Frck Scggelink will graduate this 

June. Regardless ol iliis. our team ahows great 
potential in some of the returning players, h 
should prove m be a vcrj exciting and successful 
season next year. 

I kitty RiiJulot li» Fail I Uiic. Boti locnc, ll"li 

I iml> low l<* an oprains i» p«* <•> » iramimie. 


Ill in mums nninirm CMch MlMft Ml MMtt 1 

jinl iiiKU^i i IVtc (ii'iiixpii Intcnih MtUh ll>C MMl jMhki 


SlOHl 63 Winona 


Stout 66 Northland 


Stout 51 Hamline 


Stout 71 Northland 


Sioul lin St. Mary 


Stout 68 Eau Claire 

64 • 

Stom 61 Si. Thomas 



Sioui r >3 . . , l.a ( Irosse 


Stoui 89 PlattcviHc 


Stout 66 Stevens Poim 



Stout 60 Si. Cloutl 


72 • 



Stoui 82 Milwaukee 





•Denotes conference games 

\ I,,. .i.-n iti* ol Hie I' 

mm uj- i'. I ■ : - Ifti 

\ limllUi Italic i"i (he -™. 

llil Illl'IIV ".III 111* III I. Hi n. 

buriiw J limr Mil. (luili Mind 

(din ln'Iiiliil inWIIKtiont In (lie 

llluoloil |>U«civ 

bl &fote 

* i'ii • " "■ be ihf topb i-i conic nation 

ififcr.ii r.u.h Ihnh) kllnu awl Bloednll aula iml 

l> ilinnooa pnutrc< Jir ■ biwt pan of 
■be ioun*i pirpamiea to In ptia iWb 
iu)faani dnrai in tot * 1j>h|. 



fttuuul Htucdi owned tody 

For men interested in basketball, foot- 
ball, and softball, Stout offers team com- 
petition in the program. In- 
dividuals interested in tabic tennis, intra- 
iniiml swimming, ami tennis arc muni u> 

participate and compete lor honors, and 
anyone is eligible who lias not won a 
major letter in a sport. The intramural 
program is supervised by Coach Ray John 
son and Assistant Director. Glenn Hardy. 
Teams are composed of fraternities, or- 
ganisations, and doim groups of fellows 

interested in these sports. Besides giving 

vigorous physical exercise, the intrammal 

organization gives the individual a chance 

10 participate in the sport lie is interested 
in. and it helps him to develop qualities ol 
good sportsmanship. The men have a 
chance to develop their sports skills and 
recreate themselves in athletic competition. 
Basketball is by far the most popular in- 
tramural sport and the fraternities and 
other teams practice long and hard 10 gain 
victory in the championship playoff. 

ituvoi 111 ■ in. ii< ..I nana mm at ihr u 

Ij.lrilull Inim trip high In mill Ihr lull 

Women putlcfpaic In nun) tpotu ihrougb ibr WJ v bun- 
muni program Vollqtnll »* ""<■ ol tbt forarfee K-iur*. 

. -i iHi«Jiin K dip in i 1 

mimmiitK pniiali «i Satunbi jlxl Miinlii .)' 


k\i 1 1 1\<. iiiii.i hi.kih- ii-i. rvnii/. it..i. 
KtalK |cm Robcn STANDING l»~i" 
i i .11 1 « teirnoni | mi iuiii. Glenn lUrdyt 

(h.ilf (..until: I'jI' I>i» « - .... I. 1*1. Hi... 

'.ii OMKHMM inin il.< 

-i. Ilmli ijui.lli dikLh 

In j plnnutg minliM 

S,| ; | « I ";« '" ''■ W*H < '■i'i- (mm - t,...-.. ... uwd ii.. tied "i •> U (..-v mppta ui mlnuu ."-"i 

1' ' ,,,n ' '«<"* IMUfwi !"•■ I'lM.- kr.t~ j ,1,-, u.„l, CO "X ll \Vjll. iIhmMck CMIl.ll itir ItHI 


owpettfuw ok Hie uud 

I Ik Bluedcvil srapplcn posted .« 2-7-1 cam- 
paign during il»- [962-63 season rhi ycai was 
climaxed »*iili ihc Wisconsin Slate Collcg) * on 
ference Meet ai La Crosse where Stoul placed 
mmIi Glenn Hardyi wrestling in the i"~ lb* 
class, won the state title. In his first yeai .is 
wrestling coat h, Lylc Buss directed his team with 
enthusiasm u Stout gained .» victor) and .1 i ■*- 
with Eau Claire and .< win ovet Macalcstci in 
some <>i the more exciting matches 

Outstanding wrcstlet and captain ol the squad 
was Glenn Hard) who had an impressive in win 

.mil L' low HMMiri. Two members ol the if 

I .Hiv Sevcnon and Lewie Benin .ils<> tinned in 
some excellent performances Othet promising 
grappten doing outstanding work on the team 
were Jcrr) Rooers, Bob Kraiss, Darrel Dregne, 
.nxi cinuk Gcurink as they put out .ill inch 
effort in tiirii various matches. 


Siotit S Superior 27 

Stout 15 Macalestcr 19 

Stoui 5 Gustavus Adolphus 23 

Stoui 8 River Falls 17 

Stout 7 tugsburg 27 

Stout II Eau Claire l-l 

Stout 10 1-t Crosse 24 

Stoul 7 Superior 28 

Stoui 9 Stevens Point 111 

Stout is .... Eau Claire 12 

In pluming i »k*ji fa U «> inn ■ B Ie*tl pippin 

iJtaiKci in* potiuoa I-™ in* i'i»i-ni'iii" * 

WMh i 


i.Minn, hh ■.-■!■ W*ll WO 

I™ in Ml 

ll>> if}'"' "" ' '" ***" 


ikom ROW: IM Cooky; 11....M Ehirnrcbli; Mot Stggtlfiik: I'd Fioliltkion; Duanc RarolKf* MliiN'li ROWi 
|mi Union: CciaU Rkwi Jint Honing; Rom Cooki Don MiN.uj(i ; Rob limning. Tlllltll ROW: Kolmi 

\ tOMh |W I iiIIimi>. Iijiiki; Mik. Ilt.fs.i- GlfOH Hut' '»'l. ouill. 

Shw-pui jtiin. \\,\l<- ElioftCT, iin.iiv in InUm - 

guru •>> i ■■■iii Miiinw t>n iluin-iorf im iLiiJit'c. 

"" ' """'" ''•"' i'"'K<- * Mir "Link OUfflpla" an 

iMiim i*- Ciililne), <....!> ii«»u.l*v anilGoMli Mclrw, 



kuhhwj&i b| ft(>liiwj 

i in found iwisoii <•! mm i ui Sioui 

liH>ll>t)il fjir, i|Hi>\- iin ui In il nli i 

II1CI1, UloilU 'villi HIMHIUP I" lllloil I mum 

nllii i i-niii ijmMII(i *• liniili I 'inli I il" ill 

n.i "I IkhIi-miIi. Doll Milimc, clglll 

"I (lie previous liliiin lint "'"liN wore 
I.M.I, ii |jy [III I'".'.' ir.mi I In OUU t 

log N.i.iin.iii wa I'rcd Hcggclhild who 
mm red !<• firm pill" In 'in' |i"ii v.inli ui 
tin QimilmiifttiHii iti"l I'l'liuigulm mcci». 

( Mill I <> Illlg IM'lllllllH'll W* I* 

mm. I" i, who hurled Nim hi tl» 

iltoi|»ii .ii I lie Kioiii i rliiiigulni .it»i -i 

• id I'll", iti 'ii- ' 'ii.iiiH'K"!" i" 1U0 

Wl m ini" Rogei Cook won tl»* high 

it iid low hotdlesi MiikiIiI iiniiiMiiii tool 

lii.l in tin lilt 1 1 mil' I Boll I ■ "•!< ) 

ICHIWll i" ("»' |>l.i" in lll« high |ll)ll|>. 

rhioiighoiii llic MfflMin (hi Sioui iracl 

mi ii a |Hitcinfid iii their varl 

oui evtfiiH Willi new |noi|wcii hi <!"■ 
i ui jump mid hurdles m vi your, thu 

ItOyn .11. I.nililni)! lui ,i |)|0II)I*hlg M.iMin, 


1 llihiih.iiiuiilin „ Niotn iliitil plflCl 

«i n 8 lot u micoimI place 

s I iiiiiiKiil.ii Hi ililtri place 

si. mm. I'nini i I'lnngulni Sioui third place 

lotiiiiH infii i.< i lot i ihi i.">.ii. . <<<•< iim i'.ii« '"nil 

fi .-.I iii uii(i ..I "-■ i> o il il.. I ml' 01}W|>I<" 
(W ' " 8 

i i ii« turn iiiuiii 

i..i- ... . ..I.. 

with «it->i -iiii ...>,) jrfiin.. Rkfc 

OH »H- par- 

,.|:.i t"» 

id pnaka ■> iMInuli ouiinmi on 
■lie •»<)( bant t'"> b one "t i'« mmi <hji 



ca&K. ctwrf, wed &)v$h& 

Gymnastics made it* debul •■< Sioui State 
College in !!"»-. Student Coach John Zucrlcin 
.Hid his assistant, Tom /aulen were mgani/crv 
ul the [cam. 

Agility, strength, alertness, and a sense ol 
halatui .111 u-iv iin|><>iUHH in gymnastics, and 
[he •>{»>■ t makes j unique and vital contribu- 
tion i<> the |iln« I it nr>s program. 

Areas offered arc tumbling, free exercise, 
horizontal bar, parallel ban, and ride horse. 
Bob Koppes and Dan Smith are two of the 
outstanding tumblcrson the team. Dick Roder 
excels i" hi. exercise, while Dick Stoddard 
displays agility on parallel ami horizontal bars. 

FR0N1 ROW Dm tahbj iw. Una K«t.»»r Suddanli Mo Centd: Richard Roden Doc Wora SECOND HOW": 

H'ajiH niinnri. iii.ii Him. (hi. Rcckr Rapt WUUaaae B*roa Kawy, Sim Snirdcfi i Hamhotucs Lee bi.-i ; 

«.iic i^ppt; John Eaakta. coach 


IKOXT ROW: |<il NnilMucr: Ilitl Milium- lliiLr Vinwui. umh; "unr Viluilr: IUnm McCtD SHUSH ROW; Ol» 

Itaiuon: !>•>' Sniih: lid Amohmsu; lnic Amlown: (•■••()(<- [r««i: lit KcnL Pml Kaon jt*n sn-ir. ivnm*» <i^— Qan 

GOkUmfc. ROUgm l-r III'-*. IV>i. Ilmk 


Coining ««« ihc *"«• iriin iw«. uuttp to n ii.idi i>uii SntnM 

deuifo of Ute diwtuwd 

Sioui's 1962 baseball team, coached bj Don 
"Duke" Scverson. opened wilh ihc IJluedcviU 
playing host to Hamline University. I hi* was 
the only single game scheduled, the rest being 
double headers. 

In the remainder of the season. Stout's dia- 
mond men played only nine games; nine others 
were cancelled because of poor weather. In 
conference action. Smut ixntcd a 2 win, 4 loss 


Kill McGinnu led the team with a batting 
average of ,3-16 followed by Itarncy McCall 
with a .276. Frank Kopp and Dean Abbott 
also were leading bitten in the BIucdeviTf 
attack on the diamond, and Denman Chase 
proved to be the team's besi pitcher. 

in n t.n M he »»inn op to ih» 
irti ik>l i in '* 

">i l N ' I '■"*« lllhl 

Dm Ifcli ■•>■ W •" ■ Ml] ' ■ " "" 

I i .11 lir liri.l Hi. I 


(.<>! I 

wtid&i mdwUted 

Stout'i 1062 n"H (cam, undoi the leadci 
dtipol student coach) Claire Simdon. raced 
viiii competition on tlic links. With a 
icven man u|imd, Stow opened ihcir k<>II 
m.imiii id .1 match Dgainsl Eau Claire and 

Kiwi foils, StOUt pl.iml third ill <li i^ 

turn. Clnini Simdon shot an B3, the bcx 
individual score lot Stout, riiough the 
following tour matches also resulted in 
defeat, the linksmcn were able to rain 
experience and develop theli ikill while 
in competition with collegiate golfers. 

l lu- best Individual pcrTormancc ol the 
icaion was u 72. shot bj Claire Simdon in 
.i dual match with Winona. Sandy Erick- 
Min w.i\ il<iM- iH-hind with a 79. 

Vlthougli Stoul suffered many setbacks, 
inch individual dcicrminaiion proved <<■ 
lit .in .ism i to the squad. 


cwvd vmadm 

old mait weather played bis mischiev- 
ous tricks during the 1962 tennis season, 
bringing rain during S <>l thr 7 matches* 
During the regular season, tin netmen had 
■hcit !i'>;-i ■ dampened by rain in sched- 
uled dual mat« lies with MankatOi St, Cloud, 
nnd Superior in two dual matches with 
River rolls and Eau (-lain-, the neuen 
found rough K°' n K *• '"<-')' rough! hard 
only i«» be defeated, I'wn %in^U'» players 
ami one doubles team represented Stout 
at the State College Conference tennis 
tournament bi Oihkoah. Hm the !><>'> could 
not cope with the scoring ol their i»|»j»> 

in ril s ami lust mil in mimic OXCiting in.ili li- 
en. With highly regarded newcomers on 
next year*! team and tlte gain <>i expcir 
encCi ihc nctincn arc looking forward to 
an improved showing nexi season. Tennis 

i<. bet Uig a nunc popular ipon every 

yeai .11 Sunn. 

ii ■ 1 1 c> nan, Imi i i"" Hm*** ■■■*■ Uw '■* 11 ""• 

pUfOT ' '■■' '" "i '■" '■' '"' •■|'1"""" ( 

in. i mm.1i ran KmUk dVnoMtnta iht anw tan *•■ •* 














1 y 

: p aw 

(%• cfi Ilu gwflto 

Uti'lt IWHtW, iwkl) H |Mp "" l 

r . ■ ■■ I i I «!>•' MUvHltt Ihi r 

ilu ' I I ilu tltwks vi 

m,.i ampUR mi HUhwti i>) [iw 

FiiutlviM vsaocI hmI i "' , HW* tt l* ™ 

rt tflmitW ""<»< Wltltll llMSl '|" ,n, °' 

\l„„ o| ,i„„ flitlVfllW ictyUUi Wttl I 01 

. itvllil |) lug '"■' )'" i Ill ""' ,l " Ki 

(Itvhhtnl fcimi|» """ i .' "'"'' 

»»t u J -"!» '•■»' Dui'lHg < 1 "- """ ll " li ' 

lei'tiiii iiwn '"- 1 ■• j '." l "• limit™ In |I " 

,,,,,, tin ) i in ilt " , " '" liHtt* 01 ilohttiiov^ 

tlntus ) ma) • 11 ii lo mi • l,, r 

in ijfli i""" i mi held ihinuuhuui ilu 

i il In w » H |tf i w ' 

ilu (hw ' ■ miit Ih I •" llltttt '" |l in "" 

,m,i ,,n wytitt* mid ivwnftliilM , <" ll "'" whu 

jMlltl llKttl fttli) ' I , " ,t tl "■ "' 

i„ |j) ii>, .hi. i. ih in litAtuu III li nil I J,, r " 
niMMistMHi) mil In -"■ Inl |wlw 

i.i.ii h,,..i> ,. i I-: t|uili iu lift i"i> ibp 

; 'i><'" i 

■ ■ -■ t«i i 


ItUlN'l ""*' kllhlfttt <>»ll»>l Vhalnli I- ■"" Ml* m. ■"■■■■ i |. 11 (■ ■■ khi I ■ W IV 

|n,|t vv . ■- ».....».. lUlb Kn fcfeTONO ROW v.n, r-i \ ■ >.■.. 11.....1 

Kllill U. T >'"'> I ■■ '■ ■'"""" 

Mil, m. ■ . 


PANHI i i i\u I OUNCtl 

Que ol ihi mou i writing twuii ol rtw 

yttU toi MM.Miu atrlB Is ill' 1 rush SMSOn. 
tlVSlmVCII "Mnii.iion |.nt\ t&glVCIl ttV Pan- 

lull. in. Count il l ltd tatuci Inunmal 
inn. n< mi gives ii"' treshmcn a ebance w &*k 
iiuwlions ami im»i out about miwh) life 
in general Round Robin mart* iiu- be 
ginning »i tuvtnal nub. During ibis urn) 
,,iu moon <i<* runbw u\w i each lovoriiS 
ftsannttiMUual group ttj entovdngaAveil 
ovfcanUml ivisli nvogvam tii« ItairoeUem* 
t ovmi 1 1 allows live mrorti) < tub s to wtw o 
m i ft»ft) ibni Is tab »» l»tb the sowvttti * 
,u><i iiif nwbces 

» orluatl «tn«.v ga\ ilixtwuions, mu 
nulling facv*«mmu ■" llw Panbellenu llall 
inM i tcb i»u I i»iv tmnoviant evtjni ftiws 
tin n..i women < v|«.'i.«l ouponunuj to 

t nil u.un llw [\ fOVOVU' tlftXl S 

\tunbe) ''<Mi 10 nvmuou tntcreorovm 
i.i.i»»i«i»ip iv ill- Pawbellentt ptenfe Iww 
Unnvlnft \nsorarii) memlwwgtN logrthei 
nvti ii" 1 iIors uul oouuo *al*u\ the rbrles 
ol htctuUbtn an ml.u:..! .ill tiwmgh llw 
oiiovts "i iIk I nunet! 

!■■ \ I'm 

devdop Idqk idealA 

Mam luting anil close friendships arc 
formed in i!» Vlpha Phi wcial fraternity. 
I h, rirli "i »lpha Phi icci 10 develop the 
highesi ideal* ol womanhood, .■* exempli- 
ficd b) charai u r, poise, and conduci. Vnd 
lororitj lih is an exccllcni opporumiij 
I,, i developing leadership and considcra 
lion loi others 

During ihc Christmas wason ihc girls 
were bus) preparing gifts |n| iwo need) 
Mcnomonie families: the Phi's helped ihc 
Mcnomonic chapici collcci moncj foi die 
heart fund This year, as soon .i* firei 
m ini ^!. i finals were over, Wintei Carni was ushered in and with ii ili< Phi's 
sponsored ilu "Sno Ball" which high- 
lighted the weekend. Depicting the 
dreams <>i .1 young bride, Ihc Alpha Phi's 
won [he mosi beautiful caiegor) .11 Slum 
11 with ihcii presentation <>t "Oul oi 

lii addition 10 man) • >• J>« 1 >< tii itit 1 il»' 
local chapici <<( \lpha Phi was given ihe 
honoi ol acting as hosts ai (he initiation 
ol .1 new chapici in I ■ Crosse in March. 
I In* was .in inspiring experience which 
will lingei in ihc memories "I ihc .;iil> .i* 
Alpha I'M continues 10 grow nationall) 
through the coming \< an 

Hiuii knii. Vlnrtntj liiiititf.i. Rotrmar) mlmoa, >ad |<>>ii 
Mnhi roll > big uwwtall in ithniiM ilwiii Wlnm Catnlval 

Si*. Rill I 

bright I ; i> Muiii HopfrnHM n< 1. M|.tr.i I'hi cuttlMnie 
fin l(i 1 (J ircn 11 tbr nunl bj hci ntorll) 

IRONl kh\i |a)u IMph: Mm IVwu tin prabkw Sw H.m. K— DotiUrMri Ruth llofttcmpngrT, ptr*idai(; Gall IHetil, 

1 . . ..1,1. |mii >\,i" Uu|i » /./ii *i<<i\ii kou (.111.1 M.1I1..11,. m.mIk HamlKon: jinfcc KHxmi 

RanUni Wan Whritn; Ulanr Wrniln; Rami Sanuiluti Carol Miller, 

MllKii now Kauiih tniam .. Barbara Matter: Mini Hotly; uif] < lane Proton: 

|<am /auM'noll; Man Iwlmi \mm Manhall idifim K»i i< i il how Kuih Roll: C)niltb 11.1111.. (ran Num. 
■ Ulllci Uif] Mnwti !.■ indnion Pai [■ ' 1 .■■■> (>tkn Iii.iii.mi. Sue llocvrrmin; Raicn Mater. 



IHUM HOW Sjij Kin- 1. Ii.i.iu i..i*.i. |..i,.i KlUMIC Kutl. Kuin. .... wrridaMi Iv.i L Um GUhMd 

inn; M.ii» i »iin Kwh; Mtllk lluibui. >«m«r*: V'»ki lltiiban 5MOND now Uonu i.... i 

Rom 111] Onim: |...i< Euthetd; Mm m.h.Ii. Union Guntknan; Shrtlri *«««; to itiixn no\i it.ii-. 1 

\jut< I ■!';; lin-li IIi-Iiii |i>iiii- Nnll.i. k.lln K .1 tn.ili < . Sjii'1* Wlntr. ( lulll'idi KrillUC \ii«iliii I 

biMth: ii.mI.ju r..J ini'KiH how Ronnk PworhU: Mat) Smion; SylWa s.i.niu. v.l.n Spiu |tn lahm l-i> tcfcnh 
loluMonj Clotta iijllnunn: Sand) < -ii-.n. Sharon Yfymi Sand) Iwidoa. 


pink tea id ptedge tea 

Sadie Hawkins' week was ushered in 
will) :ui official decree by women of the 
Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. The Sadie 
Hawkins' •lame climaxed the week ol 
February 17*24 when the women of Stout 
State CoIIck<- reigned supreme and had 
» chance to chase •■ man. In ihc spring 
□ledges o( all sororities were guests of the 
Alpha Sigma pledges at a Pink Tea. This 
gave the girls a chance to become better 
acquainted, ro remind everyone thai St. 
Valentine bad come round, the girls gave 
a tea on that day for all the students. 

I hrough sisterhood Alpha Sigma Alpha 
works for the individual development ol 
members - physically! intellectually, so- 
cially, and spiritually - a* well a* foi 

group development. Vs a sisterhood ihcy 
are active in ever) phase ol campus lii* 
.mi! air known as women ol action. 

Vlplia Sigma Alpha was founded at 
Umgwood College, Faimvillc, Virginia, 
Novcinbci 16. 1901, and has ih« distinc- 
tion ol being the first national soroni) 
founded in the twentieth cennin 

n.. v tub" |.i< '-K"i »!-" '•'•' ■ 

i.,„ri I**** '">' "" "*■ ' " " •■.■■ 

mi curaa. '■■■■ 


* II 

[ROM ROW: -Sue IVinv.n. CVok Kjinri: Itidl H-is'n. "nun Ruili "XwrnUnil; K-iililVcri Cardinal pioldrflli SOC I liaw. rice 
praSdnii >-" ; " le-ibfc lib Uiobi >* J "" Obopritftr, SECOND ROW: Uucucritc Rwra. Mhbon Ik* Pnhl: Malta Stodb: 

Uanlin Mi ntinlt. S*mlu KCHKR I 'rl'ii Rt.l-xl.: Qo«l k."lin |CUI KTOMn> KwiftK Jin Sollhi Mir Klein, I II Hi It ROW: 

Anne react; S»D] Burnetae; Lob ilamrn; Pai Linen; Cnrc Doughir: Nana Rcimli; Uunnn IHcrdaa; Mirikt OIwo: Karen 

r.!.-Ti;l. M.ulrnc /it'll DOUU llci-lii uiinii FOI KIH ROW: J. .Mr /trctcr; lUninlr Ncl-m: Virjtl'w Hi . lUil.n.i StbOCBdOlfi 

tfiixiiiw I'jlrti: M*i» SicicH; Ijim Ibttl: bfc < Iiri»iijnw>ii: I'juLi llriafH: Cuol Ainlnxn. 


we'ffl ocfopte wchwy 

The Delia /ci. i sororiiy, the largest of all 
iiaiioiial vdoiiiic*. started its very busy 
yeai wiih a Halloween mixer. "Spooky 
Hollow." In keeping with the theme the 

girl* gave a live cat as the door prize. The 

DZ's used a card theme in their campaign, 
"Kat) Cardinal for Homecoming Queen." 
and iheir homecoming float, "We'll Ocio- 

tie Victory" won the iiiom original award, 
atcr in the fall "Little IVaniii Week." and 

a song-rest at Eichelberger Hall climaxed 
pledging. During the busy Christmas holi- 
d;n season, the DZ's took time out from 
their active schedules to stuff toys for the 
children at the Northern Colony. Soon 
alter, as pan of their philanthropic project, 
the Delta Zcta's IhIjkiI with shium.-i rcgiv 
nation. Then ih.y were bus) with the 
many activities ol Wimci Carnival, ice 
carving, tug ol war. and dancing ai the 
Snowball, where the traditional Delta Zeta 
<|iiill given away. With the warimh of 

spring, the DZ's sponsored a Heidelberg 
l ea with its German atmosphere and "ale 

and beer," 

Vr|> light up .iinl l"i> >i"n clunu> nn i>ur ijnili.' 
mm iiir o) i.r jiun iij|-rl. Anne truer, and Jon Kroner. 

Il inn I- ■'-!-!. but the inllri will km> *<HI -Jim. 


* .ft T O 

i hum row w !««.: Lamia lUmn. titawm: Atkc lane PtWnoK Karen DmM m .. • ,, r wo»lnu' IMi 

billet, mnMaii: I ln-tfili Nnimon. m.tnflnn wodaij; |>«i lo.nm.i.-,. omnpundint «««•»; ]tu1i Nmu-t lu - si(0\h 

W«le »• """l> ROW: Kathleen Cardial: Mar) Wnii; Carol V»«l; Gloria Dallmm; Itomj ii, ll(<l \|„- m„J, l [«,« 

M.i. Kmli Hi>|>liii>|«if;rf: llaiki Mc (line: M111 (.iinuii. 


Mdlhdud <Jmfop\wd 

By means of ihcir bulletin board in Harvey 

Hall. 1'lii Upsilon Omicron presented a ihougln 
For every week to students on their way iu classes. 
Sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, the 
quotations were readily applicable to daily situ- 
ations. The girls once again brought clicer to 
many people by caroling at Christmas time. 
Following the caroling the local alumnae chap- 
ter acted as hostess at a chili party. To bring 
birthday cheer to all studcius. 1'bi V made it 
possible for parents lO order birthday cakes. 

Two of Phi U's fundamental purposes arc to 
encourage interest in home economics and the 
promotion oi intellectual development, carried 
out through a professional meeting with Epsilon 
l'i lau and a joint meeting with the Home 
Economics Club, Tocmphasni the importance 
of inti-Nii devdopmeni a recognition tea 
was held in the (all honoring all women who 
bail made the Dean's List the previous semester, 
.m<! a freshman girl was presented with a scholar- 
ship for lur outstanding scholastk record* 

Cmnpailny ih-h-« rlir >;iil> |,l»n mi- 
«bei I'M i pro|Mi. 


tit a whM oh acfiwiy 

As tin* members <>l ihc Siginn Sigma 
Sigma *"i«n ii \ enmc back foi flic ItlSS-flS 
ycai ilicy hnuicd lately embarked <•» plans 
and prcpartions .«»i the Homecoming Us 
m ii ma. ihc Halloween TcOi •mil a tea hon- 
oring new faculty members. These activi- 
lies, liowcver, were jusi ■> sample <>l the 
busy times ahead* Juii a* tiling* began '<> 
settle down <<» the routine <») * lasswork and 
iiudy, the in Sigi were again caugltl up 
in a whirl <>( activity, with preparations i"> 
tin Sweetheart Dance, which they ipomoi 
joint!) with Hit Phi Sigs. 

I liroughoui ihc year, the girls were bus) 
with tlicii ham rales and with so< services 
foi the school and community. At the stari 
nl iIm- second scmcstci the 'Iri sigs joined 
the othci organizations on campus m 
prepare l<>i Stout's traditional Wlntci 
Omiival; -mil in the spring they lu-lil iheii 
annual dinner dance, VcSi the year was a 
bus) one foi ihc Tri Sigma sorority, bin 
ihc contribution! they were able lo make 
in lilt* in the college ami community made 
ii a satisfactory, u well as an enjoyable one. 

I n Uuitwi -ii.. tin Romllul 

■" ' "" > ■ i ■"* if- bnihj nwmln* 

i< ■ 

■ uu i 'i up i" i siwwiicw ■ 

i kon i ni'\\ m.m win ..,.,. ..,i..., i-,, n,i.|. (Mmpomtini • .nun. Sharon lluiibln*, molding wmuij; Donna llmitk- i""i 

I " **" |Ht«hl«nl MUflHI M M.i.!.. Mail i...iti.m. HMim.i. t .n.-l VMMfcl Mim \ ".. I . ...Ni-i » < 

OMi mm i.. i, i,.i..-.,. i.i,. i. i,.,,. k DtWaMj Matt tnof uia-.ll; Mima raMlcl*!*: H*li) lnv lomu 

,""' % '"' ' ii-.- \\imn |oi n i iiihii Him Elaine n.M. i .....i kim.ii. Sharon Kiurtni Dorothi » I Nana 

' ■ " "■ "■■ ■"'"' " Rrtim |imIi Ihmw huhhi mm Kollccn i Kailiten Vomttr, n-nki M— . 

" I " " - I ' ■' *•"! » Hill |Ul1l Rllhamd ii. ■ ■ ■ i. .],.| 

t RON i hiiw tnd l'-"i •" •■• "■ '"""■ !"'"• \nplli |w Boffn; U U«el 

Mrtk 1'iiti. "in-". Mian Maji l"i» Cowna 

[.rani Rm M< ONI) K"" 


toiuo/ul lieftet w&iluuw 

The chiel purpose «»i ihc Intcr-Frntci 
niiy Council Is to promote die welfare ol 
friendship among the m»inl«n <>t Greek 
Icltei fraternities I bcii main goals aw 
in urcngthen (he bonds between tralernl 
lies and i<> raise the standards foi all fra- 
(emit) metnlx n 

i be Council v is ihc dates foi Hell Week 
.iii.i establishes the rules and regulations i"i 
pledging. During Hell Week, IFC pro 
vidca a sncakoi who acquaints the pledge* 
wiib the ideals «>i Fraternlti life 

In pioinnic Mlml;ii*liip and physical 
him v' ihc Council awards n trophy ■«> the 
fraternity wiih the highest scholastic aver 
age and .i trophy to the fraicmit) with il»' 
besl aihlctii record, I he IFC alio ipon 
..»iN .in nil Greek dance which is attended 
by fraternity and tororil) membert, 

U ■■ i'. • ■ ii»l*u 


(mil mfereiM "■ i "■ ■■■'■■ Hutu rtodnii i 
M-i» Uintu tu>i(iiuli njntt lot Iht M't'i' of Otam 


oj &&WX& to ttiitcw 

Blue and tan jackets were a familial sight 

on campus as tin- im-inhcis ol Alpha I'lii 

Omega, a service fraternity affiliated with 
ihc National Council ol I Joy Scouts, plung- 
ed into nnothci active year. Marking the 
high point ol activities, APO again sponsor 
( .ii in- Ugliest Man On Campus contcsi and 
dance. All proceeds from this activity were 
donated to charity. 

Continuing the tradition ol scouting, 
\PO's lend a "helping hand" in many 
pluses nl school ami city lil»'- Mining the 
fall, members held a cai wash and wax. 
.m<l Mild comfortable Stout cushions F01 
those attending the football games. Ful- 
filling one "I the main purposes of the 
organuation— service to youth and com- 
munity—the APO'SSpenl time leading and 
advising Boy Seoul troops in the city ol 
Menomonie. T h e fraternity members 
ushered for many school au<l local civic 

events and solicited campaigns for I he 
March ol Dimes Fund. Inter-collegiate 

fraternity activities and the attendance at 

the National Council ol Alpha Phi Omega 

in Kansas Cit) in December completed 
another year ol college scouting. 

ihom K<>" |..i„ lUlliMffi Pttn GcnMt Roobb OhbwmU MuorUn; n— •<» Donffm. Hn pmkknt; sndre* (fcthrann praWnw; 

Konal.1 tlnlinin, ,,.i 1 II.M-it WUUlBM. IfWWHWi IVIUUM Ml, ir..«.lin|( mitl-in; J*.l Klin. alumni «<""" SH 

HM> Ri-\\ K.-IkiI W.M..I. 11.11 \\.\.,i, \P SttrntMaRt; TMk irtteT, Ijwirmc MchIio; R.>t>Ctl ItiKrllc; lUiut W.-Lli-J;.): 

\moW Oftocr. |im K.ti...i 1 mihii k<im Mrraa Ifauboui fctaww: rhlllp fohiMn, idvlwr; (>l>oi Arofcli Rlcbinl |et»m: RJcnnl 

11.1 (I ill* t GCBflK H.iin. RobOl Mm. i.ik Si|t,-i. .i,[ii--i. K I 0|.«i. MfttOT. 


( C j 


! 1 **"*T 1 

/ "'k. f ^ 1 




ft • | 





iriim m>\\ I'nii iiiiin IMeMUhBun Oman Motuncdi klitiml I n; I .m iTiIikiiIwimi. ». Kciwu 

Supkn, ptnldcni; MUc Monn iienunr Ctietlca kwc*. mrruiy; Ij Mom vrvncDdnl: Urin MntUa SECOND ROh i 

!i'i"-'ii. Hiinil \ii>1i. Kop'i SltlOM! Dolil Mi NiiiRlili.n. Ikntiu Hj.lm; l»mi llni' 1U.1 (.111 <- IJIiiimiii 
<-nt iiiiKl> row jimti \.i>l»i. Hmjii Environs Rcmuo OubumU Item IVInurMdi; Cfani § iuiu*i 

nmraon FOI k i ii ROW: Rkksnl I [otrnvn: R.n"t<. S Bw dmdi iwiii Cooky: n>-> Sufteweni \<< n-<pm; mi Item 


(wwut atoeel (uwwl 

hi [ ct leu 10 support tin whole- 
sonic growth ol cxh.k un i, nl.11 activities on 
campus, the members ol Chi Lambda Fraternity 
sunt the yen with their lively street dance. 
Later in the year, just before the Lenten season, 
this group sponsors iheii .111nn.1l Manli das 
Hall In preparing for this dancd one ol the 
high spots ol the second semester's social events, 
the members pm in many months ol planning 

and hard work lo make the Hall a success, 

Homecoming finds the members ol this fra- 
(entity working on iheii Boal and horn 
their alumni brothen ai a Homecoming break' 
fast. The Chi ijuiUbs |>ani(ij«ic in such on- 
campus events as Wtniei Carnival, Stunt Might, 
ami intramural sports. 

Throughoui theycai members ol Chi Lamb 
1 Li arc easily recognised bj theii gray and white 
jackets and gray blaiers. During Pli 
die traditional red lie and battle ax distinguish 
ihc Chi Lambda pledge. 

Sink Rnibatd ■>"'! |i» KUpttc «n Inlo ilir *iw 

tlilii|>> >1 iln I In I jitiUIj turn lUlur 

Baib Sbatota ai..] Con .l.ivn U ihr uunxh 

mil"* 11 Uk Mai'lt l.u> 




ihr pofwUi Coltae Omit Ind ■ -inf jWj »i Ac i»*- 

■janiunol IjiU II. '£ 



Gfinl Inderal ■".! J j ■ ' > GoBpailn "if i" itcrp urn- 
n-ivin"i j I <lif l>^ I'll mmcutitni. 


mxHlaxmq (tigft biw/L&Wuk 

A bit of New York night life enured Stout's 
campus as the Delta Kappa fraternity again pic- 
icntcd [licit annual Tacky Drag— a one-time 
crazy doilies (tarty which has recently taken on 
a nightclub atmosphere. The DK's itrivcd hard 

and succeeded in presenting an activity which 
provided many with an inexpensive, mi enter- 
taining experience. Later in the (all. the frat 
challenged the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority to 
i game of football, which ended in a 13-13 tic. 

Then, in November, the group served as host 

to the Delta Kappa national convention. 

Christmas, a lime for peace anil goodwill to- 
ward all mankind, found die DK's spreading 
joy to many Menomonie families with basket* 
filled with food and candy. After vacation, 
thoughts were turned to preparations for the 
Winter Carnival, and later to the Delta Kappa 
Dinner Dance. The entire year was a busy one 

for the DK's but through ii all the members 

tried to maintain high standards on campus, 
and to foster the development of leadership, 
fellowship, and scholarship through the socializ- 
ing inlluence of fraternal life. 

IRON! KOW: fad t .-mii> I'-ir Ibnfcoa; \lbii M*J. "»iri|- wlani; TUHin. Ntil lliuri. tirmnri. IlIKI Kitliirilmn. |ilcii.l™i; 

|.<i Srutaun. towoij: Dkk Bake*. ingeuM-M-anm; r.iii McGlmh ilunni wmirn n.n<l ni«gi.c stioMi ROWi \n Craw* 
Ifcm WiUj W..i,c WafttK )*.,„. Pntw Hi. lUmcn: 11,11 J^U: OtM Kru««t ; Inn ItcJubctl I IIIKIl ROW! Aha FcfMutBi 
Jim <4ki (( uiin : lom HOwdtn; LUTj Blilii; (..n Godfrey. Irr Block: Joe Brmiict: Aim \ jtci 





** * 4 x# *■* 


FROM ROW! r«ii*ii sugika: Mfand Mi Dwtowh: Ki.iui.i ticdn sunki Bj<t/mai. •Hntary-iifi ■ HVm < bit. i 

Don, rfcc ptcikknl: Cert] RctiMI; WlllUn v..-r.. |ama Rkhintion SECOND ROh (otto linb. . . 

(Iioici |tii«ii: Rill Jiixli; UiMt Pepper; RnuM -S.lml.cii: I>«j"!c Dnitat-. |*ni I)ugin>l'-. \ ■ . i 

IHIKIl ROW: Milt Mann! K'-jpi MI-Hj: KoOJlrl lU-.lhun: Bab <>-•<'<: l..n **— fttTWT lt»rfiu< Ilrl-llil; jiim 6nl 

VIiti — Ici; Jrioine Hill; Ri>lmi RinHr. 


fle>uuce, (Jeaftwuuj, fcim 

Service, learning, and fun comprise the 
year's activities of Epsilon Pi I an. Siout's 
honorary fniterniiy for men. A continued 
service of EPT is their visitation and re- 
cruitmeni program in collaboration with 
Dean Pedcrscn: the purpose of this pro- 
gram is to inform high school students 
about the Industrial Education ami tin 
Industrial Technology curriculums of- 
fered at Stout. Throughout the year sev- 
eral meetings arc held, at which profes- 
sional men. in the lield of industry. Speak 
to the Epsilon l*i Tan on various subjects 
of interest to the members. Each year, one 
of these meetings, held in conjunction with 
ihc girls' honorary professional Fraternity, 
Phi Upsilon Omicron, is open to the en- 
tire student body. For pleasure, Epsilon 

Pi Tau annually holds a Christmas party. 

to which the member's Families are i" 

vited. In addition to the annual picnil 
in the lpriltK< a Held trip is planned. 

Dr. Philip Km hi is the trustee, and this 
ycai Mr. Wesley Face became .1 co-trustcc 
«>) the organization. 

sjiii Rill Mini. 4inl Rua IWilnun »ml <n 

■ : i. 1 1- 1 mug ifmu.i-ici 


* *Air w Y v %> 

i,,l...„ m Mllkl »<» *•■•' nilKit "<««\ >■"• l'"''> • Buul< *h»«i Wlllian nw low llfnpw i ■■•' Ml unn*ji <»< 

.,,.11.-. HUHIIIKim (l..i.. li Ir.,1 \.«-l»<l- I"'l IVlUkfpH . M.iii I 1 '"" 

IMom ROM MK»||( li-" > '•"- " I"' 1 \ lm ' I 1 " 

Iuit*ia [«n W '•• ""•" i""" «""■ ■'■'■■ 

■" Mtldntl il«iiml U »""■ Hltll ''■! I'"" 

ilia I (111 ii Ihiui IUH 

U.Y (r 


Jo* dfi#i o£c ofaul 

Scholarships were again presented il»i> 
M.n by members <>i the Phi Omega lieu 
fraternity. According to the policy "I il"' 
l o li. Fund, three scholarships arc award 
ed through the college i« deserving fresh- 
man athletes. Duffy's I'avern, an annual 
i.ill event i"i the F.O.IVs, led .» busy icaioti 
ol activity, and theb authentic "Hillbilly 
Band" captured first place ■<•< the huinoi 
ous division in the Homecoming parade. 

\iin tin Chrislinas recess, the I'lti Ome 
ga Dcta fraternity offered the Stoui students 
"old- time" |M>ll.i musb .is ihcy sponsored 
iin Hemchmldhaus Ball. Capturing first 

place t"i the mosi hi row, the F.D H t 

spent man) limn* designing and molding 
i lull liii M/c mow ■ i ill pi m i I. .I the Wintci 
( iu sponsoring i1t» cvei pnimljr 
Slum Night, the F.O.U-s again gave ihcii 
inemben an opportunity to reveal ihcii 
talents \ first prl*c< ash awaril and trophi 
.mil .i second place plaque were awarded 

in the winners. 1 1» organizal ." tlvitics 

i»i tvro pledge terms niul ih< spring dinnei 
dance concluded nnothci hicccssIuI year. 

rni m(.\i \ i I'siion 

a kcui fctatertKUy kouae 

Oil Men mini I lln fourth Phi 

Sfg i .ilcni Nlghi was prcicnied befort i 
caput n \ i rowd ol itudcntsand faculty, .mil 
die three mosi talented .m- were given 
prizes, From Hi* proceed! > onc*thounntl 
dollar tcholanhip wai prcicnied 10 tht 
school to be used for tht itudcnt-loan fund 

\i ihc I'lii Slgina Ensilon national con* 
clave, Stout's Omega cnauici received tin 
National Elflcicnc) trophy. < ompctilion 
among .ill national fraternities ■» keen, and 
ihctrophy ii preKiiicil 10 ihc chaptci most 
active fraternal!) and 101 ially. 

The fraternity"* version »\ "Born to 
l iim " won second place in the most huraoi 
ous (livUion in the Homecoming parade 
and everyone enjoyed the Phi Sia mow 
curving ai the VVintci Carnival, During 
the ycat the Phi sin> kept busy with work 
mi the new fraternity house purchased b) 
tin Alumni chapter, communit) work, cat 
washes, the Sweetheart Dance, co sponsored 
with the Si|iim Sigma Sigma sorority, and 
ichool activities) Including football, basket 
ball) and Intramurals, 

A great year ended with the minual 
spring picnic for graduating members who 
now \'*>\. forward to being pan <>l the 
Alumni chapter. 



RO 1 

»jil lani "Hli Id. 

■or IdrAlm 41 ihr tntuu) I 

■ . . i 

■ i lor R*" 

r* n 



* - *r %# <% * » 

\! fir Wmlri ( jkiujI Hiir-rri GoATOOUfcMl, •'*' Nitfim I Jii (..Tiitn. 

fia(cinii> ttirith!* ilsrii iimlidair Kjth> Undoo. 

Itiili Jinn A '> |>;oin1l< -iin (lie ln-l |>1*r II.i; he Him .1 itn 



coiuly OppEcA, pQpC&W 

Winning ihe competition for the most 
beautiful Homecoming fltxn is practically 
a tradition for the Sigma Tau Gamma fra- 
ternity. This year the prize winning Sig 
Tau float was a gorgeous orange ami black 
Monarch butterfly which lowered almost 
a story and a half above the crowd. How- 
ever, Homecoming is not the only activity 
in which litis group plays an important 
part. Some of the events sponsored b\ the 
Sig Tans include the all school mixer in 
September, a jazz concert in January, the 
Hootannie in May, anil one of the most 
beautiful and important dances of the year. 
the Rose Dance. 

Since finances are a necessary |x»ri of 
any organization's activities, the Sig Tans. 
easily recognized by their blue and white 
jackets, can be seen selling candy apples 
and ])0[>corn at the football games. A car 
wash in April also contributes to the money- 
making projects. 

The gentlemen of Sigma Tau Gamma 
are noted on Stout's campus for their scra- 
nades. Accompanied by several of their 
talented members playing guitars, a like. 
and a bass, this group continues to delight 
the student body with their music. 

FRON1 ROWi M^mn Hone Brian Walter K'r*" Mnn; Richard Ccmner. ircawnci: R»l>cn Jjimiln. pinidrni; Drnnii DiirIiiiLc 
tire Dirwilmt; Rrun ReppcTl^ H*iil UcK Darid Whcclff, WCrrUTT. SECOND HOW I lm Slaty, 1 Mc Ouch. I'cici Brflv Ricliinl 
RnLlewili; lot. I„li*-. jm, ||,|, ; i_, n , r Kr»)n; liltajul k.jjl. Jim tuihrit. HIIRO Row I.t.hi loth; Neil Rj K .i< : Gon 
lortuid; R<**ii WoflKk; Richard Miti.!u..hii: Ri.hrii Itr-ilr.; 11MI Ro^nniii.i: (j.l IWira-it; Jim n.«Krn. lOliRTH ROW: I.Ihji.1 l.cnr Mjll.iniiicii: Ktii I'jIici: RwnliI Schubnt: I km 

Uwn. *ln«>i. fcuki lartti |.J.n AhmiMj <'■»* Wttdorff; -\l R-"*n 

I -.,■; 

* * V/ 

It v -•» 


I ***,:/ 


I KOM KlIlV StK CfaMK SUBlg VamatO. IIM'Uiri; k-i» Ibxtlrlwi. hiUiwUn. (>ti kltj-ir. prni'i'.. i.r hiMkW; 

Kullmi IttMl. «nc(«> Jiniu- Win SH <>M> ROW: v.: .1««: |o \nn SMpmu )ulir l(ji<!«. |..n \\. 

luiiit; Kniii llo pfuupt rgtn n*>i> SbeuU: i < Ixngfdd. *4rtm ihikurow Upm cautebng i ■ 


acluwed UtfuMtgli pa^icipalicK 

this was indeed a productive and exciting 
year tor the Stout theater group who presented 
a wide range of plays. The productions rouged 
from the I'uh Century to contemporary drama. 
Members and pledges o( Alpha 1'si Omega were 
active participants in the areas of acting, design- 
ing, building, painting, lighting, anil make-up 
which were necessary to produce three full- 
length plays. 

Zcla Beta is the Stout chapter of Alpha I'm 

Omega, the national dramatic fraternity, and 
membership is achieved through participation 
in the different areas nl dramatics. Vlpha Psi 
Omega mcnUi* enjoy watchittS phrfl as well 
as producing them, and the group traveled to 
Si. I'aul to attend a performance of THE OB- 
LONG CIRCLE ai the Edith Hush Theater. 
In the spring, three awards were presented tor 
the most valuable contributions i" Stoul theater 
in the past year. 

In ihr "Uifc" high pilci ]i*n Pipatiiiniihliou 

Hi. Mil linn nl tunic 

J»rt l» Ann Wllvii Ml "I "A H M MH 

i]>niB rxpnlciut nl imntOKiiion 

■ ,$■*. (hr 

|bn Bunrril ilowlj pttfomi ilir vtul proem ol ibaptag 


adepl hawk 

Amid i he hustle and bustle ol the 

school year, the members of Arts and 
Crafu t lull final time to produce many 
worthwhile and useltil products. Adept 
in such media as wood, metal, leather, 

ii];t\tiis. ,iii<l ceramics, ihcii skilled hands 
produce such useful aids as models for 
demonstration in the classroom, 

IVtce a year the Arts and Crafts Club 
initiates new members. A high scholastic 
standing is a prerequisite for membership 
in the pre-profcssional organization. 

Founded in I9S1 by their advisor, Mr. 

Kranzusch, the guild holds weekly meet 
ings. On the basis of merit points, club 
members are awarded gold keys at their 
annual club banquet. 

The week of Homecoming found the 
Arts and Craft Club selling booster but- 
tons to the Smut student body. During 

the chill of winter, members sponsored 

their annual caul party, and in the spring 
they held their last meeting at their fare- 
well picnic. 

IKON I KiiU taBOM VrOMMtub D»M Pun: C uiii> UcCllIln; W.\nc; Fit Knimtc: Kt\ Kiinninh. a.ivi.n. sMoNIl 
ROW: Boll Waldocfcj M. i. .1.1 Onb; C*ij Snibunp; i^.t. Vui D( ltd: Stuilci Lncct iniku ROW; |n .. h-i.i..-n i...n i. ..,..,..:. 
i>m i Smith; l*cnm» < luiiii.iimi 




mm /ft 8 


aciuwpfouiA liwttcdkto 

Busy is the word which best describes 
Stout's Dietetics Club, This organization, 
open to all dietetic and man- 
agement majors, maintains an active sched- 
ule throughout the year. 

The first big activity ol this school term 
was a field nip. taken in October, to Ro- 
chester, Minnesota. This excursion proved 
to be educational as well as entertaining, 
for i lie group was able 10 visit the kitchens 
in the Kahlcr Motel, tour the Mayo Clinic. 
and meet ilie nutritionist at the Rochester 
Public Health Center. 

As Christmas drew near, the girls again 
entered into their traditional mniK.-y-iu.ik- 
ing project of baking and selling their 
Scrumptious fruitcakes. This year the 
girls baked and sold .til pounds of fruit- 
cake. Another traditional club activity 
was the continuance of their community 
projects: this year the students made nap- 
kin holders for the Dunn County Hospital. 

Each March the group spnnsnts .i tea foi 
the pur|M)sc of observing and publicizing 
National Nutrition Week. The Dietetics 
Club concludes their school year by award- 
ing a medical dictionary at the Honor's 
Day program to the outstanding senior. 

V ill Vi 1 -... I I. . Ili.nilnil** l|,i ■ 

juimh .ujn Iimii Mm " M |-» 

most ROW: Janice Petcnoo; }m«nr Unit: liil Mimon; Bcda Gntow. btmura: Hrtni MorioU, ; ' cwA •«• 

iiioiiU-iil: I'ji Arem lutein, mi'un: lUil.n. niirxilniij;; Viixinu Rumn*. MlOMiKoW MupiO |»™-». ad>t*w: Baib Kncnov 
Uil\ DkM; MiRitiu Traumunn: Man Wlirlm: Nam) Kim-in. Huron Knarpi; Vlrpmia Umctr tuibm Mno-tai; Karen Rata: 
Kami Obrmiller. I IllRU ROW: Caiolr Kc.i<*ti; k*ih« ImJd: s«r KWn; lartk Fmaun: I" M"i Sam|-Mt; »««"*"'' 
philitl Dihn Cciii lire--. |jii Miuhdl: Urn. (<*i«. jdiiwi MURIM Kim Pai Junircti: \.»<* Ri-in.ii repwirf; k»ihi**i 
Sharon MnMOa: DOTOth) W.imiuii: Nlilrke Ojnahl: Ruili Simuhnd; Jam* Runtr: Aniummk Mh.nunn. M..« \tit>. OAfNtUt 

k .11 in founion. 

Spaih: Doroth) Cluie, »drt»r. I1IIKD ROW: IU»I 

1 1, i in Mitiim. mtrtam Crohn *p»W 

Mill..; Ylnfflii rnaimanas |"'l» S.m<*>: Kji.m ll,»k*; Mui.« Wv.u v..m. 
s - ,.tw-T. Barton Kniuw Hinta Man; Sarah IJiucfieM. mMmt, 

Mi- lohit |im. Kna K.t krii.Kii Uld Kllhl Bilk Jl 

nor v( llir mini Hume l.nmotnlo Club •|-«i-Hr.i uj.. 


fotyvbl ohqauipimi 

Having ihe distinction oi being the larg- 
est professional organization on the Stow 
State College campus, the Home Econom- 
ics Club, which is associated with the 
American Home Economics Association. 

was again very active during the past year. 

Founded with the purpose of widening 

and stimulating cultural interest and social 

experience oi its members, the dub partici- 
pated in such activities as the sponsoring of 
the first all school "get acquainted" mix- 
er during registration week, the fall style 
show given to present an appropriate col- 
lege wardrobe — ami as in previous years, 
the traditional freshman Green Tea and 
the sale of Stout's cherished recipes. 

This year the president-elect. Carolyn 
Spargo, traveled to Miami. Florida to at- 
tend the National Convention of the Home 
Economics Association held to further in- 
terest in home economics. 

At the close ol another year the scniOl 
girls were honoied at a breakfast, a fitting 
Farewell to Stout's graduating girls. 


otiken ml$m 

"Our Country Is Tlic World" was the 
theme of the International show presented 

by the iniriii,iiiim.ii Relations Clob dur- 
ing Parents' Weekend. With this show 
IRC was able 10 acquaint noi only Stoui 
students, bui also their parents with the 
customs characteristic of die native coun- 
tries of die loreign students, IRC also 
carried out this theme in their ice carv- 
ing for Winter Carnival. This year I KC I 
adopted a song to DC SUng at meetings and 
othei functions entitled "My Country Is 
The World. " The words, which were 
written by Robert Whitaker, are sung to 
the tune of America. 

During United Nations Week, IRC co- 
sponsored the UN Tea with the Home 

Ktonoinic (Mul). Also in connection with 

the United Nations, representatives of IRC 
attended a model UN ai the University 
of Minnesota. Under the sponsorship of 
the International Relations Club. .1 Peace 
Corps director came to Stout and spoke on 

the importance of his organization and 
the need for Peace Corps volunteers. 


?! C Lln 

-Oni 1 ■ fUi ■ I K 1 1 !■■ 

|.|j€C in Hit fl*M liriiililul liliv 

: Udiaw, who ii" ■ -<>' wiin children, on 
■ mug <1lr1.1t. villi tlw htty of MM "(I'm IKi IrtrticU. 

FROM ROW Vti.M '•'■• Dtta dm; linw UiiMnun: Pcoic Brtrk. trwuid 

nxhliutan. »kc pcakknli Sam>™: Tarira Unbar); Ki«* Rahl WOftl) «(» I 

Ri..V>l|.t. ivi.-n: SiWii MublUi UlHUfa \li: iH^AnK D« AH Mwr. J-«n kl.»|lri llllllliROW i- • 

■diton Doroih) RaUoKl: Sfcamm Mailin: Papntiraufflloa: Bwr. Madvres Pan ^...unnni. 







education and idfyuw 

In keeping with our times, ihc Inter- 
Religious Council developed the theme 
"Ineology in ■. Scientific Age" to l«- can 
lit. I ihroughoui the year. I he adjustment 
.mi.I coordination ol science and theolog) 
i> ,i majoi issue which was well worth em- 
phasising .11 the Foui dinnei meetings \i 
«.ii !i cljiiiui ,ni emineni spcakei was featur- 
ed, the iii*i "I whom was Dr. Paschkis <>i 
Columbia University who spoke on the 
v 1. 1 foi World Peace and uie S< ientist's 
Responsibilities." Vnothei speakci was a 
Biblical nrcheologisi who spoke undei the 
ihcmc "Arehcologj Views I'hcology." 

Mi-. Inter-Religious Council correlates 
.ill religious organicKtons on campus, and 
consists ol several representatives from each 
denomination. Hie main objectives ol 
ilu- organuation arc to stimulate student 
religious development, u> administci re 
ligiousacih itics. and to promote an under- 
standing <il the relationship thai should 
exisi between highei education and i< 
ligion in n democratic society. 

IKi" I..1..-H 

:■ Inicr-Rcllftou* Council muuli »nii 

ikiini mm m m I'nii. k i s.i ".*,, ii..- prantatj Ukc ]'<>■• Pmowo. ircreat): m»»i«ih Kcwmcrcr. woMeni; i tmu Ludu 
kaihim ii„i, k.. Knimoikl SKON1) kou KjI|>i. Itmoa i*t*ot hi,,, ctiuc: Kaicn Oe WMi [jkc Pioun: -uihIm Wmm 
M.., k -,.i.t ikihii kou K.t ItaUrqur; |mi Ran KuK..,, ) |otimoa; Rubin Kniuw Minm Dunn: J<* DkUnbcfpt. 

WON r ROW: I'Hii Kllton: Idclk niwte montlng —nut.: Kktwjd Bmrind .-,i. Manna i 

\i,r ptr*kl«nl Kiln. ii.Mi-|-.nilinii xiidnt: I UkI Kmn—i sno\l>k<H\ . \ ■ 

Dhj.iH- lid,i..i.. tUitara Undman; l.w K.II-1M; Nun miiki> kuw Uk k i R Ur . Mhw* 

"Ui*li luntl; MICH DcWSU] |"*ir \1lw«hi: Jcinnrttr Krpturi: Rnniml Ruhatd HoOtqar, = 


ceittefc *maw a kou fcacc 

l~ist i.ii! the Lutheran Student Center once 
again received a (ace lilting. The improve- 
iiiiiih included modernization of the meeting 
room, chapel, ami study area. Added 10 the 
Study room, which provides a cjnict place for 
students- to study, were built-in cupboards and 
hook shelves for the expanding library. Christ 

Lutheran Chunh loaned the .enter a beauti- 
ful hand painted oil painting ol Christ for the 

altar, which greatly enhanced the beauty ol the 
chapel. In this chapel the members took pan 
in communion services in tin fellowship ol 

friends and Fellow students. All the work "ii 

the center was done i>* students, making ihe 
unprovcrncnu more appreciated bj everycou 
utother highlight <>! the Krai semcstei was 
a trip to Minneapolis, At thai time thi LS Vt i- 
visited nun) churches and received new in 
sights into other religious denominations. 1 wo 
non-credit Bible classes, ottered each semester 
i<> all interested students, resulted in broadei 
knowledge "! the Christian religion, rhesi 
classes were conducted b) an intern and t pa* 

(.ii ot ,i local church.! wont i ng Njih« Rcnwldi >' |bm "••' 'J HW 
IURP) I s \'ci» "h,i iniil ii.l in to tit"'«lfl ihr train. 

. -,iTi k- Dl •' ■*!' t* 

B»n ih* »1>.->1 Hn " ■ I * * 

n. WW" " <■"• 

M ■■ ■ ■ . ■ ■ 

,lM->i '"I • 

\ ■,„.,. u. ..i ".. How Uiwh GulW pun «M 
,.i i,i. kwnrkilxi t" prMtK*l ■'•« 

\|| I \I s (.1 11,1) 

\\ .i professional organlzaiion composed <ii 
itudcnis majoring in the meiali field, iht Metali 
Guild is intended lo enhance ihc members' 
knowledge ol new technique*, products, .mil 
advances m the metalworking field -mil to 
furthei develop skills Id the use ol tools, ma- 
chines, and products Membership U open to 
men who have the required numbei ol metal 
courses .mil the propci grade poini average in 
these courses, I he main objective ol the organ- 
ization u to nit rcase ii»- prof* tsional effii ieni - 
.in,! la ial competence <»i .ill its rocmbi i s 

Under the direction ol tin club's advisors, 
hi. Withe, Mr. Face, Mr. Mall in. and Mr. 
Gerbcr, die members conduct rcgulai meet' 
ings on die first and third Monday nights »t 
die month and schedule work nights on alter- 
nating weeks A i these meetings Minis on the 
metalworking industry, promtneni speakers, 
and individual reports bj members give val- 
uable information to the members on their Fu- 
ture life's work, Sihj.i1 functions are held: and 
.is .i highlight ol the year, .i Held trip was 

planned and enjoyed by the entire gTOUp. 

ik. >\ i unit n, ...i..,. ivkte Mfrhcn i« Dl i-u,, n... .. Kouwn, im ■■ Don Kejek i Imt: rein n<»- uneuiH 

Km Wall, m.< praldni to\ lUniwa iffiONU mtw latin Pipaiilinuftlloui |< ic Hilt: Sterna k.kM.i. |'.i Dachnwn: Okl 

*iiii ttllllaat im..- i ■ • Kl i Uiriimfl iium* km" Paul lien] Indrn Gothninfl Giij n n ipaon; l»"i Fnwl*i 

,,.i Hum h.^-.n in,, n inn limb 

lkkM^ilamVsii s¥ m M ■ latSsaT 



t" h 


* f 

I .1 I I III, ■111 "I''' U 1 •!. HI I" 

boi DJ (lii «i &NM 

■ niii.ui article in ii" |. |,, '"»i""*l 
Nt * i».i)(iflnr. 


pKepaHity (on l&mwww 

To prepare today i«>i the wink ol tomorrovt 
might well in* the motto ol the Siudcni National 
l.lut .ii i< hi Assot Eation on Stout's campus. Hie 
">\l \ i>. .i professional organization Con college 
studenu who are preparing i" become teat hen 
The members <>i ihu group are alto itudem 
member! ol the Wuconiin Education -Assocu* 

lion and the Kdutalion AsMieialum: 

during the year, theK itudenu attend tome <»! 
iht* meetings .mil conventions held by the stale 
and national organuations. 

I be purpt* ol tin Stoui \i \ b to pro* ich 
opportunities i"i professional growth, cultiva 
Hon oi leadership and foi participation In th< 
piogianix sponsored ii the various levels. I in 

StOUl M' \ ailmu* lliiM- (kii|"im* li> Milt-<rib 

inn '" professional magazines, broach rung ii» n 
knowledge ol education, and l>\ fellowship ." 
tivltics. \i theii meetings the) explore ihe 
field <»l education b) listening to teat hen, hold 
[ng panel discussions, and scting out slots "i> 
i he life <»i a teacher, 

moM now liMa Sthuhi Rownun ii-.a-u-.i. m..ii». lUmltram Lib I'.h hlfllTOfl. MKUii; Mwtori M.llii. uubl hlttoiUn IftMuili- KailiMil Miomikm" |< 

1,1; K.r.n IVI.kiuI. M>o W..II: ll.iu I ."i lljlim. M.ii.n Dunn M<tl»t—h l'*l Kutiti I *i..l 
I. ■ \\<„ I IIIKtt HOW I Mull. vliull.. H.nirl M.( lllR P« l'.M, I N»b l.lllf* Imnln l'."l I*" Mm Win, 

to.i.,1 IHcMbnr. ChulMir »>ilnt Imkr <*i*n« ml rim now l.Uinr k»n i ■ i i 

MJft: Mir IUii Miii Mu-in. RattHII I iii.l.i.i.ii. Imrlli nugn; l.l»n> IMfe I ' I II III «(>» rl 

Iridic Fauik*; Mi-.i-.hi w... ii.ii> Uadntn; KUab-Mti N-na***! |cti ftm ! 
|nil< Mr-fan "i 11 " !■"!■ PtMrWll 

IB41VI HftU Inhn Ilk uhuui It null hi i '.,,.1. In I »»«H W '•> "" i '"" I " "' P 1 

. i ''f:' ,■'■■■; *"ffi.ffi , S| 

* ■ » '<*' l > "•■■' I .V-' 1 ; ■ ' "'"" ''" 

U i - IW» lfc**ll I'"' 1 " H"! i- # 

• *» 


m WMAN 'ii n 

fthulyi«(i coffcottc Uuwflki 

Spiritual i' Mill MM i-'l HTOWtll i' 

..,) .,1 \, i.iu.nhiii U nli tin- iu i t 

Slrivmanitn reviwil iholi educational pntgram 

U\ >i. . .. mi. ilng* with (HM nu 

■ . ...,m» Sutijefi matiei ».i« .tli.u.i ind |»< 

r ,i. .1 ||1 RTmt|U <>l MUllOlllI 111 u 

land wiili ilifii need* \ iiuidIh i id itu 

.1, ,iu ,u< i,.i iu .tn,i\ .ml dlituu ' aiholii 
ihnuglii ,.- (mind in iii, ivriHnjp ol Vtiguiriw 

I 1)0111 '* \«|« - |' " n«l 1 1 '•'■ More, 

ri\U uraup wm umlei ii» Btildann ol Mr, 
KJchaitl Iik.IihIi .u»t Mi. Koben Sailivr, 

iii»« twain i in Ni "in- n library wan hirtlioi 
enlarged b) tin luidcmi iq » ^« » • n idlni 

uudy-dltcouj o i Social cveni« through 

,un iiu \i.u Included • unit) Christina* 

curolingi i" iimtnu breaMail*, Sunday Hip 

|m h. .ii.i \\» annual Si Patrick i Ita) dano 

Chli wai realUing ■ i»*- Importance ol con 
Haiti ipiriitial lelf'rtnewal Ncwtnaniiw wen 
glad in have ihc prtvileftt ol attending tl.uh 
ifirnuMiit Mau ni it" iwm chapel ronmifieo 

l,v I Kill i \iiliiu Kv.limniit. 

M ..... lull III 

| ."..!. ... .■ | 

V *" 

,7. ,,,„",„ IkTkMh wi I" v "oltai rtUI Ruchl, advboi SECOND k»«- Rbluid Emu; Oi.i llkh: 

■tomldfKDavtd 1.-.11... (inn Mien Boh ■■• Paul lUlllnpua FOURTH ROM Donald llbkti 1.1 kn W ; 

lirjMlin. «■■;.! WillkMHt. IHOUnU! hrn ClCtf. 
Ii. K.\ Hintm I'.iii] 

.,.: MuiMUi David 

Hi i .11 11 k 

Wiin.i Lrltcnunn IVatm i Uil 

Miliilmt I'HII lln lull i. .1 n • 

dI r>ain radio tqulpmou 

Mi llir II" HMl "I" ' ilioii 

RADIO lit <1 KONICS CI. I it 

bumwtt&i luutfs 

Any iiuihIk i i»l ilu K.nlm l-Ui iioiiit s 

Club with a novice or general license ma) 
operate the radio transmitter in Room 210 
ol Fryklund Hall. With this transmitter 
conlacl is made all ovci the world, Future 
plana include the installation ol satellite 
tracking equipment and .i standard Navj 
radar system, 

Foi km 1 1*, i training in the use ol radio 
iraiisniittcrs the club participates in trans 
iniiiri hunts. A transmitter is hidden in 
or ncai Menomonie and members ol the 
group in i" locate ii b) following the sig- 
nals received «►" directional receivers Vd 
dEtional practical training is obtained with 
the operation and maintainancc ol the 
college publii address systems. I his service 
j\ free fen the school and its organisations 

I he Radio-Electronics Club .il«i> nudics 
the International Morse Code, whidi gives 
special help to members who wish to take 
the qualifying exam foi a Federal * iommu 
nications Commiss Vmatcui Licenses 

In stimulate intcresi in radio .on) clc 
ironies the club provides information on 
.mi. mill radfOi itercophonii sound) high 
Hdelityi and radio control. 

ll.i. ii William ptoklou "< <hr 

lUMil Hill. « lull d«l MtaK I Ma 

iii.ui >niiii'iii|i al d i ibc «!"■>« 

in; miiifm 

KIM.K CI. I'll 

Jhiug .22 caB&i *fl 

Firing again coinmenccd oa campus al the 

Sioui kill' Club mii'i i" partii ipate in 

bfghl) ikillcd competition 

it*vc i ng ii* Dm \'.«i .i- .i niiiiii.ii .it ilit 

National Collcgiau Rifle League, the Stout 
Rifle < itii' had fifcj two conference matches 

against the University c4 Calil ia, Brigham 

Voting, and othei well known universities and 
military m!m»i]« bctoh Uic country Menibci 

ihip in jucli .i league prcsenu widcl) separated 
teami wiih ihe opponuniij <»f competition. 

I In- matches, known ai postal matches, are 
fired on the campuses <>i the individual col- 
lege! and (he totals an km »• the National 
Rifle Vssociation and '•> (he competing mIhhiI 
Foi comparison! Team members use l'_ cali 
ber, three pound trlggci pull, rimfire rifles. 
From .i distance ol Fife.) feci the ihootcr musi 
fire from three positions 

i hum m>\\ pai UanDon, pauli i ■' ..ii Bob Ritpnow listen WillUnu | Irw i u»i -.■>•-»>■*. UcMn 

mtr, Samlra Ni | iM SECOND ROW Mil Ktaii. ad< Dcnnu llama: Sine lUnwn: liwtmr CWfanne; 

I' 1 " ' ii. .'..,. hm in,., iiiikii an" ii.ii Kiutm; ron Drtewn; l-m Kufahl; Punm I •■ >»-. 

iw-i k<K»l 





It # 

[>Hl 11,1... 1..M.I lb, 

la i...i.i1mii Men 

,<1 | ■ ■■ ■ Paulin tcrtt iriii-lmii mi 

s (in; 

Vt III. 

\ I lull l-imul |in Paul ' '»• '^11 

&p\)ul o|i 5|)cti^wuuwlii|) 

Composed <>l .ill mi n who havi woo -. 
iiujoi fetter, ilii S Club hu is Its priaur) 
function the promotion and furtberin 
the iihleiii inu n iu <>\ tin colli p in 
ordi i i" protnoti aihli ik inn n m. . ipirii 
ol rporutnatuhip, and high morali uii s 
i hih iponson .,ti u io gsaiu 
i ii n inn rested parrii ipants vk foi bon 
nis in t.-iilnll. Ii.i*kcclull and baseball 

Besides Ktivi participation En iports 
ihe main activity of thi club is Ou S Qub 
Carnival I be fraternities sororities, and 
otbci campus organisations pa) a imm 
fa in (imi ,i booth "i concession uand 

I \< Hi uirni fend 9 [Olive m<>inl hll tin 

in u the decorative Im»>i1^ open and the 
Inn begins. Procecdi from thb evem brinn 
tin i lull urn mi |i i Ion i i" Its goal ii" 
purehaae "1 jackets and letters 

\i tin Honoi l>.i\ program blue [ackets 
.mi! letters arc awarded i" outstanding 
athletes rhete nun must havi partic* 
paled in rarity iports foi two sears while 

iiKiiiii.iiniiiK .' * ' atadi mil 

uudics On ibis occasion ti» award foi 
the exceptional freshman .hum in rarsil) 
sports is also presented. 

m»M Kim Ltuilr* luhntim; |*il Nrutuuri. am tun Rutuiri M-- "><• WlllMi" Wn |im r*uliii I,i ■ H 

,.,.-,.i.,M Knl I. ..m,. ,,.,- .....i.tint. Inn H»1»l«« *MONI) Kim (Hll IMuic W«n» llin* m.n...,m.-. 

hoh Oil Im.i Sqtpllnk, k.«.. vi , ...iv (. l-homi-nn in.. • mMm l"»"» ( •'"' 

■iltliMi WjIi novo; Hiiii.m Kuriin; n>n UiGfnnh: i-m. Rritkl; ^inlonl triton: hn <»Knii«. Mind m.ii.. mi rim mm i>- 
\.i I i.i. RktMH huta Mil* Shorn DM Itata Don InOmon 

» i m-f t * it 

4 ^ -v •* «, 

99 H 

**' H 


*. | ■ .,.. nUmUuu Hod i>i>v»< baefaall oa dlh rtii Uw tf m 

(Hit j kn 

dlziiitg (wwek££ gawe 

Each year ilic Ski Club leads the Win- 
ter Carnival activities held here on cam- 
pus in February. A* a major attraction, 
they sponsoi the "Jalopy Rate" in which 
cars entered by the different organizations 

compete lor three trophies. \lso a nan of 

the winter Carnival events is the baseball 
nine between tin* Kan Claire Ski Club 
and tin.- Stout Ski Club. I hit is an actual 
game played on the ice witli both teams 
wearing skis instead <>i shoes. 

I Ik- members «l ski Club are interested 
■mi only in mow skiing, but also in watei 
skiing, ice-skating, ami tobogganing, 
rhese various activities allow the club to 

he bus\ almost i lu- entire vhool year and 

also provide opportunities for many more 

Students lO take |>ari in and enjoy. 

Each January it is customary during 
semester break lor the club members to 

take ii casj I enjoy themselves on a *>ki 

trip, Inn this year because of tin- lack ol 
snow, it was not possible 10 make stiih 

a trip. However, on weekends members 

skied • arby Teh-mark. Hardscrabblc, 

and Deepwoooi To end a x""*l year ol 
fun and fellowship, the club held a pit oil 
in the iprhifl for all its members. 




Tlii" I titer- Varsity Christian i-Ylluwship. 
an international ciiKani/ation which teul 

to deepen the spiritual life of the student 

and his understanding of the Bible, II i'|> 
resented on the campus hy tin* Stcmt 
Christian Fellowship. As an inlcr-denoini- 

national organi/i i seeking to cooperate 

With the local churches. S.GF. purpose! U) 

strengthen the spiritual life oi college '">■ 

dents and help diem develop into well 

balanced nun and women. 

The members ut S.CF. hold informal 

weekly meetings on Wcdncsdayi for liiblc 

study, prayer, and fellowship. Spec ial so 

c i.d meetings and exchange meetings with 
the Kan Claire and River Falls chapters 
are held periodically in order to become 
better acquainted with siuiilai groups cm 

other campuses. 

StOUl Christian Fellowship docs not 
eliminate the six id side of college life from 
its calendar. This year a fall picnit offered 
freshmen a chance to gel acquainted; .< 
Christmas card sale, which began before 
Thanksgiving, all school films, and Itible 

studies tcinsliliilcd the mhci activities. 

Minion. Uuiti J"-' ctoi <• | •»>n 

ntO.N1 now Until rtlpp; lane OnLMtr. mnun. Eltubctti Sennrm. >"r pra 
iif. mi. i. k.iun Milium; lln.U I ml; doaldlBC Beit SECOND Hi>» |mS SmpMn. 

IhIiIi.: C l-.ii ii .- siqih.ii.: S^inli. WagMTi lllm Minum- Ikii. Dm 
lixitflnit. Il.mi Millii. km Voddn: ILimi Mi Call 

MliKI* Kciu 



fhc Sioni Student Association is the 

onl) organhation on ipus thai works 

with and for all students, Meeting ever) 
fuesday, the s.s. \. < i.nsixix ol the nudeni 
officers, who are elected each ipring, the 
various class and organization represent* 
lives, who are elected by tlieii respective 
groups, and all othef Stout Mudenu who 
an interested in this governing group. 

lite hiiicliom "I tin S.S. V .in u> plan 

some "f the year's big social events, such 

OS Huiiu'C'iiiiiiiK. Winicl C:nim.d. ;unl the 

Commencement Dance: and i<> help oth< i 
organization! arrange then social activities, 
Phil ycai the group was raced with some 
new duties, too. In February ii served as 

hosi 10 the United Council Convcntu i 

ihc nine Wisconsin state colleges, and later, 
it sponsored the sales <■! tlic Stout Stall 
College rings, in addition i<> working l"i 
the bettcrmem <>\ Stouts social I it*-- tin 
S S. \ also concerns itsell »iili certain types 

Ol .iii.ldit pnililrmv As .1 .siudrni organic 

ration <>ii ciTiipu. ii. |ini|->M 1- always '<» 
serve ihf students and faculty. 

i> k KjimImik ■ ml |im Paulin, Horn"* [oottall apuint, 

.,.'in id, KJinr ball ii"i" Hoi •"•••* ([ucm. Sharon Wjw 

Itiiimir (In .iiiiM.iiiH rmrnl ol lite WitKii C 
Oni'it I11 naW ill iininimiii (in 11I Si.ti-1 iIiiik 

I In tllldtni ii|i"~lili!i"i 11 

"'- -I' ""' (J«l 1-fllM III.' 

■ llJH < Ml,, ill" 

Imj-iilJiil i!rtii»nii CMMCtnUW tlir •linirnlt krlljir 

ui tin uiiiiiiu i--ii mm 

"ih l->Ui III 

I" "" 

I In- ^V |ibr" (lie Ilofl in 

,„n ItnMiia. 

I ROM mm M M. 1'ii.r. .mIk-h. (...mnr ll..»r. Hill \«i. .l<r pinMlrni: riutlfi MUNDB - 1111 " 

UUI rr.lluni. m> r; |jnrt kl.. r i.. I ill AhoU: Ralph IvmOU. MlfcOT, SECOND ROW Vlrgfib I .1. 

ii.iu.iM. |oc Borjenj Eugrnc llaUongra*! Sand] Oifltoiu Shiran Wpi 






Open Iwu* !«»' Sioui i campui priming 
i.„ itfijea wai again luoinorcd ihli jrwi b) 
,!„ members ol il» Sioui l ypogrnphjcal 
Socici) " i"" ol i<« Priming I ilui nion 
Week In (anuan cducaion ami i raF» 
,„,-„. .,< m, ind Imi rested in ih< priming 
field from Minnesota and Wbconilni ai 
,, Ml i,.i ill, rarioui ill* union zmupi and 

i i. i he opt ii home wa» concluded with 

.hi i vening Imik|UI r 

[In Sioui typographical Society, -•■■■■ 
,.,!,. I wiih iln Stoui Printing rcachcr'i 

\uoclaiion and tl» National Pi ng Edu 

radon partii ipatcd in thro » paraii 

iripi during thi •■ nr, i tabling mem 

i,, r , i,, ■.., i , , lost i vie* "i man) otin i 

priming program! and organization! in 

i m|., ratiom I he annual s 

iiatloncr) wle and initialing ol new mem 
ben comribuicd to anothci bua) yeai toi 
Stoui'i professional prh j organiaiion 

I- - I .1 U II r MM I 

■Miilutr* 'i « ■ I ' L it .i-,m < 

i.-. n \ii.i«i--i ( in nU Wjiiiiimtiii 

Hiivt • Mini W"l 

(Hcim >n« i:....i \vi ■- i .,i k i r tUH I Saiiili n r,i iu.i.. DfWj Vonyrt MGOM) 

t * 

si or ionia 

m educntimafl pieces 

The Stotitonia i* something more than •• 
college newspapw ii U an educational pro 
ecu, Made up entirely ni itudents, <!»■ »t-«it 
docs ever) itepol production writing, prim 
Ingt and < Imitating. Conforming to k""^ i ul " 
■i.i L ■ si ir principles and prat ikes, The Stoutonu 

noi only offers iu ttafl memben an op| un< 

iiy to k;"" valuable knowledge and experience 
in writing •Hid reporting, bui alio helps iheoi 
build iii.n.niri i iii weekly Friday coition i* 
published throughout the ycai cx< epi mi exami- 
nation days. Putting inch besi efforts into each 
publication, ■ i»« - itafl memben can justly ex- 
perience i tense "i accomplishmcni and pride 
when iheh finished product ii released <<» the 
itudcnl I >' »< 1 > - 

Bui i«» stnfl members, ikm .ill iv laboring 
amid ink and cop) agalnsi deadlines, I (trough* 
out ■■■<- school ycai parties and social get-to 
gcthcrs were often Jn-l<1 foi .ill the memben 

During i in - first semester, Don Larkin served 
capabl) as editor, with None) Gigowski han 
dllng the duties "t assistant cdltoi Second 
scmcstci Nancj tookovci the position of cditoi 
During the ichool ycai the helpful and skilled 
advia "i Mr, VVbydotski, advisoi to The Slou- 
Ionia, clarified manj problems and qucttioni 
whit li arose, 

The Sloutonia i* one "l the mosi important 
student projects on campui because ii involve i 
even itudcnt: ami enlightcni and Infornu n** 
ol past, pre* m. and Future events, 

I.|.i,.| |i..i I ilkln «■"»» mi ■ 


■ II I I 

... i i ■■ ■■ ■ i.ii w < r , »m iIh 

, ...... •'. pi 

■ i | .■ 

tw|NMiaiti pHOjwfo 

1 . .1 1 ii.ii i 



I .1 ,,.| MM'" Iim.I.ipIi I 

I . . i Komi mm ' 

I) . |, .. | ... I.... I...M IMiHIl M1HNII*'- 

'i ■ ■■ Mi Mi»t* I' '- .... I I 

i mi ■ i .... !■ »|.1 Ml.« " i ■- I'*n1 ...!■■ n ■ I I I ' 

I ■ II ' ■ ' ' I Hi !"• > » » "•'■'• ' 

, .,-.,. I III ' I I « I I - 

II I ... |k1( '• I ■ Il I ■' » 






Nun Kriii.11 lxx"ii lin ilulir* Bt IMS olilm Im Miiiug Jixl 

....... iomIbbmbIi ihroughoai die war. 


capiwwd mv. kud& 

As the hands ul the lower clock move 
.nut 111,11k every second oi life on ilic cam- 
pus throughout 'he year, so ii is the task 
ol the M.iii members ol THE TOWER 

n> .i>hvs and record a year's measure of 
college liie within the covers of this col- 
lege ycarlxHtk. Hath successive year an 
idea lot a new I'OU'KR is Imiiii and dur- 
ing the summer vacation the production 
editor develops and expands the idea into 
.1 basic design for an entirely new book. 
In the rail. photographers are eager to 
Capture the highlights of an exciting year 
as the literary staft prepares copy and 
creates captions. The staff followed the 
traditional pathways of basic production, 
bin tried to reach new levels in photogra- 
phy and in writing copy to give the book 
a definite character of its own. 

Under the shadow of the tower clock, 
the school year moves and the TOWER 

grows — till at last after a thousand de- 
tails, patient labors, revisions and deci- 
sions: alter proofreading sessions and trips 
m the engravers and printers and final 

Uicni] Bni] Cralow: 
l'i "• ].i> n. -. i cdilol !■ mi llrliri; 
"'■"" Nanq Kdadli liicnn id- 
•i*M Robni Subrr, and ,^-t 
|.m Rmn ibid pm 


:i i kjim Nktea. m*0 

I'juU FtMMll <•!•'< <.>;■• -til- 

TOWCI -<<1i"!i dlllllll .::, Ml. Ii 

<liiu\ Luillli: (liiuk I ( 11 (11. r. 

■ihlCtkC Ji'.in \i.m. ■•luiiu/.i 
iIoik; llnli Craktw, editor; vjdiI - 

I «lll!"!l «-. ..ll. M.ll„l'l I.I' II 

nun. iiic>iii/«i]-m»; jih] liHiiw 
Rrckt. iU«w 

FRONT ROW: Dr. Barnard, nlibor: |i«n Noin. iw.i\ Gnltm, lutun (dm-: l.mi llrtln. > Nann Rcnwli. cdUnri 

tini Mn-t. awodatc editor; Juki Khpilt; Margaret Glcnnou: Mr. Sunn, aditm SECOND ROW: Drauu Sinpan; k.* Bo 
1.ih i.tJhjin:> < .im|>l«1l: ( ln-lmli Xctlinriri; I'julinr l''iiU I'liml.: II \nn "il.m I HIRIl KtiU l.nuv '™M. 

Lob Hamca: Doom Ink.; Hob AiUan nw Krnbk; Cwndn llrfbig; \nn Rurit: llltii awe FOI nil" ki>\« VkU Hkte <•-." 
lltxi; iwm.iin Niri-.i: k-.uu NMiau Cbarla Tmatei: Ourir- Iihiii,. Harriet M.u.. viihIi- |*mr ! UaUfct iw.i\ n 



1" t w ft 


solutiow to problems as die face of th< 
old tow docksMiphcidl) " , ' ( ' •'!"'" 

spring, ill* "«w " ll """ "' r0WER 

Ins come lurch. 

Wiih lime passing, ihc approach -t 
graduation am! the student* looking <»■ 
ran) summer vacation, ihe books arrived 
and were given sufl approval al Ik 
|°OWER banquet. And now we Wis 
TOWER I"- reached you, die »uulcnt; 
mat h serve in fix- (inure .i» .1 link be- 
tu..n id. pasi and the present. Foi some 
Mall nu-mbm nuilii.tiion will bring an 
end to a valuable experience in working 
with ilii> publication, bui we know thai 
time will wing forth new faces and new 
ideas. And we hum thai the established 
tradition ol striving foi excellence will 
always motivate future stall members ol 
this our yearbook, fHE TOWER. 

Production editor 1 •••■■ iirii-i. nipcnua ihc wml ol < hula 
n.i.mMii. \iiii. frfdnlund, it. -ti Lie, -nil ran KfjtUfc 

iir [,.-,. Mlthan Mi M, \| k in Bumnl *n.| 

mrlmcl cm 

lit "In.. 1. \n'\ ROWft ■ lir.W. 

ilir liHin lMi<l|pi. 

btadiUmok pathway 

liini llilki. n^i-miililr lin 111* production i>| tin- 

II., nh l^lfiK-1 litit-M ntlMr. Cralov, nan 

■ r. |K-llu|n lln" !■■> Ikinl MNt [>lH*iipj|>l»cn 

lltnM KoW kfcB H-.l.i Mm N.liUjp-1. Inn. 

smiMi u«»n MD if. -. Warrea u-r iiiikn kdu 

link nrdG |Unt 


* «i 

:-'■=■ - 

s\\« HHONIZBD m\immi H 1 - 

oIiiKty cud fjtmae ca-<wdiwataw 

Spluh along on Broadway" woa chosen .«» 

iln ii„ mc foi ii» watt i ihow g(v< 11 I" thi 5yn 

nliod Swim mi i-< aflici thb (rai Mi' 

l inm populai Uroadwaj plays wen used as ba< ) 

i tnuiii and as guide* in ill vclnplng the 

various .Hi- New cosiumci added coloi and 
• .mm. .mil modern dance and "landwori 

■ n also introduced into ih< i" rli ,: 
i i i, i iin i. ad) rshfp nI Mi Kobcri WHwn, 
ivrlmmcn me) one* • week 10 plaiii pre part) 
md i i" roudiH ■ foi i'» li waiei *ii"" 

Synchronized iwli ig bhics swimming 

wltlt .(..HIM nblllt) and rdlnailon, Precise 

coordination i* ini|iorintii low liicve the corn 1 1 
timing and rhyihni, Members ntotliry basi< 
icchnfquci nidi .i« iln l"'l .""I breast itrokt I 

.mil u« different rhythm! Uoni •■» iltclr 

rpn tni i i lie) i "i'.-'i'.' I" both ilinple 

.miiI (liiin uii undt iu-.ii. i and above watoi rou 

i i In it iuIioI tlita hard worl bant [fcctlvc 

nnd acitlti ill walcl "ballet, 

imiM bow luitf I ' '■■ ' ■ ''■'' '■" " l '\ s ""^" , :''\''''^r Jlltt 

(■■■ * I ■ •""■ I" """ I ' - ■ I I ' s "'-"- I''"' '■ 

i-l rtitwni mi In! M«1 l I 


(Vilf % 

V 1 


man ROW Sbiwi •!■■■ Vnn Minhilli Inn k.-kx"-. M*k] ■•>»■ OWp Mflbf* judn IHbnu ■ rkhji 

I \mi Hh-k mhiMi K<m Nut*] NAiiniC *■'<"' Danncili **■■» Schule vwwuk Schwn<i*U; |i»n hUfcalnh; |od SMrOo; 

ttnam Uuknlik; ir„, w,. i Si t iwj «■■■> Rtooibnn nimn *<»" < - S«i n Hivm W«A Carol h* 

ibhfMtra Sclilrvri: !■■■■ r«i ■ Carol K..1-. m."k.i.i lUsdnhui; Mji) Hewi; Fount Roa I SHdl 

Ml CI 111 

exdwuigiKg experienced 

"To make the best better," il»- motto ol 
the III organization, i-> the «";■! <»' all 
Siniii I ll members. I hrougli varied activ- 
ities such .in health and safety, recreation, 
citizenship, conservation, leadership, and 
\>n inti-. uilici projects, members have an 
opportunity to continue in III work while 
incy arc attending college. While ai Stout, 
club members .■!"> have a chance «• ex- 
change ideas from experiences in ihcii re- 
ipeclivc counties and work closely with the 
Dunn County 4-1 1 groups, 

bonni StnpMn, Man Inn [■t|(a, ■•»>' Retn Palmci 

I) pbn Hi'ii mi- r-. National i n < Itiu ' nngitw 

M . mil meeting, atmbtti ■■! iIm rin|MH < n * hib 
rnirrcl iwllaiBcnian piwoluic 


-.i. Paul ii]'i~". Dah Mi-icwii 

J.n l>lchl i'hillti Br.*. Uld Bjtli In*!." m i'M .<■. 
, IVa . . i i i I ISA ">"(ln(. 

U I si EV - UCCF 

fctoeaute citato 

Student thinking has been greatly chal- 
lenged iii the united progiaiu "' Wcsley- 
UCCF, not only in the breath ol the ccn* 
Hal theme, "The Word. The World, ami 

The Sacraments." Inn also through an el 

Fective scries "l "Fireside Chats. Meet- 
ing monthly in the nearl) completed itu* 
dem lounge, uudenti have been Faced 
with ideas ami opinions introduced by 
Faculty mcmberi in areas ol personal val- 
ues, marriage and Family living, and |»»li- 
ii( v Parti* ipants wen- able to ditcim their 
own opinions and beliefs in an minimal 

atmosphere outside the classroom. Ex- 
tended use ol the lounge can icd into study 

groups and a Forum which met to discuss 

the many aspects ol religious living. 

Activities went beyond the four walls 

ol the Center — they involved workcamps, 
siate conferences, Wisconsin Calendar 
tales, and an active pan in Stout Days, 

I Ik entire round « *i activities experi- 
enced l>\ the active members ol this cam- 
pus organization has enriched the individ- 
ual person in Faith and has also established 
a greater Fellowship among his campus 
friends who joined in bis sharing. 


Mirnl-n ..I »"I"IMI Inn 11 m Mi WbUOB 

vim Informal Intuit ji dm ol iiir bmiU] (lraridf duu 

(HUM Mu\i < -m.Uii Hi H.rli'i. Gatfe Swanm: Uu] Van ' 

"viumIim. ViiMnb Buhilu SM.ONn ROW: Jmli Kramer; U»n Im tml 

l..iir Motei* li"'> RoterUi ( iw.l D u Mtef y "ibkm i 1 "" iin«n m»\ 
While Ed KnlRn Uni Npmbmi 1'^" Sdfcn |mi ftnuw Ron.1.1 n»ii; Ri-mi nun 




"Hope it* • >ii Jlc. ilnnl» Mjiirmi (Ultra at <lic |iic 
pua '" boil it the innuil H K \ i.mi Jjiii. 


aiWeiic QHl&ilwwmd 

The lively downs in the Homecoming 
parade lliis year represented the Women's 
Recreation Association as they held their 
(all balloon sale. WRA members were also 
active selling hot dogs as a concession at all 

home football games, and they offered a 
clayol athletic entertainment in sponsoring 
their annual Gym Jam. At this time the 
gym is open for all to participate in one 
oi several games. Affording WRA mem- 
bers more enjoyment were the Christmas 
party and several Sport Days — intercolle- 
giate activities sponsored for specific sports. 
Competition in a wide area of sports 
was Carried on throughout the year, rang- 
ing from the volleyball 10 the archery tour- 
naments in the spring. Intramural competi- 
tion was continuous through the year, of- 
fering an organized program consisting of 
a variety ol seven sports. The State Con- 
vention was also attended by delegates of 
WRA ai Eau Claire in October, and. fol- 
lowing the Spring Tea, final achievements 
for a good year's work were honored at 
Awards Day. 

ikom koh Damn Stowon; Hit* tun-m. KcrenfTt KatMoti B«k. prafdcnij CrfUtl niaijttx-iK. •»"■ piaMcni: K*ten stimiu. 

• « fr.lliu. Mlvbor; Ruth Ann WaidcHcb: }> 
i(C«i. miua Rein. 

UlUwa; llunur kriiiurm; Maicucitlr lUlufn. StCONO 
I) \i.t> Wllm; OiiiIik llimrci. l'h>lli» Bar, 

1 i in. ■ !.i|<. I. M.III.IM 



- « 

FRONT now: I'htiiu Tripp; in Knn Uejcn praldon; Nann Ndiriac umm fa ih ke . vhnWt, 

wirf-uit: Mari-in Itonii: [*n Mifilirll: Ciytiil Dirnbnr SKONIl ROW: MinutK Harper. nSitm: p.,!, \nn n. 
SldUMOlU JcJiinr Odd: J run Vi.iiu; Jod] Wtll<-niil; I'jlniii Ruu; iHr \im Wcngrr. 


bwM hi acihw 

Each spring is greeted with a sudden out- 
burst of bright colon and pretty new hats as 
the women on Stout's campus entertain thtir 
mothers at the Mother-Daughter banquet. 
The YWCA sponsors this all-campus dinner. 
Another highly successful function undertaken 
by this Organization is the Big- Little-Sister pro- 
gram. Before freshmen come to college in the 
Fall, they are assigned an upper classman who 
acts as a Big Sister. The two girls correspond 
during the summer and the prospective fresh- 
man can ask questions thai will help her adjust 

to college life. A Big-Liltlc-Sisui lea is held 

during iiic litsi weekend <>t school and there 
is the op|K>rtunitv lor ilu freshmen to meci 
many of the people on campus and to be in- 
troduced to the college social seem-. 

Though the YWCA is a small but active 
group on Stout's campus, it is ;» nan ol i vasi 
nationwide organization and the experiences 
gained by the members will Ik- verj beneficial 
to them in their future careers, especially in 

Mcrnlmt "I V.WC-V «h«if I.Icji »i in inlttnul gaihtiinft »« ih*» prepare id» «-." « lOWft 
<tiun» (MCfUialloiU tin UK Bin I iltl' s.iii l>* 

line the* 



... I 


i ii,.t i i i (imi( KNi ' " ' '' " ' ■ 

■ '■■ 

-■"-■■ " • i »■"!■ ' ■ 



. i . 
■it i ■■ ■ ■ 

Ml sn in i'\i« I \n N i 

atwoApkoie oj kaftnuucij 

l )ih iiaihwii] lo llu In .ni ") man it 
llirOUgl til .in. I Kluill SUK < ■ ill* K" " 

proud "i Id i rwliiloni i •"•• ' lui 

I miiiiiii> iii.iii lnnn I1.1111I. mm in colli r.i 1 Iwrui .nut Syinphonii 

Nlngcri uiulci lln Lipiiiili 1I11111 .1 

Hi 1 Idrgnrd vmmI hard i" m ill an 11 
mmulici? "i I"" ) on • antpui 

I I in limn 1 1 |" il I " >H l! " 

in ii.nili.ill gnnin and parittlpain In 

irvrnil local panujci \i II (Inn 

tin 11 lull 1 allow -i". 1 much la add >" 

Hi. ipii M ni tin 111 uion 

1 in uion 1 u< ildi ol iniiMi « 

iii.ii. .1 1 ■ v tin 11 11 ii.uiii and ii 1 

li m i Itorim; tin j 10111 1 iitrati on ini Iin< 
ii<lini.|iii 1 ni iniiMi 1 1" ""in it band. 
)..». .1 ni flfl) 1111 mben and tin iIkii 

\ ..1II1 N »li I I-111. 1 

cfiia, ding »""i and broidculiiuj 

1 In Symph Singrn ai npoilcd 

dI Mil uulilandins muiTclini In IkiiIi ron 
ten baud hi. 1 college rhorui During ii» 

\, m M11 \ pii -1 in h " ill iiiim 11* and do 
inin ii n ranting won 

It Hi 

■ ■ 

I '■ ■' 'I" 1 " 1 I " 

i mini 

(hi " *■ ■ i"" ■ i <i "">- 

immb&i . 


iln Si, I hi lllfflh 


fcacuCly awl student Uticx 

vht^ir. — .1 >■ in. mi. ws 


m.wi. k.ih.lii. MohMiMd iv i»». in, ii« 
Al«l. iuiImi- l ICO 

t,!,,,,,..,. wuii. "i I l»% 
\i.m\v. »i. i«% 

AriiiUi. \«#l l'".-1 100 

\Tm.I*, Ml* IV l!B. IM. IH. IM. W7. ail 

ttii.ii. I...«dU I 10* 

illNmMtlti Sjii'Iij IV 19) 

vt.n. nui i »" 

mi-m. Iinte n in 
Mbmhf, torn Hi in Itl 

Alli.nlil. ttWI.m I If*'. 

All. II IIS 

Mi. Vdix.iJ Mohanutl I I" 
MMi.mi. H<» III l«l 
*\ll HUM. Mil MAM "1 

inn, MmUi iv in 
Vndnrn iw i i»*. 

\.»l.i«» l»'l< U IIV HI. 2H>- VI" 

tiKtmon. « 

*u.| II HV IXI 

Mult-i-,.- IMM.I III IW> 

\i>.i-i— ii n.»..i.t i iv iw. in 

Ml. W". "ill 

\M<Im-.|. i ild (1 1 I'll 

tMHHMIV Ill Hill HI «) 

•tndnton, Ibnraid-IV im 


■..,iit< 1 lit. 


,tm I <••*•! !'<" 




hull 1 Hrt 

ViKbnm. R'^m*i» it us, i»- 


\i,.1. <«->. II....I... II IM. IM 

tndmon, Vmal IV IM 

Anirll, |"l»i IV l». IM. I« 
Attionnetu, !■«! iv l. IM, Hi 

\MKIM. Kl IUHMI it n» 

tpninon, lima in til 

Arf.i... Kit 1 IV IM 

tiiimlxijtlii. I'*i« "I I*-"- I'« 

InHMDtl. ' ■■■hi 1 10% 


tni.inii. M.nln 1 HA 

SIMM, |." 1 !»'• 
Alula, lkmirl IV Iff. 1« 

\ i. ( -Mil II in. i:v mi 

vaim. R..I-H n lit 

V\l I.M.N 

I'AH, W 


I l%%. IH7 
\Ul I l»% 

DMliman, |*,i II in. iw». wl Roman iv in, IW 
IWiWiikIi. Si-ulri CmiI IM 

»*r-0. |ll<lhl ) 

n.t„. pl'tllli lit IN. 199 

n.i... Miii l i«n 

ILL... Hiili'iil II «l. TV IV7. I"". 3I» Mt«ii in in, i?t mo 

IIIKWKIi. HAVIIt "V lit itlt William. IV IM 

Itmnn. Bm.r I lot, Vlmrni I IHV 31*. Ttt 

li,.... , < .mint IV IW 

Ilii.. Mi. KiiUrt I im 

IURRA. M \UI.I IKI 1 1 It, IW 

Ranun, """.It I IM, 8M 

■burl, Mail ii m Illll II in 

tl.lltlll I llill"! I I' 1 '' 

Hilton |«m II IM, IM ZIB. Its 

n- Mi... ii in 

Balr* U.iiil I mi, Iff/ 

».."- I I Hrt 

Itaurt. S|ml» li in 
lUuman. k*> i IM, aw 

lUiln. I'diiI I HA 
IWmi.I.I... I'..lil II lit 
II.. I... Jill I IIW |i„llfl. II 2ZJ H.....I.I IV 171. |M f M3 
i. ■ .. i ..... ii 111 
Hm. Aim. ll l?i. lav l«a. lot 
H*l«>. IW,.... Ill ill in 

11.1... I 1(1% 
mi im i ih »sk ■; 

11.11. I' I I". 

RmUtttfT, ii.ii. ll in 
ii., hi- i.-.. ii lit i or. 

iv.ui- h.i. ii lit n 

IIIMIIV I'lltll IV •% 
ItfHWHl M.» IV l« 
I1...1. IIm-.uI II IM Kim I l« 

IW...,. II I.-' 

IV.,,. lum III 171 

Ii., K,, I Ii'. 

ikit. riiiiu. ii in. 7M. -rat 

IWi K .k. Iixtuli IV \Ti. 13*., lau 

R«wr. i-.ii'"> li 111 

Bcnhnd. Rwii.i.i iv \r,. IH, IW 

11,. ,,il Mi-I.,i.. «.,.,! IM! 

nntKti. T»n« III 1^1 

IWilitr, H.itxil I IDV 

n,d. iw, iv t:: i-»> v vu 

ll.. .,,.(,.. II.. Ll 1 I", '.'ll -'>! '.'.•.' 

niitri. 1-ii.i.t. I im 

nir.i. Iliunr III ir 

lit™-. i...m iv itt. ina. m, au 

ii, ...... ... r... .t n i . 

Illl.lilrl. IW.t. Ill 171 

iiii.i. Rdtli n in 

lllr.l. hnn III IW 
IM*tT. Ji^ir IV 177 
|i"l„.,. l.-i.iii. til IVI 

li..|..l- I-" I Hi''. -'-"-' 

Blllm. h-i»m IV l»T 

HMo, Nr.1 III IS". I*.T. IW' 

Itbilr. I..U III IH. IT* 

ItUrwi. Mit. Ill tv, i... i- :irt t.i-.i.i ill im. in 

Itl \KI IRItHHK t. H, 7D4 

|1l,.t,,,,.li IHM tl 113 

nintmiiii. !«• l 109 

IIUlliHi. Mnrfirn II IIS 

I1MI!(.. I "In »% 

HUM. |antn I IOV. II*. 'MS. »•( 

in.. i. ihhm iii in, i7«. iti. i» 

BiomquM, i ni'i» i i*^ 

Blown n.-inlr i ios 

Ilium. R-v I In*. 

IUi.iii.i. KnHf I l«V 

IW«k, 1-i.l.liii. I !"*■. BB, 777 

iw-t.n. Umnb H IN 

IH.U. |r«i I n«. m 

IL.tiMX. k.l II lit Till. III. 711 

HorhmU, B.itu.«- I IDA 

tWinlm, K.ihi'n HI lA li". I«l 

RoblHD. ("I H H 1 100 

ii..»,.. It*.i.l III ID. I". I". 01 ('.mi h H 

lUiH.-m. V.,,"". I |n% 

II..IM \l. IIISMS -; 

B-nitliil |f<nnr I ><IS 

|t„ 1K --". (••••" "I '"' It* 

iv.„,..i. [.-.(.i. it iw iBi i« i*«. i"t 

n..iv iiiitii in in ■•.' 

B.hi«-. < »t.ilil* III IW. I". 15". l"». II" 

nuMttiik. Rimini "7. iv.. in. in, 
ikwv, |. H ihm iii in, m. w. -'ii 
rmie, w«aw ii iiv in. in, v* 

lit Mini, law I 11° 

iiu.vii. iM«Hiit in in 

Hi. mil I I0B 

i.i- mi i i tC.SMM 

111*., llivllr I ll» 

m,.i, it.,1,.1 ii n 
„,.„„„. rJutka n lit i« 
Rnmntr. |.»-i-i- m lift ISB - "*■ !no 
BitehtHnM. fcrt*™ I* m 

iiiitin i nut" I ft 
Bii|itm*ii. Anna I l»> 

li,.,,. I.,,, i\ 

lllnmn.,, •in... III l.>. 

H " I I U. |Ot 

"»"»' Mid *l 

bm RwWirii ll III 

ii,,,.„ i„i hi Jl* 

n..,i..i,, ^.„.,. ( .. ii im i-. i«; /ii. 

n,"..i„. m.i. i I... 

I!,. ..,»,.... H-h.,.1 III 171 

ii..,. \..,., ti in m di 

I". .„ (.',., II IM 

n..t.i.i, n ll im 

It, ,.(.....,. h.,i.„. i ia 

'■ | ■• •• i 10 

ii,..ii. h-.>-„ it i 

Bm. k.n.i..,. ii im. IH, l".. tit, BO 

■ i m... iti m in 

li- '."" '■•II* 11 71. HV I* 

ii \ it m in 

ll.iii..,, I..,. II 111 
11....",, < I.., I.. I 10% 
11,." <-»> It |fj, IW 

lluu. I.I. It 1.- W. 

Ituw Itimnl. I li'. 

%mm i inl I IH 
Bu-r. Wwblim 1 10% 

11.,.-, II (.m.. Ill IIO, IW 

RiHlteartoi H..I....I I m 

lli,M,,t„M (-,„ II IM 

li 1. <■■■ It ' ' 

cut, ii-., it m 

i .I... it M... ill t;i». l«2 l«t 

|jni|.l-l< ll.,l,.i. Ill TV IIV 110. IT*. 717 

I .■>!,. II. Iixllll. II IIS 

(.„li,.. i KMhaam in i." i". i->. I"l 
( .ii.*. (i«i.« I !«•%. K7 
l.rl»«. IUixi I 10% 
. ln m ti.,, t,.i, ll in 

I.M-m. B,» II IM 

Oil". V....I.. II II* II li*' .". 

• in i hwUa n i" 

i ... ii,..,,. I MS 

C VRKIV.V ll.tHt II 

, „,.,. !,..■.. ,1 I M 

.....i.t.., Mitm iv in. uvittiH 

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< ti.ini.,. Unfed iv iw in.,, iii iw. in. in. nv in, in. 

lis. in 
<),*«. sm in in !•■• iii 

«t,.n« Iw,, i," H.,1,,1.1 <"'l l» 
. '...,.,-u. Hi.'i.i.l 1 i ■ 
(in-, RMhaid it in 

I HINMH k IHt'll.lll ■*. 

I I,,. n HI IW. I«" 

i im,",".,, hrm it in ii* 
(i, IU l !'■■ '."•'• 

, I,.,..,,,.,. I...I. It IV- .'I- 

. t .<,-.. H..-«li I '"■ 

( hltMlIMM Pwll '■'" , ' " 
|K%. I liii.ll'ii»«-,i <-»<» ITS 

*i .—i k„ n in 

» imitiit\MiN viim " 

.i hh i hi '«■ 

ws « In*. '"■■' ' ""' , 

< lath, l-Hlnh IV '» 

u..*. Utm iv !-■" m 

( «..", it m !■:. wi 
i u,".. iviu' li i 1 ' m 

u...^, k..,.i„.t. ii i" no, w 

». ull Villlt. Ill IW ITT. I« 
,..(„.„. t,.,l.... I* I.*' '-I I- -■*■■ 

(.-»«, It**" I" 17" »" 

,.,,.',,1..,.. v.-. II I" 

l,.|l,H Mi. i, -i I I'" 

(,h,.|..iiii |.m- ill in 
(,^i.„. lliMbaih I IM 


Omnn, Kith"}" -1 ,<fi 
OwL Ibttnn-IV 71. 12". 1W 

Own. lc.j-IMSI.IW.IM.IW 

tow. Nail.-I 103 

COTTER, ncrn "6. IM 

Own. I.inda-I 1« 



On. ji<qiielii»e~l I* 

ClltfT, laxy-l 105 

Cngppi Wali-IV »7. 1«. I«. »» 

Cntmii i*.m-ii ni 

imp.. l«nu-IV 12*. 179. I» 
(ullfn. Mauwn-I ll *' H0 
GuIIukx 1<"c 1 »h-ll 157. IK!. !>*. 3W 
Oman.' \- Jill-Ill 110. 179 
Chimin. Walln-lll 120 

Dank. Vaiikia-lV 129, 182: IW 

)),■■>,. 5uun-I ICO 

luhl. Elaine-U IH. I<! 

riihl, Hop. -I 105, 218 

llahhtiom. llleeii-1 l"5 

n. 1 i ..:. IH. 217 

Dallmann. Gloria -IV 129. M". 179. 181. IH, l!« 

Dinkh. Kiaruiil — II II" 

Ikinkhun. Sounnt-I 105 

Dannnoff. Donald- IV 129 

Dmlmn. CmU-l 105 

DaugbenOeuirti. Rkh».d-l 10*. 223 

Dj.ii, lh.ixhi-1 105 

Damn. Rtchaid-I 105 

Day, Mavn-I 105 

Ikalev Robnl-111 190 

|i-.,:i- Donna- 1 1 III 

Ika.lh. NotraM-IV 129 
Dnln. Jtnilinn-ll 114 

lll-ltrirr-.JTi. RuwII-II III 

Deinint*.. Iliiliata-I 106 


De la Criu. /aca- Cud 150 

Dt1*miv. ;..-ii<- in 121 

Iklnli. Jour-Ill 120. ITU 

Delm. Mai»in-I 105 

IkmiLt. Manha-I 105 

Dab*. Paul-ll 111. 157. IV 

Dei* I. Nmman-I 105 

litii. tiitlriMi-l 10* 

lKVtx. Jolm-1 105 

DeViin. ljihmnr-1 105. 2»H 

DrWaid. Kma-IV 129. 181. lie 196. 197. 211 

Dehiil. lV.uj[Ui I l'< - . 

Di.lwn. lril-ll 111 
DICKKANN, IK>N\li) *i 

Dkhl. (.ni ill 120. 178. 193 
Dktil, Ijimi-II 3". 111. 21". 219 
Dieienbnp*. J<*q>h-1\' 129. IH9. 196. 19". 199 

Ihllnn. lunn-lll 120 
Dingn. Thotiu.-lll 120. 157. I KM, 203 
Dioui*. Rolii -I In". 

I>, ■'.:..■- Suf Alin-ll 111 

Dot. Dak-ll III. IV. 

DUon. Paul-I 105 

ItoUn. I'alikia-I 1(4 

IMIav. vui'ii ll Ml 

IVwnlifiHL. I.lmid-l 105 

Done.. Dukl-IV 129. I'M 


Dnriimnt. Iarae>-I 105 

Doiwr. Judith- III 3*. 120. l-H 

Douglm. G.aie-lll 121, l«i 

Dougla.'. Thoniat-ll III. 1*1 

Dfaegei. Kalliim-I 105 

DianiWg. Raibjia-lll 129. 1"1. 197 

l'i*»i>*. Da.lel-ll III. 16ft. IM 

Diengbnz, Ci)<lal-ll IM, 199, 219. 220. 221 

Die-In. Muikne-tll 120 

Dlttdofl Mr.1.1, II III, I— ."-I 

Ditrura. ihoiiut-I 105, 202 
Dulni.. William --II III. 202. 211 
Ditebnn, Kathleen Ml 120, |.«< ivi. -:n 

Dunn. Thonm-I 105 


DjuImv. D» 129. 117, l«7. Ml 

Cdmil*. Iom-1 105 

IM. J<>hn-I 105. 162 

Ihkn. RmeiMt}— I 105 

Ehramkfa. ll*rold-II IH. IW. 222 

Kulrllictx. Willwm-I 75. 105 

riniira. lUnn*-l 105 

Mnum, Jim-Ill 122 

llclnunn, Ruucll-IY 202 

Hon. Kjini-t 105 

Diner, WBjBe-U 157. 159. l7o, iw. 203 

IlklHia. lanj-Cnd 150 

Uliv Citolc-ll I". 219 

EUim, Fjjlih-ll IH. 197 

tntri. Tom-IV 195 

Kngcllr. Robcil-ll IH. 181 

Innnum. :;-..:. Ml 121. 1MJ 

llnW. Inn -II 112. Ml. 190 

IRIH.II/. 1RKNK «2. 220 

tclmxnn. M«iihn-ll IM 

HklMrti. Iran— I 106 

l.kkwn. hntr-IV 29 


EridUOO, Satilocil-lV 125. 172. IIW, 2«3 

|l«lwid. hi. 1. i!i ll IH, IM. 179. 211 

BnEtti RUh»r.J-lll 20, 122 

Ewoi. Jnin-I 105 

I .1-1 (liriuinc-lll 126, IM) 

I .'-. (,. 1 i!i III 121. 190 


fa-lum. (Sn»l-lll 121 limolh;-! 106 

rALKOISXE, NOEL "7, 191 

taiboHa. 'I1«mia.-1 160. 162 

Itaulx. D»>d-ll IH. 22J 

PUKC, Idtlk-lV 129. IKI. IK2. 197. IW 

led*, Moniu-I 106 

frfln. I)»vld-1 201 

I .-:iin;. 1 \ ,i,:.n., Ill 121. 17*. 199. 21" 

lentil. Diane— IV IW 

• nutlet. Joannc-I 106 

Icidon. Davld-I 106 

FoilMk, [Phn-I 20H 

rend, KollMti-lV 129. IK. 191 

1'oeniiuln. 1'atikla-IV 129, II", 17", 181 

Incnnuirt. Roirnup-H l". IU 

I'««t. Anne-Ill 121. 180. 181 

l'c(Jr). Sirvrn— I 106 

Iruntirin. Shiile»-I 105. 217. 223 

I'kllfi, John-Ill 121 

IMltr, raiil<U-l 202 

l—tnilno. Nldt-1 157 

llulirr, (.iJir-IV 129, 300 

lithrr. Jaino-1 106 

Ranpo. Matpmiie-ii 111. 201, 220 

Hrming. lin>e.-III 121. 156, 157. IM 

IkOn. fhrodoit-l 106 


lormmrl. JanUr-l 106, 223 

h<raitiHl. JMn-II 113. 223 

Ink*. Itanna-ll III. I». 211, 212. 218 

Eob. faiol-l 10(1 

limnn, Katn— I 106 

I nl*>, IH 

lumi. 9ml>-n 113. 197 

I rrjTithxm. Da mm — III 

li«li»Li«n. DJvi.l-1 106 

lir,lri.l«m. Ruhatil-IV ISO. 157. 16" 

lirrnun. |a«iurline-IV 150. I7M. I"l. 193 

lire*. ...;.■.:.,. ill 71, 121. 182. 193 

rrrlwald. 'rti«nut-III 119. 121. 187, IW. 207 

KctkIi. UmU-l 106 


li.*l«<h, C.Uon-III 122 

Iruth. Robeil-I IW. 162 

I'iicim, G»l«kllF-IV 150 

liilln. Lhailn-Il 111.201 

Hilln, Jrilicy-I 106 
lull*.. JudUta-l 106 


GtblUMk l.l«»nl-l 106 
(.ulnlunil. Annr-II IM. 211, 218 
(.alina, Dub-I 162 
< .j it*. 1-1. Jimei-I 106 
(Jj.itit, JmI-IV 130 
Giiinun. Mjij Jo-II 111. 201 
(ia<lKilnl. IJnda— III 121 
(iaudn, Ronald-ll IH 
<klxcr. AmoM-II 111. 181 
<;*»«*., Mkhail-I 106 

GdZ Uuy-I 106 - Sl * 

GCtor, luilte-ll IH. 220 

(.. ' !■■ Rolxil-I 106 

(.,,.. 1- r- ■ 1^ i». iw 


(ktbe.. Joteph-IV 130 

'.•irj;. I'at.Ul— I 157 

tinit. ITionu.-l 106, Juhn-I 106 

GaVd, l t «e.-HI 121. 170, 181 

(kitmn, RI.liii.l-IV ISO. IBS, 190 

Gewviin. Caiv-H IH 

tkuiinl, Chailn-I 106. 157, 166 

'■■'.■' I'.ni ■■ 1 . 1 100 

Gidow, Ra>n»on.l-l I06. 222 

Ckntkr. 'I*hei-l«rtc-l 106. 73 


lUKnnl. Mmj-IV 130, 179 

GiBU-ai. N»ik»-II 111. 211 

Gllbnttnn. Jcan-I 108 

Gilbriiwn. Zha-ll IIS 

(.ill. Sanitia-IV 130. IW 

Cilln, Unda-IV ISO. 181. IW 

Glemm, MiiK-rci Ann-Ill 121, 195. 212, 2IS 

1. mill.-. Audio III 121, 178. 197 

Godfrey, Gin-Ill 122. 186. 200 

(-Kllnry. Jill— I 106 

Goni, Ciarj-I 106 

Goldbtcfc, Gi.y-ll 111. 171 

Camion. Nincy-I 106 

1 . ■, 1 :, M.^ HI 122. 181, 162. 200 

(^-iK.|jirt. Wtlliam-I 106 

C^iwlulk. l' 113 

Graxe. Pciei-IV ISO. 188 

Cimf, Jolin-GiMl 151. IB7 

Giahain, John-Ill IZ2 

(•iaham. |j»ini<r— Ciad 151 

(iiaham. Mn<-I 106. 212, 219 

Giaham, I'aiikii-ll IH™. Rrl-..a-lll 121. 193. 212. 213. 213 

Gramlw. lune-IV 130 

Gruw. R«haid-I 106. 210 


Gira.ct, Aiihui-III 122. 186 

Green, Itillle-I 106 

<kcen. J»me»-t 106 

Crb, «:>nchl»-iv ISI 

GraE Kenneth-IV 20. ISI 

Gioulonl, Keniwlh-ll 189. 201 

Ikoumi. MaiMi«-ll 75. IH. 178, 206 

Grolh. Mary-ll 111. I78 

(Jiu, Rklvaid-I 106 

Grata, MUT-I 106 .Sandia-IV 131. 222 

(kuiKlahl. Alke-I 106 

GubaUa, J(nel>1i-I 106 

Gueniel. N*nc>-IV ISI. 193 

(, F.dHJiil~ll 111 

GitllliLuifi. N. Anihotiy-II IH. 208, XII 

GumlriMin. Sharon-lV 131, 179 

Gy|u, Howaid-II 111 


Haw. William-Ill 121 

ll«K*ii. D"iuihy-I 106 

llach. 1 I...V -1 201 

Halm, Janei-I ion 

llain. Rolieii-ll 157. 170,2113 

llalama. I.llralicih-ll IM. 182. IW 

Halama. Jankr-III 121. 217 

Halt*.*. Sandia-ll IIS RuilianiH—l 107. 22S 

tun— II 111 

i.rnn-1 IOC 
(•hn-H 113 
«icil*-IV I 

MM UN. II If) 

ilalUn, k.iiuW-1 lift 
H.n.i 1 *.«<t raul-Crad 130. 201 
lUth'niiicn. )iiRrnr-ll 112. IS7. IW. Bfl 
MU.VORSON. SI11I-SRD90. 191 
Damn, llorinlc- II 113 
H.tmln.n. M.tln-lV 191. ITS, IM 
■ tamilum. Manlia-I 100. 2W 
Hammtll, Intin-fiiad 130 
Hammond: Maiian-I 107 
Hammond. K»k«i-> 106 
Mand.ab.n. Maigiirt-I 106. 217 
llanlr. Ann-I 107 
Hanwn. Boerlt-II 111 

n«iwti. tkw-ii in. *a 

ll.nmi, lam-IV 131. IW. 101. 202. alt. 212 

Hanwn. RlT-IV 20. S». 131. 1B6. 202 

llamco. 121. I«L 220 

Hjiywii. Robnt-Giad 131 

IUu-.ii. ttan-ll IM 



Kuwa. W«i«-iv isi. isi 

HlOMO, Or*«»— II 171 

Haii-xi. RI.har.l-lV 131 

llaaton, siiaum-i 107 

iiiii.'i. Stew-IV 131. is*. 202 

Hai.l, jann-ll 113. I Mi, llclrn-ll IH. 197 


II. <;imn-lll 166 

H.xlv, lolin-l 100 

Haidv, julir-ll 113. 191. 223 

Haigrain, jrrold-ll lit, 173. 200. 216 

If u tin. IuiM-1 106. 219 

Harmon. IUiluia-11 113 

H..I.I- 11.1,1.11., Grid 131 

llainiv II. iMinU-ll IIS. 202 


HauiiiKion. Man-I 106 

MarrU. PhvllW-ll 113 

II. m,. Imn l\ 211 

Hamuli. Joan-Ill 121. 199. IIS 

lUuimn. I-atiKk-IV 131, IH6. 198, 202 

Haunt. lohn-I 100 

Haiiuiaiin. Kaihlmi-1 106 

Ilaiumc. MUY-I 100, 223 

Haium*. K,. :,.,.! II 113 

Kulow, Dnmi.-n 113. i*\ 

Haul!. Jankc-ll 113 

llaujtn, MaiRiwrilc-I 100 

Hand*. <Jrol)n-I Htf. 219. 223 

Hjugni. Rkh*nl-ll 106 

Ifewh. jm)~H 113 

Ma win... DocuM-I 100 

Hankinum, Dmim-ll 113. 20S. 210 

Hatbuni. Robot-ll 113. 162, IM 

Holkr. Janrt-lV 131 

licit, Maiitinr-1 106. 203. 222 

HtUd, I'auU-ll 121. 1*0 

llriitcl. Phvlllt-I 100 

HnMjr. C«ar>d.a-ll 113. 212. 213 

lldfOOn. Kaihtcm-t 107 

llrllct. II. Tho«»*-m 122. IW. 20*. 212. 2H, 

llciiwl. Ifaiold-lll 121 
llnidikiton. Ilofini*— I 106 
Helming. Robm-II IH. IM 
ll.milmn, Donald-Ill 121. IM 
Men.*, Rkhaid-lll 189, 211 
lltppcrly. Iliian-lV 131. 190. IW 
llcih.1. Cm -I 1*7 
llnlM. Jamn-I 106. 137 
llnting. ltmnii-1 100 
llnm. Ri.bard-1 106 
llnnrunan. rnrnxr— M 113 
Ifnrkk, DOOM-IV 132. 177, 1*1. 1« 
llnnnaim. Ixnn>til-1 106 
llnttiuinnrt, Donna-II IH. 1*0 


Ileum, <VIIIUtii-lll 121. 1«. IM. 213 

Hkk., Vkkl-ll IH. 193, 211 

Hhrbtr. Shiilo-IV 131 

Hirb. Clark-Ill 122 

IliMman. Imr-ll 111 

Millman, M ■■■ n i\ 132 

Hill. Jeroitie-IV 132. 1*7. 190. 190 

lllnlj, DotuM-ll IIS. Ml, 223 

llitie. BtWt-H 33, IH 

Him ItMiti. I.) mi- 1 106 

Mi-V. i—moolm-ll 113.212. Hf 

ll«k. ]o>epli-l "" 

lli-ll, irmii. Kotmi-I 105 
HiKlor. Ilixla-MI 121. IT<J 
lluqmn. Oilo-H 111 
Ibncinun. .Sue-Ill 122. 17* 
Hoffman.«-l 100, 2» 

Hoi I man. Kna 1 I Oft. 221 

M..II.T,-,,,. I.I. II IH 

IMmann. Chalk*-- IV 112. M 
il- v. ..-.■ Mai* Iji • III 
HnhUrta. Iiun-ll 111. 2W. 211 
HmU. Julin- III 71. 121. 1'.<l. 201 
Holm. t-aul-M IH 
Holnun. Ih»i>l-I 100 
Hull. UVuinc~ll 113 

II..I(UM>1«. I>ubi>-I 106 

II-. ..'.. -.. i ■ ■ -li l\ 112. I- 201 

iU-nn. RciRn-IV 132. 1*1 

I1. 1l |n».pr.p>. Kuth-IV 132. H*. 177. I7S. 

INI. 191. 200 
lloian, Ocuirr-ll IM 
HMkt. Kaira-lll 122. 178. 191. 2WI 
llofniil. Anne-ll IH 
HuuhLiH. Dnld-ll IH 
Him*. Marun-IH 121. 190 
il...... II. Allan-ll 113 

llirtranl. R.Jml-l 106. 223 
lloxtni. 'I-hoiBM-IV 132. 1R6. 200 
HOWINON. llKl'l.MI ^1 
llmt. t.ror|;ia-MI I2Z 
Hull, Rorn-11 113. 21V 
Hull. KiituU-ll 113. 219 
Hunger, (J.rtinc-11 113. 220. 223 
Mmtun, Anrrlinc-IV 132. 179,,. M,!.!-' HI 121. 179 

lluiuhoutc. Tom 1 106, \7Q 
Hii.«o. Dai id M II- 

H.r. !,,n, M .n.-l-lV 132. IH2. 191 

IftWttMOa, Map-I 106. 21H. 222 
tlui|<ni. Miaion-I 107 


Invrrvtll. lutlilh— II 113 
lunian. 121. 210 
IViRSON. RALPH l>". 196. 207 


*.k«*i. uponM-n ii3 

Mobt. (-..Ml 107 

a<ob>, I'auU-l 106 

aiobwm. I>rnnii-I 107 

ii.iii«i". IrannU— 1 106 

aqrcr. Mar* Ann-ll IH. 217. 223 

\Mls M\R(.\Rl:l 91. HI 
IMOkO, Robnt-IV 132. HO. 190. 191 
■nwvn, Mi*ion-H IH. 223 

\RVIS. JOHN «0. 1« 
••iliob. Itailrrn-ll MS 

\\. JOHN 91. 193. 202 
nfitn. ially Ann-Ill 121 

Finiiu- Boitnk— I IH 
rawi. (J.*««-lll 32. 120. 121. IM- IK 
nnandn. Itoiwhv— II IH 
c-i.k. ("^rn«t-in 132. I!l 
ciick. Kathtm-Hl 122, l»X ISI. 193 

kk. MmiucI-IV 107 

>l«. Ruhanl-I 106 

Mbr, Williaro-IV IS2. ISI 

Jin. Hill 11 113 
i*ii. Tl«»»a«-1 107. 222 

SSSBftvW M0. .S3, m, 103. 

lolm-m <-Iiti«litf-II IH 

ohn*-.. IU>»1 PI l«.2« 

MmaOD, 1>a«ld S-IV IS2. 201 

(iJinwii. lupcnc-ll 137 

|„bn«m I T'alikia-IH 122. ITS. 201 

[ohnoi. CtirnW m ta 

lohn-n. JIll-IV 132. 193 

fohmnn. touc-IV 152. 1 7« 

InhiKon. iuu.-IV 133 

Johmon, Xa.m-IH III. 193. 2» 

IfJi"-«i. rXrltll 1 \IT. 
OlaDrKM, l« Ann I Hn. 201 

Itibamn, lin-i.-iv in. zn 
iJm— n. !'•!».- II III. \V,, \VI. IA1 
OHNSON, RAY 01. m 
[OkHDO, Rnhaiil I III Vtl. IM. IH, 19k 197 

[..lin««i Hi.IukI (I I m 

fotam, Rotai iv IM 
jutm-n i. R.rgif - 1 107. 223 
Ain.m. Suun-lll 122. In2 

■<.n«-i Minn MHli-lV 111. II-. 1>. I HI. 211 

Jin--. Ihotiui SI -IV III. 201 
<.hn»in. IlKAtai W -I I"- W 
',bn«m. hilti.m. II IH. 202 
.*nuon. Kaihr.n I Hfi 
orm. ]mur-ll 113 I.lmrta- I 107 

irwin. KaiiuU-lll 122, 193 

<«■<.. UiHUhb-IV 131. I"6. IK7. IW 

uJiU, Pnn-lV 13». !« 

rXadinpt, Duna-ll IH 
Kahl. (.rorKr IV 133 
Kalit. R.«i4l.' IS IV. 111. IK- 
KaluvJI. Drainn-IV 11V i-i 
K.U.n.1 Ii.r-H 111. 197 
Kane R<*n-Ci»d IV) 

>...:-....... k.ini'lll 172 

Kj|hv R»lmi-I 107.222 

kaiavli Kirtn-1 106. 222 

kaiitm. Caiull-HI 122. IW 

K.i.lm. kiim--Ul IC 17". 222 

Kaihon. kaicn -11 113 

k.-vr Jarno-II IM. 170 

K«ki. (rti*-l 106 

kqp-1. Itonald-IV 133. I9rt. 202 

knpr. M.ik-IM 122 

kriiUi. lantr-ll IH. 190 

k*lln. Ijims-II 113 

krllrv MHharl- I U* 

kll IIV. DVVID 91 

kfili. RiJ-m-l 106. 162 

kemnxr. |ut|iih-.|| III IT- I'" 21" 21" 

Knopn. Janc-I 106 

Krai pi. I.«ii>it-II IU, III Ita.*!-ll IH. 200 

krai. nonlt-HI 12: 

knuixi. I'aliHia-l 107 

kxin>k. Nofbni-I 106 

Krphan. frannntr-ll 111. 166 

krppen. Bnti~l 107 

Knk-.. IAlk-ll 113. 173 IM 

knn-nn. Ihaiuw-11 IH. ITS. UK 220 

Kmnrn, Riwm-IV 133. 19" 

Kr«i. Br>«.-I 107. 170. 201. 223 

Ki*lln. G»T-I 108 

EJOtWr, ]an>o-ll IM 

k.ll. kallir»li-ll IM 


KilltnFjri. Cnald-111 

kiRk. si ir.r. "I 

Kt.|«K. I.ruo-ll 113. MB , ,_ ,„ 

UW Imt-lV 30. 133. 119. 177. 179. 191. 

20T. Ill, 212. 21* 
KI,SIT. DK.k 91. 2CC 
Kbit. Gail-I 107 
kU>nn, l'.ra<»inr--IV 131 
KU-ii". ludiih-IVI3S.t2S 
Klnn. |a.k-UI 122. IM. I9S. 201. BH. 211 
Kkin. sue-Ill 122. ISO. 193 

Klmitwil. la»»" I '" : 

KI-nRfnl. joan-lll 122. 193. 199:222 

KIll/KI. I.OI'IS 92 
KlMiinman. Km -IV 133. l"9 
klolh. (.al«-l 106 _ 

fi^J-lv 131. 19.. 190. 211. 21*. 2E 

k,,,... na.l-a HI 12-' 177. 1-i. m 

Kn,«.. M.a.d " 13*. I«. 80L3H. 219 
kmiht. Sl»n-ll MS. 216. 219. 223 
KBOa SI 1. I7.2W 

KS^SS n IH m. m .99 
Knumw. |em«U-l '07 
knhall. Wolf* -IV 131 


Kante |.m-» -i i<« 

k,-!-.. 'cm* i «»; 

k.,|lt. I.1--..1 II 114. hi. i«> 

k.-ii k..r,. hi in 

fc.joK.i.i. bih] ii m 

kitlofWt, l«uniw ii m 

Kpa m 111 ib, i» w 

(,.*«.. IV 171 

KoEn pwl in IB*, mi 


k.« k.l I ID). -VI 

k,-ln...). I«» III I" 
ROM. »"•■"' I «"• m 
KoUtM I«tt- 1 IM 
Kmmikk MM, ' " ,; 
k.,-ir.ll. Lilian IV Ml 
kmlirn. »«•«■" I HO 
k.uil.-Li. I»i«« II II* 
Max.*. M.m. II 111 IW. 21" 
k..m. H-hn. II IM 
Knit. r« iv in. i« 
ktill, R>t IV IH 
Knmik Ik.... -I 107 
k«\'/i" II. RM W. IW 
.-.■■■ Willunt I U» 
hitil.Uh. (minw II 111 
km******. Nam. I l"7 

mm** i- oj. ra 

kn— .. I«n II II*. IW 
kiuor". I ami III 122. IW. 193 
k.i.rf... Kat I KM. Ml. I'M 

(mnrii *">•• -■■■ m. l*ft 
k.nntn. Nitron in IK m*. >« 
kiur-i H.Jmi IV Ml 

km.ii. mii< i ion 

umiak tWmm-ui in. i". 2w. 212. 211 

ki nil. " 1 llimnn -'. 
ku.M. kall.lcn. I l"7 

k„i„, mtika-iv in. 2OT. an 

Kiwaln. I**.- IV Ml 

fcurihrr. I.laiiw I l<>7. 2»l. 272 

k..i.M 1...1 " i". va 

kl Mill MXRVIN W 

kimv II 122 

ku.w. Hull. IV I1U. in 

k P.i.i.1. Ill IH. IW. VI 1 

kUMkhnt, IU1I..1. I ICI7 
ku»» I M.ii.h I III? 

I ..!-1tf > I H'l 

lahil. [run III IH, ITU IhiW.tnr I ■-".' 
Iii-liml. |<..*w-lll IH 

l.<l(. III in. lift. 1-"l 

1 m n„... i\ lit it 1 ' 

Ian*. Suun II IM. 2H 

Ijiirt. V.nia I ll» II-. . I II III 

I. .In. H.-...M IV Ml II 1 ' I'll M 211 

I.ih.1 I. -1. II IH 

u.wti. P.111.U 111 m. 1*0 

I ...... (..1. I KM 

ItnM, 1..11M I i«7 
IJnm 111 IB 

1 Kami 11 1 n. m 

lilM, lamann IX Ml 

lll-n. R..1I.U II III 

I ...... R"«. I It" 

l.uu.,.1.,1, |.. 1. 111 ih 

Liudmbk. M..(.iri 11 1 iv ai;, /.» 

1 ludoo, iambi ill IS. 119, .'ii fit, D| 

I tVaJMJM ["•> I l<" 

l..n. |an< II IM 

I.. ii"«h -I IM 

1.. Robni i.i».i iSl.fQI, m 

lnm.i. N.imi I Ii" 
Irr.*. ( hit II III. VOI 
I rli 1... 11 < bumr I lift 

latch), Hunan II MV Hi 
l.r-m.i.n. Wan.n || In. «i|. ?/l 
1. 111... Waw |\ iiv. iw; R.maM III IH. al* 
l...i|.l. DoalU I li» 
I I M.I MIL I(>RA\ 1|. KH. |<»% 
l*ii>. RfWMUi IV !>'■ 

I401*K| lk-nnl< II 111 

i...»»i.i.i.4,. iv mv IM mi luj.iwj 

|«.«ha..1. Iklliu III VI, IH. 121. I7U 

Invm, IM1111. II l"» 

I...1I. Il.l. Ill IH 

link, l.n*M 1 im 

I. -I,. I'liilmr I l"l 

|«|.. I'4»llnr II MV 211. 212 

I,*..,. I.nm I H'» 

|.v«.v HjiI-iij HI IH 

I,.... In.tlit. II IIV2IB 

l.-l. ii^flt» III V: IH. IW 

I..I-I K»lirii I I"? 

Urn Paul-Ill IH, IM IW 

1 .....■! II ■-! I I"-" 

UmlbHf. i»"»iw 1 iw. an 

1 .. .'i-,, Ulllml II IH. I-'' 
I HklbhM. k ,.1 r- . .. I If* 

1 indfMu. iuium iv iu, iwt. iw. am 
iiii.i«>, i.ji. ■ 11 111 

|,n,l,.». IIjm.I II III 

I i,,.!,.!,, k Jill II I "" l»l 

LMHMA t>'"i'l IV I8S 

Ml IIMlllh. MKMI ■>-' I'M 

UlllBOir. 1«om-lll IH IW 

ll»iKI1, J.MIfi I IIO 
l.itit, ( IV |». I',I 
t.-.l... Iul>-I IDS 

I....UI. lit.) IV W, l«. IM. I«. VOI 

I. ,,,;.,..- I .<..!. I IW 

|«r. (Ii4.1« -III IH. 21.1. 212 
li'f«, Umr.IV MV I" 1 .* 

»li„v RhIxi.1 I 71. 100,10) 

I Inn. Tniwur-IV IW 

I.... Ir» III IH 
I..-.. IUiImij I tn. 2H JnuriK IV IJV 101 
I,... IV.d I IM 

Lmk iii.^u. iv iu, a». Mi* 
iuurv ROWAHD tt. iw 
iu.i limit ill 122, iw. an. am 
LwkOHMf, Immrti III IH. IU, Iftl 
l.iinl. H*-r.U-» III 122. IW. I« 
I Off**, Inn IV ll\ 
I.,,.!. I in 

lumi. Kaf-Il 17, im. 1*1, am. HI 

Umdb MiRiiiU IV MV 191 JJIIM- I Iffl 

l.uthci. |.wr. I 1119, M7 


Hn iuiiUi iv im. mi. ma. IM, iw. 211 

m*ii.»«. (.i«i iv m at, ivi. iw, awi 

M.,h.»n. IU<jt-ih IV lift. m. IW. 2UI 
M..I.1.. (1 . Paul I 107 
M«l«in. kalhciiiir III IH. 222 

M ...... (,.>.. ii IM 

Mjip-i. tirn-ll 112. im. n» 

H.l. I.inl.ll I 100 

MAI. Rl.hJi.1- III I!* 
Ulkl, Rii.ull II IM 
Mahnw. II IIS 

M.ll.n. Muii.m IV IW. 19V 199. 212 

Manvrii. I.n.lil I 1117 

MnifobL K.-i.i** ill IB, Iff, Ilfl 

M.ntr. Mi. W III 122 

M.lillif.. IklllW-l II im 

M.mhn. !.,.„,, I li'i 

Manllt. Kiil» I Ii" 

M... HI. K-.i-.i II HI 

M.i.u Naaq IV iw 
M.n.|i1. nuiir II III 
Mainu tVilliam II 111. 1M1 
M.nliatl. \p.i I Hfi. '.'IT 

m. 1 1 kw i un 

Maiilii IVm.hl I IIP). M7 
Man. R..I-.I ii ii'- mi 
Ma«M Cxmk i ii". 219 lam ii mv 117 
M.iln-rt» K..IH- II I M 
M..i.«H I.. I,. I in; 
M.w.l RobtTI II IM 
M.i.l. M.i.lll.i. I Ilfl 

Ma*, mi.ii in ha. mi. mn 

M.I all> l\ IW. 171. 2m 

Mil. II. ii • . I Ii" 

M.iinir. ii.mi.i iv im.. mi. i'ii, IK, an 

M,(....nia. I'aiil I 10?. IW. Wl 

M.lulkv (iimi. Ill IH 
Vl.l ui.1i. I..1I II IM 
MiHxxniiat., Mliharl IV IM. 1*7 
M.l.ll.irt, rmlnl-1 HI IH. IU 
MiClMlIk William -IV IM, 171, IM. 2(11 
Mil.ulic, (.nnvr (.ta.l 2H 

M.M.r... n . Alloa in in 

M.MRl IHH. HOIIIRI 92. 214 

MiNall, Malilifw-I 107 

M.NaiiRhKxi. IkmaW III 122. II*. I"V 201 

MrltrlHh. lauicnir-IV IM 

Mr In in*. ■llmiiwt-IV IM 

Mrtilin. l-afc-mcr-ll 111. IM. 223 

m. .. . Korri-IV IM, IW 


Mcllx. Un» 111 IK) 

MrUlH-n. M.ifo-I 109 

MM.RIIM. KOIIIK I ft*. *». 91. IW. IM 

MtlO. I. limiHlii- 111 in. IM, IW 

Mn -111, Maiy-lll 120, IH. I7H. IM. IW. 211 

M.iicr., n.xinlv-1 IW 

M..i.h. Ma., -II 117. 179 

Mr.. i. Iramtr-I l«7 

Mr..i, )<nn~ III 122. 21", 222 

Mem. lohii-IV IM 

MtrtT. SlailUr -IV IM 

Mntr, Nano-I 109, 2»V 21" 

Mr.r.. I'atnrla-I II* 

Mow. William- II 11.1 

Mr..... i«\tn» iv ii7. am. hi 

M.- ..I (.l.nla II IM, 222 
Mil IIHIV WII.1.IAM HI. 711 
Ml(ic. <Hiafi«i~lll IS. ai«. 217 
Mlhallo. (..hii-(iiad IMI 
Mlkonda. ' ■ ."I.I- IV 137. IK9. 211 
MIIukL Dirfd-.IV IM 
Mill.'. 3tn>haiii--l I'« 

M,ii.,„i i.i,,.ii. i ii-. '--ir 

Millet. IJiol II 111. 17", 191. 200 

Millrt. (Kt'iiU -II IM, I7H 

Millet. (Kiahl-I 10|. 109 

MIDti. Ilan*>-I l"7. 20.1 

Mlllci. ln.liih-1 !(■ 

Millrt. Maiiltn-ll 113 

Mill... M.i.' . "- Ml 121, IV7, 139, IM, 203 

Mlllllln. K-a-II 113 liUV IV 123. 137. 109 

Mii«h, Olorfa-n 113 

Mint... Krllh-I 107 

MINI/. DWAIN 93, 162. IM. IM. 201 

Milihrll. Jamr. I 109 

Mli.litll, L. 1 .... i III 122. 191. HI 

Mohrtt. Ia>lw-ll 109. 219 

Mikii, lamn~IV 137 

M.mxti. William -IV 137. 21'' 

Mimiai, 'th«fim -I IW. 222 

Mann! Mhl>arl-lll 122, 177. IM. 1*7 


M.-iloaa. Hrkn-IV 117, ltd, 193. 191 

HOUcnwK. Suianw -III IH. 2»l 

Mi>uli..t.lri. Namv IV 113 

Moll, (ilmn-l 122 

MmiKl. UiM-ll 113 

Muilani, hun -IV 117 

Murlk.. Adrian-IV 117. IM. I"3 

Muli. l.l*ti»~l 

Mulaiu. Mlnhl 111 122. 193 

Mt.n-.n. Minim -111 ISZ 177. l"2. 193 

Mii.u-ll. H.i«rt -IV IRU. IW. 201 

Urni Willniin- HI 122. 1*7 


[Ana ii 

113. W3 


1 ll» 


m. I(r\nl> 

II 113, 


Nrl.iOia. (liaill.Hn 

. 11 II'.. 


Srhili.*. Nam. IV 197.217. HI 
N'll. Ik-atui. I 10* 
Nrl-m. Ihmnlr-ll 112. IIV 1*0. 191 
Nr1-«, (lul. IV 117. 191 
S.l-.u, I II" 

lanltr II 113. 17*. 21* 

[mn III 2d'. 
« 1 ll« 
NnilMiirt. lirfin-JII M7. 171, IM, 201 
Nmiimtt. V.IUal-ih IV 117, IM. IW. IW. 20V 

No.*.. %.,.,!.. 1\ 117, IMI. 2ii2 


Nciti. |<>ai> II IIS. 17". XIX. tl) 
N.-l-in, Alkii II II ■ 
No....*!.. Urn iv in, iw. 2l« 
NkfcUh j<un 11 lift, 179 

Skull. Juliii I 10* 
NtrttrtlH-iRTi. SVitllaro (.ml 117 
Nirlvn, Dumihi-I ""■ '-"J. 219. SE9 

Nkbto, k..™ ii 111, tit, 21s. sin 
mi/. <>i II) si 
NOBUt, \ss m 

S.iorn. kriiiinli I IM 
Nultrn. M.ii.ll. II 117 
Nolle*, Donald-ll IIS 

NfWil, Iranritr II 1 1 '• 

NiHtlln. I ami II II', 

Nttrrn. Ii.Iim-11 W« 

Nmrud, Tom- II 11%. IS7 

\"im. l.ruUl II II'.. 175. 223 

Notion, (initio- III 119, 122, 17m 1*1. 191 

N.Mli. Dran- I KM 

Noune. DatU-IV IIS, aw 

Noi.iHi.. l'*m- II 11% 
HUngBMffi Paliida-I KM 
N.iiii.l. VMot-lU 122 
NfRim. Chant- II 111 


Oh, Hjh.i-1 inn, 1*2 

Ot-qnillti. Kairn-IV ISA, 1Mb. IM, IM. 200 

nim.lKli I Mill III HI. MS 

i 'i i riNc i h at 

OHn.Uhl. Ikiml. II 116 

oil*. I ht*m. in tw 

Olli<i«r. Miiy-ll 117 

OI.SI.N. K. I. 96. IM 

Ohon, iijiiutj lit 17.' 

Ol««t, Dran- I KM 

OU.ii. 1HI II lift 

OhOit john-t 10* 

III-.". Mailkr-IV IS*. 177, IHO 

"l«. I'aiikia I IW 

OIhhi. Mililey-I IOH 

Ot.wm. latin I KM 

Onwhl Milik*-IV IM. IM 
OKHIl.. I'ltikk-tll IS7. \m, 2IIS 
ORourlr, Snnrtir- I IOH 
Oninicn, Jaw II 117. ?m 
onlt. Huold-IV IM 192, KB 
ORim. DONALD 15, tm 
Ihintli. H'tnuxHl- I IOH 
(hm.ii.VI. Camilk- I KM, Roman- 111 IW. IM. IM 
Oil. Rotinl-lV IW. IW. WIS 
Olio. Allrn I U» 
osvis. WILUAM M 
«h.nti. « lwk--IV IS*. H9. 190 
0*j, WlllUm-l IW, IW 


PahH, Ruth -ii ii7 

I'a.laul. liiihr-ll II". 809 

I'arrh. John IV ISC *W 

I'aFnvn. Kiwn-ll 217 

I'anatiiantahllou. |ohn I lltt. 191. 19%. 19" 

l'.r«hk». Ikwlia- III IM. IW 

i'miWi. Carol-Ill its. xi7. tin 

l-n^r. III IW, IW. IM. 20S 
Paao. Daiirll -II 117, IH9 
|'u», Da. Id IV ISM. Iw9 

PauhN. [mot-IV iw. i«. i«- a». »» 

I'aiUt. Man~ll 117 

I'aine, l'atikia-1 109 

PatlM, Manlr* III I2t. IM 

IVm-m. Doiul.1- II 117 

i-..!-. v.. I.- 1 I SI. 109, 110 

1'r.lham. Slan-lll 180, IW, l«. 1*7. 207 

I'olrtwii. (,ak- II 117. IHt 

I'nUwn. lana-I 109 


1'ntciiwi. 1. Jim II 117 

IVtali.l. Row-Mm -IV IW. IN2. 200 

rrmlnitaii. Ilr.1- IV IM. 19*. WM 

1'rmwi. Uamlr III IW. IM 

IVitlm. Nines ' "" 

I'rnn, laiwi- I DM 

l'clr». William III IW, I* 

•■«'-" Slur IV IW. |»|. lUh. )■«, Jirt 

ivit>i..n. D....1 -IV IW 
ivi.i.ui. lanka III 10, i'»i 

I'iii«.fi k.M.liMi I IOH 
I'l I IRMiN. R M I'll M 
l-l I lkMi\ Rowin 'i| 
I'r1,,-.|, s,,. HI 123 |m> 

I'm i-iii 1 1 ■■• I 117 
IVili. Bn*n ■ IOH 
llll ll'V RlilUR I -r; 
l-hilUm B<xi<i> ii M7. 201 
rtiiiii|« m.ium, i un 
l'ilk\M I. VRMl|l> ■•! 

(■ill. II 117 
1'iuncl. In III IM 

rbaAy, Pillll II 117 

PodUMTCO, "-"I"" IS IS«. 119. 1*1. 19S. 


PolinU, |imn-l IOH 
1'iHiiiiici. (..hi ii i',;. ivi 
■'<•!,. mi k.niii is is-, i Mi, rw 

l'.,lll,- 1.1Kb II ITS. I"«l 

taU, v- Ml l» 

I'irutHI. ( *l"l IV 1)9 

I',. <<■„,. |jii. II 117. 17". I9G. 200 

I'RM I. MIRI I mi. IM. 19ft 207 

in. || SRI! M U.9| 
I'litkmr. R<i<i II Mi. 
rtidam, < hrtifkM i iw» 
I'LH-i. tbl»n-l l« 

l'i..,l M.I. ■ 1 H<- 


(>ui«krnliuth. J.-I.-IV IS9 

diiiii. hurfdt-l t09 

(•lllrgln. |".(r II till 

Kuli, RoUll-l IOH 

R*r. SS'aurn I II". :'l'. 
HjhIh. CmoI-I Mm. m 
R*l™i*lin. <-<ijI.1-I llf. 
R*in. Kami-n 117 
Rjilinouli.,1. Ill I2S 
Rarllin. Dun I 100 
Kwil. \.. I 111 IW. I"" 
R.I.I K.....I t> ivi \<n |«\ !•>: 
Ruuka, K.iln.n II 117. I7i. 211 
R.mtx'ii D.i.i" n i'.; I*,- :■• 

R..III.I.. IV -I.. 1.1 I !"- 
R. «n.*.l I HM 

Rl«luih. (rfiaklllK- IV IS9 

kj..luil. Rhliinl IV IS9 

R.(h.K. Ill 121. IM. IW 

R\ I n> l VI IRS ■ 

R.lhutl. lk>i.«ln III IVS. I9Y l«« 

RiIkk. |.mr. I 109. I«f 

Krrttv, (Jwik*-I IOH 

Kriil. RiJmi II 1M>. IS7. IS9 

Krimll. t U'l 

Rrlmll. Nun IS IS". 119. I*. IM. 21X 

Rrlnniiuti. M.n Suite— IV 119. IW 

Rriirt, i» Ill 12). IHt 

Rl MESON, MSI I IDAS' 97 Ilii la i . Ill ia» 

K.vl.1. I.miw- IV IS9. 111. 2IX. IIS 

khiIoii. Qmrr K iw. i«7 

Rr.milil.. ».»n- 1 10*. 

Rf.iml.1.. \ji-i III I2S. IM. I«7 

Rhl.1. Sail- IV 1)9. 17V 

Rhi.lrv kai™ II 117 

Khhiitr-ii. Uom- IV 119. IM. 1*7 

Ri.hni.nitl. W, .ii-ii IS I'' 1 I" 1 

Rkhtn. M«ilcnr-I IOH 
RirKiu. I'.in HI "I. I-' 
KltdtL <•«"»<■ i n». «1 
Kil-lI-h. ».■!•- II U7. t!7 

RiM. k.-.i, I KM. 311 

RimSuv liaiA -I KM. 101. I« 

km.i. « tkmtm i "*• 

H.II..I...I I...1. II ii:. i*t 
Klirm, %|>m«n II llfi 
R.,1.1.. ffTOMI I II". IW* 
K.J-m.. *.l«n I I'M 
R.J-.I. Raihrl 1 MM. 812. 8|f 
R.*lr. jifliili M II* 

H-A.U K-cn IS iy. |a-> 

II. .L-l, t.rl.n in |w, 

"'■'I'-"' Ruli. nl l| MA, 190 

«-'■. lint III 121 

RMn. R I, (,...] | m 
"'■U". I'"!* II lt'> 
R'-lg»". R'J-ii. I IV) 
«.-».. 1,4,1, || 2IS 
R.—l., *..!..„! iv J.., .„ 
R.V". I.1-...I I ;•.. IM 
Ri4X" H I •"." I l"'. 717 
k.Ji.v. ikimi. i i— 
Rulrv Rohia-I 110. ajj 
R..I..IHS. Ri,l..nt I |',: 

k..m,i.>->l, Inn I IOH 

ROW < M\RKii ir M 

«■ — . 1% |-'i 
Hiwldi.t. VhI.ii I KM. IS7 
ROVINRIRt,. ||\RhS '■! 

K.-..KI- kail- III IW 

M..-I-- pud a ia 

R,— i-n. S Mvhtla IV IS9. IM 

H..-,.|..„i. R.l,.i.| 1\ !■•! 

Roatwhal, Sbn III 190 

Ri»IMIl\l MR\ )\\| ■>, I.-J 
R.-. J„ | IOH. 117 

Ki«inno Snnr I \dt 

Rmum-in. ImrjJ, It lib. Wl. ZO |u.lilh I ll«> 

Raud )iui> i is, iik nn (Hi.lilinr IS IT" 

R.-Ht |ni. IS IVI. Il». I'l;' ^lt. 21 K 

»"< |MMH I 11" 

Rulxiii Small I 0" 

RtKaD. \m II III 212 

Rl KK.tR. I RiiHIHI '■ 

Rmtivlt kaitilx) -III 1X3. 17*. 219 

HI I k I n 

Ruqp. |aiK IV 110. IM 

R run ir H i*7. an 

Ku'ln. Uiif II 117 

h .1. Ruhiraw i ;s. km. ;'ii 

Ri'|i<-~ R.Jiol II III.. WC 

ku.l. \a»lia III la 

R.U. II I In. I"*.. US, 281 

k.iiti (hn> I H« 

hmhi Kdjpa l if 

v..u.kii>. cm iv iiu in, i92 
\.taisr. SS..M in ii; 

s.l.,1. R. v , III',' 111 IB. I-VI« 
tactanU |«*o i I u« 
Virt,n> IViiiii. I II" 

M|f»IHlM R"l»ii IS II" 

\.\ik% RHliaitl I 71. IS7 
\\Ml'Sii\ |M k >v m: 
»,ni|-'i. |<i Snii IS IM l«l IM 

\.l).i. l.riitr IV 1*9. IM 

s.n.l.if. Dtlf I 101 

sanun SS' II 117 

v. m. i in. kairn IV 110. 179 

SVIMIR. RIIR1RI •«. 'IM 211 

WimOrU «.i"i l i" 1 

Mulrlun Ihiina.-I III 

V.-..I. I bl> II III 

v.-.., Caul I 110 

v.-.,, Hi.l-11 11 ll« 

Vliarln. R<*n IV 110. 1*9. JOS' 

Vhalk-i. Sda IS IM) 

vi.iTI.i. »*»nmor-IV IW Imliih II 117 

v msi\\Nki i.i R sin «n. 3M 

Sthi-Hilrl Si.i.ii I 108 

vhr«i. lliroU i no 

-i IIISWH 11 RiiRI HI ■»■ 

Shihi.i. Sl«lia<t-I l*>7 

• SI.. a S..» II III. US. XI7. »l«- t» 

s.1.1., Donald' IV 1*9 

S.M.HIII1." I <ii'l>iin I HO 

S. ,.t (am- IS ISS. III. 164. BB 

s.|.|.iii.|il Sor II 117. 1*9 

\,l.iin.l HkIi.iiI II lln 
s,limul. Ihonia. I 101 
Vl.i.ioli. IWnuiil II 117 

Nhi-ahl Janur III IB. 179 

S.hnr.1. lUti.l-Hl !«• -™ 

*l..«»l<r. HlMhrth-I i*» si" 

Sdmrtdcr. OnM-DI If - _ 
irhwiikr, UBor-n '"•*■* 

Mwdt A.ihu. IV III. OS 

Mhnrlt. Bnbrtl-I "»•,»?, 

scHOErr. *- j. » 

\.l,..lrr. I»*t-I HI 


>r.*imi.Ilrr. Biutc-IM I" 
>.!.."> IMI*-III I?' 
Vhlftl. -I 117 
Vl.K.hrt. William- HI I" 
Ml»i«.ln, K«uM-» HI. I* 

Idmteti, h-uM-iv hi. nv. 

felllKW. Pallilla-l 109 

M««n-I l« H3 
Altir.l-11 1*7. 1*7 
lime -I" l» 
K.-ra-H 1 1 J. HO 

itMlfc LWtH*-W Ml. lit Ol 

fchiill*. Rohol-ll l> ' 

Myila-lV Ml. 179. 199 


W. 1*7. .90 




Vhulf. bibi)B~H 'I-. IK. 201. 217 
Vhul». Kmnrih-ll 117 
kharicr. huiu -i 109.222 
vhuti, IVtuW -IV Ml. IM. IIC 
Mh-atkt. Ion. -I If 
VfiMittj, fc*>- I II" 
Mh.nipk Ywmiir-1 IW. 217 
vi-ilm.*... Vithtii-lll 122. IM 
Vh-iun. Phillip- 1 IW. 20* 
voplml. ltr.kti.k-lV l». III. I« 

ioi. im. an 

srilirti. lamo-IV 1(9 

Viler. Jamo-HI 122. Ml. 204. 219 

Vikf. Bciwt-II 117, 204.21* 

V... IK.i.-l 100. 117 

Vlii, jamo—11 ll« 

Sri* 'lhnraii-1 109 

SrtTiMi. ludi-l 111 

V.n-m. l-.iy-l If* 

Snn«n, Shuon-I 110 

Shaiulun. John-It IIS. 110, 2M 

Mmk.n. C6mI«-1V 111. 1*9. 209. 210. 211 

Shului. Pitii.k-1 110 

Shm»i. MHi.ll-1 HI 

M.joioi. Matahiiu-I 110 

Mini. ItnilY-IV Ml 

Mi»ii>U. lUilma-IV 71, Ml. IM. 191 

ViiAI*. William-ll 117 

Ml 1 1 HI". HHVIN 90 

Slflll. Inh-IV HI 

Siotil. Man-Ill 120, IW. 117 

H5£ i.... I i».» 

s Ltin. Jnan-I 110. 217. 2I» 
Marl-ll. RW.i-1 100 
M«hUi» l>*»t.l-l 37. IW, IlKHUIt-1 "I 

ftwh, Am«Mi*-IV M2 
Malt. Ki.hol- II II- 
*«*!*, Haln*-1 109. TO 
MtnnUi-l. Ruth-Ill 123. 1*0. 193 
St.llm. Jni.iM-1 20 

Mr in l»«l'l IV II- 

«,,,„ M. n W H2. I-" IW 

Sirink*. lUitara-lt 117 

M(tnt»an. Injth «.ia.l IV 

Mriiunrtf. Iin*-I 10» 
Melb. MUhwl-l l« Hi. !.-■-' I 110 

M«w. ShdU-ll 117. 179 
Sifulwm. Clalihr-lll 123. 201 
McubriKuo. H*. IM 
Mrin. HxMUt-l 109 
Mruhin* Katni-I 109 
Storm, I>ia«*-I 117 
Millnun. KjmI-H 110 

M..M.u,I. Hull. 1.1 I III. 170. ..Ill 

M,«lt>. Mitihj-IV 112. I-" 211 
MnllH. Robtil-ll 117 
M»lp, 109 
Molicl, IJ.KVIW--II MB 
Via-wi, loAim-ll M. II* 
vmi.John-1 llfi.2CO.2l7.2IB 
|M. Siiolib.»«n. (rfdilicn -IV 112. 179 
VttJil.o«h. M*tl-I 110 

suii.ii.. II -•-! l<" 

Wh^ttil, IHiwIV IJ2 
vi.ltrt., J»n«« -II I1H.2IH. 21* 
Mpkn. fcobni-IVU. H2. IM. IB7 
Itanllr. ViwUito-l 110.219^. Ill 130. 189 
ftnid£ M.U>r*l-l 109 

Vnm), Hiu.r- I 109, 222 
Min.till.tla. Rt.h-l.l-ll 117. 190 
.Surgut. Von»-l III 
\>,«ii, lu.lllh-!V 112, IM. 1-2 
taJiwM. i.«.l*-ll II*. 217. 219 
S»jit-«. So*- III IO 

l»l<(. ju.lllh-1 110 

S^ltrMrt. Canuir-AHtn-ll 117 
Siinuk, ruxrnr-l IS7 
S.iin«. Ilutluiir- IV M2. 199 

AnMi»*ii«"l!l l«. 191. I"« 
in-II II*. 2lfi. 2M 
i . ■ i 110.211 


siii. Hi 


»im.» GHf-IV 141, l«7. IW. lot 

Siiduvmi. Ihnin* -II llfi. 212. 217 

Mn>|Mim. JiJin-lll 122 

via* 1'ji im. II 131 

Sine, k.-1-.t ii ii7 

sl.ii. iv H<J*il-ll 11'. 
Sauul.< 1 II". .'-'' 
SUI..I.IJ.I. «ji,.I.II M 117. I"*. 
s-.i'T. Williim II 117. ■.'!■ 

Sail. <-'Iir III I2S 

SMI I II. SIRS 111 Ml \ '>: 

M»llh. Il.n- I III. 30A. 22* 

sraiih. l)ii»rl-IV 170 

\m.lh. lliu.1 ( II II-. 171. 192.222 

smiili. hi. i.l S IV 142 

Smith, IliiM V.-l 110 

Smith. <-«»liI -IV 112 

r-lll 121. 1-0 

in I H-> 

Smlili. l-ii" i 
Mniih, Kithiti 



1 109 


.. Maif 

II 117 


i .nihi 

-1 110 




1 170 

Mil. I'M 



, Ruih- 

II 117. 


lOdU, |nnmr-IV M2 
WHMHIUR... (.KJRI.I W, I if* 

l«U-, l.noU-1 111 

r.nti.. m>)d-i ill 
ii™. uif-n na. i:o 

-. 220. 221 'Iwfra. Riph«*l-I III. 19'. R.ihni-ll I9i 
T»*lor, Kaicn-ll ll» 
(»%l<". MUh«l-IV 142 
Inlnun. Moinwr-I 110.216 
1*, IWnnwr-l 110 
I'm Ultra. Utn-ll II* 
'Iriiprn, l'iul-III 123. 201. 21- 

Iruiri. limoth) I 10" 

Hiodiimiki, *.iit It -IV 142. 19". 31" 
'IhOtnMDO. (-».. C. -IV 112, I-'.. 203. 204 

I horn-... <li»le* III M. 124, IM. 20". 212. 
2M, 22) 

■lh.iio.rn. IlitUml- IV 113. IM 
Tiuxpt. (^rol-ll 116 

lh.-Mrt.lri. Klhn-III 121 
TlMirll.. MkhMl II II- 

lliht. Il.lm I 111, 217 

Imlr. RUIunl 111 122. IM. 1-7. 211. 2|S. 210 

llrtrl. (Jlholltr-I III 

I HI/. (.Ollll-l 110 

I ilk— hi. II. Rohm j II Iff. 
lltnm. Ml*. Su-nnr-l 110 

riuur, i*ii»-iii i2j 

|..lh. lontr IV HO. 141. 190. 211 

Tomkc, M«.«-lll 1X3. IK. I9J 

I,.,,. II...-M I IKI 

Inhra.. ntuy I 110 

ll^r"^,;^^. .24. .77. .79. .«. 

IW. 807 
TlBBOMfi K1"'i'll HO 

Itcwaiiha. Iji.iIc -I 110 
Tilnh. N«»>rn lliung-lin.l llll 

iiiiip. rtoiu-n ii*. a» 
TnH To* in I** 

I Kl'l t.lM-l'R. fH-*l»V8 90 
Hthh.. Miitam-1 HI. 20V, 21* 
lumri. Mm 1 HI 
Iwom*. Ihotiu.-ll II". 2.7. 221 
T.nJill. No.rain-I 110 
.,il.n. UllT-II M". 17*. 210 


i:,lovi<lt, 0cnldlB*-III 123 

i i. . Ailhm-tll 121. 201*. r.intlt-I HO 


Van Amhrt. J*nrt-I 110 

VamlrlM-iK. KOU-II 

VU 1*11*1. IkMuM-IH 123, 192 

Vaiutm ll<"*n. l«n-IV 113, Itfi 

V«ml*i Schwf. Ramll-I "I 


V.nrk. (atul-IV I4J. 1*1.1(3 

VU) M.Hf. I-nk*-l HI 


V»*T. WlllUm-lll 123. 1"7. 1«. 207 


V»l«, Alan-Ill 124. I». 191 

Vau«. HuBrnr-II 11", 1*7 

VrrtiniilaA 143. 1"V 192 

Vin. jimo-ll II* 

V.mIiIci.. Krnneih-I 111. 2«ft 

Vuri, <jal»-l 111 

Voll-tohl.^atra-lll 121 

Viabtl. si .i, ... I 110 

VtaiM. J«n-ll 116 


WBfBCr, llaiUta-lll 12) 

Wagner. Myiofi-II II" 

WaKa, S*ntlni-II 116. 19*. W 1 

waiii, Miiitn-I no 

WaldrlMli. RuihAnn II llfi. IK, 220. 221 

Walt*. MmiU-I III 

WaU«lnikl. Mi -I 110 

V^ ,1 l-.i. H..1-M l\ 123, 1*4, IV2 

W-M«hml.|i, Katln-ll llfi. IM. 211 

Walk*., Raibaii-li 110. 17* 

W«lk*i. RiUn-lll 124, 190 

Walkn. 4i«t)-lV HI 

W.IL ltoU>io-lll 124 

WAU, C. 8. 97 


\s .r.,i.i. I*. ( liilnlnr . HI 

Wallri>. WKItr-lll 121, l-fi 

WamlMilil. n.«..i i Ml 

Waul. HllfUCt-l HI. 217 

Wanra. (K.n«r-I III 

Waiira. Jamo-ll II* 

W«lil.uin, l-JtB-IV 113 


Waj. WI1llam-1l IW, lOt. IM. .*». 203 

ttntrt, Jtiiir-I III 

Wrlwr. flat* -II II* 

-'-'—I III 

WfVBaTi Minki-I 111 
Wrillman, lMlk*-l 110 

WrLlntin. Willi. II 

W*1m. Ji<k-I 110, 21* 

WfiM. lilt — * 110 

Wei", luillllt C.-I HO. 125, 113, 17* 

Wrlu. Jtt.lT A.-IV 149. 177, 199. 200 

Wrt.iW.ill, OUT-!! .»<• 190 

YfnVT, ltr* Ann -III 123. 191. IW. 221. 223 

W.mln. maw-ll III), 17". 21" 

WcrifT. I'ml-.I HI 

Womttih. It.«.«h. Ill 121. I'"1 


W'r.i.rf, Rulm- t III CUVlTlt-I ST. 110 
Wrlwl. J*nc I III 
\Vr>i-iit*iK. Jnonir- II II* 

W'hrlthrl. IlililC-IV HI 

Wltrlrn. M4iT- Ml 122. IT*. !*■. "**. 207 
Wtiilr. Chiilrt 111 III. all* 

Ulill ir. I'J.t.l I 1 10 

Wliliiin. (.rora-l III 

W'llYhOIAKI. I.llrtl) V7. ?0*. 2W9. ill fill I 110 

While, MDdfi in m. I7v 

Wlllll. IIII.OIlOKI "7. I'm 

Witv. Miiito IV H* 


WikLrnnL. Jihlllh -IV IIS. 217. 21*. HI 

William*, lloni-lll M, 1ZI, 1*1. 2U2. !"". 211 

William.. Manin II II". 22? 


Williiim. K<««-lll 123. 170. 201. 221 

Wiltonjilit.v. Umr* II II* 

W.I-.M. II. Ann-Ill 71. 121. 2»l. 212. 222 

WILSON. RdlllKI M. ''T 

WimnfrMl, llrnn-ll 110- II). Itt. 21* 

Wn ling. I.Wul* II II* 

Witnt. Jtmr* I III 

Will. Ik mi hi III I HI 

umi. tula iv itv mi, iw. an 

Win. MjiiI.ii It ill. 

V> I Sjum I III J-\ 

Wid*(i. siimii I no 

Wbkil. I IKK I I III 

WnilltrXH/. |(irm> I 110 
W.,11 k.-iubt-IV lit 

Wohtw. k.„ iii m 

WoUtwrf, DnW- III i?.'. I*(. 21". Zll 

W..n>i. Kim* I III 

UiitniH. IhHialn II lift 1*2 

U,.n,.l. K..I-H-II II*. IW 
Wim. K.l.-tl I III 

Umi. llHl -IV HI. IT*. 111. 194 

»ll««l. 1'jlflfM I III 

WfM li.i I l(H 

W..v Mukwi IV 10, IV. III. IW. IM. 17V. 

iw, iw, sot. am, in 

lj«imimi N,-m I III. 217 

Vuhw, lualty-IV hi. iui 

Vming. in in 

V-.HK. I/whr-I |r» 

/.i . (...,i,„ HI 121. 21* 
/■■■M. li..-<„.. II 11- (74 
/..-.-. tlnn-IV HI 
/.*-:. jmt-IV in 
/.-mi,.,!, |,.,i, || in, i;. 

/<-.HII<llk. Vtlllum-I IW 
/lltll*. |»lit)i-] HI 

/uinil. V«n<lti HI m. ■.!., 
/llarll. (^i.J II 111 

UML M.flm. II lull 

/it'll -..,.:,. | iiu. iik 
ftth. Maria I ill 

/ k-l-.i III 121 
/«»!*.. Ilrt" II IW 

/hmwv KORMAN W 
'■I,-'. Inn- IV HI. I-] 
/limn. John -III 2M. 216 

/illirl. I I. ill I III 

/'Hljlr |.lll'- 1 III, 201 

/iKilrtn. [..'.h II 116. 17* 
/uii.di. K«h««l-IV lit. 1». 211 


i mm i i - h .i'ii Vifura t.i.i) Mn Slinlloi, J«Jm H>i««n 

Mi. ill \int-i \ ( ruin 

Ml IL"(I">HU. \\ 1H"IIMI| 




ItllllJII |J lltfUtlltf lilt 

\ltlltll>|-lll>. Mllllll IMI 

Uxwiiii riiiiiiiitniK (omtuni 

Mrwri> I'i>l1il U (.. i. 

% k tauiV i ■jiii jh> 

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